Camilla Queen
Flash animated dancing Charles and Camilla to the tune of Killer Queen, but with much ruder lyrics, and kazoos...? Yes please [thanks Matt G].

Entry 1173, Wednesday, April 27th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Church
Sorry for the extended quiet weekend, but I haven't been computer competent for a few days. Saturday saw the leaving do for my good friends Andy and Daniella who are leaving English shores to travel the world for the next year. They'll be missed enormously, but the leaving drinks did them proud with a tour of Camden on Saturday, and a Sunday afternoon jaunt to The Church for the more dedicated. I don't know quite how to describe The Church, but if you imagine the exact opposite of what you normally think of as church on a Sunday you won't be far wrong. Highly recommended (if you like very bizarre and debauched Sundays).

Entry 1172, Wednesday, April 27th 2005, Filed In Diary

Numa Numa
It's Friday which at lazylaces means I attempt to keep up a musical Friday theme...this week I am mainly at my keyboard mimicking the numa numa dance. Total silliness, but I challenge you not to watch without at least smiling which is just what I need after a long hard week at work...[ta Sam]

Entry 1171, Friday, April 22nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

What Time Is It?
It's been rather a nice day in the UK today, well in London anyway, you know what time that means it must be don't you? Yes, it's the first Pimms o'clock of the year. I love Pimms sunshine I do...

Entry 1170, Friday, April 22nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

Once you're feeling like part of the point'n'click l33t because you've completed Remain, try Inherit to really earn your stripes. File under 'H' for hard unless you naturally think of me as lazylaces-san, in which case, let's face it, you're just plain cheating [*slaps* Incog Neato - again].

Entry 1169, Wednesday, April 20th 2005, Filed In Games

Recent games to easy for you, you ardent point'n'clicker you? Well you'll have to learn a whole new language to solve this one, not to mention picking the right browser, and language packs, so there! Alternatively you could just visit nordinho to short cut all the difficult bits, but that would be cheating wouldn't it? [*slaps* Incog Neato]

Entry 1168, Wednesday, April 20th 2005, Filed In Games

The Machine
The rather odd world of The Machine is more point'n'puzzle than point'n'click but don't let that stop you enjoying getting to grips with the thing [thanks Ron].

Shockwave Required To View - Click Here To Download Shockwave

Entry 1167, Tuesday, April 19th 2005, Filed In Games

Escape The Island
Another point'n'click that should be imensely popular going on the number of times that the link has been sent to me, personally I don't see it myself - I mean it's just an island populated by busty wait, hold on...I get it now. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Entry 1165, Tuesday, April 19th 2005, Filed In Games

Living Room
Open this link to Living Room before reading any further. If you have an ounce of point'n'click blood in you, or even the ability to use a mouse, you should have finished the "game" by the time you've read to the end of this post. Basically posting this is my excuse to extend the distribution of *SLAPS* from those who post walkthroughs to those that even ask for help. There's no excuse any of you - short of moving the mouse for you they don't come any easier than this [thanks to the disturbingly large number of people that sent this in].

Entry 1164, Monday, April 18th 2005, Filed In Games

Elevator Moods
I love elevator moods just for the cheesy lift music, but visiting every floor to see each elevator film is pretty entertaining too. One thing though, I'm sure I'm not meant to ask, but why? [via op-pop]

Entry 1163, Monday, April 18th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Wiped Out
Apologies for the extended weekend break in posting and the "I'm a bit busy at the moment" responses to all your submitted links (you're all superstars), but I've been a bit busy at work, I had to celebrate my birthday, and well, to be completely 100% honest, Wipeout Pure is just ridiculously addictive. You can complete a single race during an ad-break while watching television, almost miss your stop on the train while attempting a tournament, and win a few gold medals while in bed on a Sunday. My name is Graeme and I am a PSP addict. Anyway you probably want some links....

Entry 1162, Monday, April 18th 2005, Filed In Diary

I Am Lost
How apt? A point'n'click adventure called "I Am Lost" where I am lost. Ha! Well not really, I've only just started playing so technically I probably can't call myself lost yet, but you know, it was too obvious a thing to avoid saying and sometimes I stuggle to find something new to say about these games. Lush photo-realistic graphics (actually these are my favourite kind) and nice audio combine in I Am Lost to make an intriguing clicker, which seems to be a tie-in with some US television show I'm completely unaware of.

Entry 1161, Thursday, April 14th 2005, Filed In Games

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