Homer SoundboardSoundboards normally keep me amused for minutes at the most but I can't stop playing with the Homer board. Woo hoo! And now I've had a look round I've found the Dr Evil Soundboard which is possibly even better - begin the unecessarily slow dipping mechanism...

Entry 122, Sunday, January 26th 2003, Filed In Stuff

The origin of the 404 error. Or is it? Found at Wastrel Division.

Entry 121, Sunday, January 26th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Calvin & HobbesCalvin and Hobbes in the snow - I used to love these guys but it's so long since I've seen them. In the UK they were sydicated in the Daily Express (I'd link to their website but it's broken - lol) but at some point I realised this was possibly one of the worst newspapers ever - second only to the Daily Mail - and I was only buying it for Calvin and Hobbes anyway. I found this link at Wastrel Division and have now gone to find there is a daily comic at uComics - it's getting bookmarked now and it'll be a permenant link on the right as soon as I get home to my source code. Just for the record UK journalism isn't all bad - my favourte newspaper would have to be The Telegraph - for on-line presence you can't beat The Guardian - and of course shear morbid curiousity will always make you read The Sun.

Entry 120, Friday, January 24th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Stop Frame AnimationNeat flick book effect in Flash. All the subjects are in London - mostly on the tube. This is kind of like going to work in the morning for me - the flick book effect recreating my caffine jitters.

Entry 119, Thursday, January 23rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

You wait all day for something to happen and just when you think nothing is going to happen - it all goes wrong. You might as well go and clean the kitchen instead...

Some links in this post have been certificated 18 for strong language.

Entry 118, Wednesday, January 22nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Danger danger! Fire in the disco Fire in the gates of hell... Musical fun from Electric 6 - found @ MilkAndCookies.
Modem Alert! 33Mb Download - wait for the next showing on MTV it'll be quicker.

Entry 117, Wednesday, January 22nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

9 CoronasAn important warning on the dangers of drinking beer for all men. Of course for me this song should be 19 coronas... On a side note try testing your bottled beer knowledge and/or really indulge your passion with your own home mini-pub.

Entry 116, Tuesday, January 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Hot In HereGet hot under the collar with Nelly's risque game - fun for Boyz and Honeyz - but not those at work. While your at it check out the rap dictionary and sort your teeth out. Finally if this isn't your bag why not try a little bit of rave dancing - big box little box...where's my keys?

Found at Zfilter

Entry 115, Tuesday, January 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Where Is Strong Bad?Strong Bad 59 is alledgely out but the whole site seems to be down. Aaarrrgggh! Double checking the domain seems to be registered until 2006 so that's not the problem - it was producing a Yahoo error but it's now reverted to a plain 404. Perhaps there's a problem with the hosting -like too much bandwidth - funny it should go down on Monday which is Strong Bad Day - anyway hopefully it'll be back soon :o(

Mini-Update: Homestarrunner.net has a memo re the main site being down but provides no other clue as to what's happened & when it's coming back - although it looks like this might change. Muuussst read eee-mail.....

Final-Update: Homerstarrunner.com is back and the downtime was all Strong Bad's fault.

Entry 114, Tuesday, January 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Geeks ForeverGeeks forever rap [5.5Mb]. Truely l33t music video proving the British film industry is alive and kicking.

Update: This link is now well and truely off-line. If you are having trouble getting hold of this video drop me a mail (link at the bottom of the page) and I'll send you a copy.

Update: Scrap that, I've found another copy - link updated.

Entry 113, Monday, January 20th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Tim Tam vs PenguinThe awsome Aussie Tim Tam goes head to head with the UK's classic Penguin. These are tasty biscuits at their best. Obviously the patriot in me wants the Penguin to win - but having tasted the Tim Tam I'd personaly say it's got the edge - especially if you take into account the Tim Tam Slam which you just can't do with a Penguin. If you wish to try one of these wonderful delicacies they're normally available at Cybercandy - who I rate very highly for all your unusal confectionery needs.

Entry 112, Sunday, January 19th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Pull as many tricks as possible on a downhill run in this snowboarding flash game.

Entry 111, Saturday, January 18th 2003, Filed In Games

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