Adventure Game Studio
For all you point'n'click nuts out there you can now take a crack at building your own game, thanks to Adventure Game Studio. I haven't tried it yet, or tried playing any of the games people have come up with (shame on me), but it's a fantastic idea. If any of you use your imagination to come up with something yourself please send me a link so I can try it out [ta Daisy].

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Which Way Adventure
The Which Way Adventure is a fantastically easy to complete point'n'click adventure as it has a huge variety of endings, some of which you can get to in just 2 or 3 clicks, although it's a little harder if you count the manticore ending as a failure. Will you become a hobo traveling the rails, join the circus, or cause the obliteration of the USA by hoards of Russian nuclear warheads? The possibilities are endless (well fairly limited actually but that doesn't sound so good).

WARNING: Before I get hoards of e-mails and comments about how useless this game is, I warn you now that if you are serious about your point'n'click gaming you might want to give this one a miss as it's only a simplistic bit of fun. Consider yourself warned - hold off on that comment button.

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December 2004
Ok - I'm doing a little bit of end of year house-keeping to try and tidy up all the links and photos I've gathered over December and done nothing with. The idea is that come the new year when you guys are kind enough to mail stuff in I'll actually get round to posting it straight away. Well that's the idea anyway.

First up are a group of photos gathered over the course of my company's events during December which I only remembered I had lurking on my USB drive when Jules came round the other night.

They're from our quarterly monthly meeting (in which we discuss the progress of the various different parts of the company and then retire to a bar - this time we went to Mar I Terra a great Tapas bar around the corner from the office), from the IM Awards ceremony, which I've already posted about, and our office party at Jongleurs (comedy club and home of the worst food in London).

Right, enjoy the pics, and I'll move on to the links - apologies if I post something you sent in without a credit, but quite predictably I've lost pretty much all of the original e-mails.

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Maama Room
A veritable feast of point'n'clickery this week with the comments from one spawning suggestions for another. If you haven't played it already enjoy completing Maama Room [thanks Peter].

Entry 1036, Thursday, December 23rd 2004, Filed In Games

Get Wrapped
Clear the snowy streets and collect the snowflakes by guiding your snowplough around the streets of Boston in this not at all seasonally themed game.

Entry 1035, Thursday, December 23rd 2004, Filed In Games

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah
Chrismahanukwanzakah: an all-inclusive celebration [via ritilan].

Entry 1034, Thursday, December 23rd 2004, Filed In Stuff

Pick your keyword(s) and then create a montage of the resultant images from the Google image search with Montage-a-google.

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Google Suggest
Another useful idea in beta at Google. Google Suggest gives you a list of suggestions of what you might be searching for as you type and, critically, gives you a ranking by number of results so you can see what are the most 'popular' searches. A very nice idea but I find it a little bit clunky, it has to download extra info from the server as you go, so I don't know if it will ever go live as part of the main search function, but it's certainly a great option to have available.

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The Museum
Hot off the press (I just got the e-mail) in the world of point'n'click is the museum from the same nice people that brought you the office and the house. Right, I have some gaming to do now...

Entry 1031, Tuesday, December 21st 2004, Filed In Games

My Diamond Baby
Not one, but two, tricky point'n'click games for you today - will you be puzzling all the way into the new year? So, what's the twist with My Diamond Baby? Well despite the fact that there's a link for an English version it isn't ready yet so you'll have to play it in Japanese. Fine if you're from that neck of the woods, or you're some kind of polyglot, but for the rest of us an evil extra level of difficulty. Fortunately the kindly Jayne has already found a walkthru over at the-geek.

Entry 1030, Tuesday, December 21st 2004, Filed In Games

Amoadv is a photo-realistic point'n'click game from Japan that has a reputation for being tricky to complete, so comments ahoy with all our efforts to complete it. Yes - that's right - I post games I haven't completed yet so I can cheat by reading your comments. My dirty secret is out (fortunately that's one of the less dirty one's - keep your mouth shut if you're reading Jules).

Entry 1029, Tuesday, December 21st 2004, Filed In Games

Evil Nine
Evil Nine By Crooked [at preloaded].

Entry 1028, Monday, December 20th 2004, Filed In Stuff

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