I, along with many others I suspect, have never been a huge fan of Monday. The weekend is over and the working week stretches ahead of you. Stepping out of Waterloo station into snow this morning, yes that's snow, and not even the good kind of snowman building, too snowy to get to work snow, but the a bit wetter and colder than drizzle kind of snow, did absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise. Anyway if you're feeling down today the upside is that today is the worst day of the year so things really can only get better. For now though I'm at work already but if you're at home reading this I urge you to get back under the overs and take the day off. It's depressing out here.

Entry 1075, Monday, January 24th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Phone
Ring ring ring...banana...er...the phone. Not an annoying fruit based song, but a rather strange and creepy variety of point'n'click game (I'm not sure that's totally the right category for this one, but you'll get the idea). Try and enjoy this high brow immersive flash thing courtesy of aooa, even if I have got that song going round your head now [ta chockie].

Entry 1074, Wednesday, January 19th 2005, Filed In Games

Not Pr0n
Billed as not only the "hardest riddle on the internet" but also "NOT a point'n'click" adventure, I'm fairly certain you guys will have something to say about this one - even if it's only "I completed this months ago, what are you on about Graeme?". Enjoy, if you haven't seen it before.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE SPOILERS: Following a note from the author of the game requesting all spoilers be removed I've done my best to remove them all. Sorry to everyone who has had comments removed. Hints are ok but spoilers, like the name, suggests, spoil the fun of the game. I'll be periodically monitoring and removing any new spoilers.

Entry 1073, Tuesday, January 18th 2005, Filed In Games

Maple Story
Platforming fun with Maple Story. Cute.

Entry 1072, Monday, January 17th 2005, Filed In Games

May Contain Nutz
Pop down to Nutting Hill and meet the punk squirrels. They're nutz.

Entry 1071, Monday, January 17th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Don't think I've been posting enough recently? Well I've got some bad news for you. In a double espresso induced buying frenzy I pre-ordered a new slim-line PS2 and a copy of GT4 (actual screenshot above - *drool*) this morning. Predicted delivery date is at the end of Feb so I suggest you catch me before then as I'll have entered 'career mode' shortly afterwards and be unavailable until May at the earliest. It's been nice knowing you all :o)

Entry 1070, Monday, January 17th 2005, Filed In Diary

Graffiti Archaeology
Just for you lovers of graffiti out there the history of graffiti covered walls in San Francisco in a neat flash explorer format [ta Daisy].

Entry 1069, Wednesday, January 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Rock Da Browser
Turn the volume up and then press the button. Retire to a safe distance. Not safe for quiet offices or hangovers [via mbd].

Entry 1068, Wednesday, January 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

There are a few useful web sites I use when travelling around the UK like the accessible train timetable or the route planning facility at multimap, but Transport Direct was a new one on me and a real eye opener.

It brings together information from both public and private travel operators and local/national government. Pump in a start point and a destination and it'll give you a comparison of all the different methods of travel between the two car/train/bus/whatever, giving times, and in the case of public transport options, how you'll need to combine walking, buses and trains to get from door to door.

I tried it out with my route from home to work and found that taking the car would be marginally faster than public transport (although parking fees and the congestion charge make it much more expensive) and that there's a regular bus that could talke me to the station every day. Superb. Next time you need to plan your journey in the UK give Transport Direct a try.

Entry 1067, Monday, January 3rd 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Dark Room
It's rather an odd point'n'click game, but you have to click around a lot to escape a room so the dark room definately meets all the requirements. Graphically it reminds me a little of Tron, which is a bit odd for this type of game.

Entry 1066, Monday, January 3rd 2005, Filed In Games

Tiny Grow
Make things grow in this bizarre little flash thing.

Entry 1065, Monday, January 3rd 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Porter
Following BMW's lead Mercedes present the on-line film, The Porter, a classy presentation, but obviously with some heavy product placement. I really like the car, but BMW win hands down in term of the films.

Entry 1064, Monday, January 3rd 2005, Filed In Stuff

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