Gorax Episode 2
Round 2 of Gorax's point'n'click adventures, this time starting with hs dog, Nerberus, in tow. Given how close in name Nerbereus is to Cerberus, I'm now getting worried about cute I think both these characters are. Is Graeme actually the devil in disguise...assume your best Hong Kong Phooey voice...could be! [submitted by Susi K, Ron & Hewitt!].

Entry 1257, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Games

Gorax Episode 1
Gorax is as cute as a button (I think that's how the saying goes - don't get me wrong I'm not some kind of ultra-weirdo who finds buttons cute), but I also think he's meant to be a little devil. Well he is red and appears to have horns. What does it say about me that I find the devil cute? Well we did establish yesterday at work that I have no morals, so that might explain it. Yes, if you have a moral dilemma, and need someone to tell you to do the wrong thing, come to me, you'll find I have a healthy disregard for scruples. Anyway, I digress, I believe there is a point'n'click game to be played...[submitted by Susi K, Ron & Hewitt!].

Entry 1256, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Games

The Neurotically Yours Vault
A little dark at times, the rants and adventures of Foamy the Squirrel and his counterparts, the pill-popping and punk Brit squirrel. Highly recommended for hilarity. If you like Strong Bad, you'll love Foamy [submitted by Andrew].

Entry 1255, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Orbox is a really addictive puzzle game with 25 levels, you simply have to get the box to the exit area, but its always harder than it seems. Level 21 is a random thing where sometimes you cannot complete it and have to start again [submitted by Burgerz].

Entry 1254, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Games

Kind of a French point'n'click adventure meets platform game, I'm sure N.E.S.S. will keep you amused...well it's more of a platform game than a point'n'click adventure, I suppose....ok, it's more about blasting spiders with a big gun than anything else...er...ok it's more about getting pounced upon by large groups of spiders and getting killed is what it is. You know, maybe I'm not very good at this one?

Entry 1253, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Games

Giantheads gives us a collection of weird web things (this is why I started submit a link). For a small thrill, well it amused me, hover your mouse over the car in the top right, for the "good stuff" browse though the "errata" [submitted by Soma H].

Entry 1252, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Stuff

iPod Guy
While I'm loving my new iPod Mini, especially in it's ebony iSkin, I wouldn't go quite as wild as iPod Guy. Not unless I recreated the ad with the far superior Gorillaz tune. How did he make that outfit? Look out for me on Regent Street when I work it out [submitted by seventoes].

Entry 1251, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Free The Balloon
Judging by the popularity of Hapland I'm guessing Free The Balloon will be another popular stickman point'n'click puzzle. I don't know if I dare say it though, but these games just don't do it for me. Sorry. I guess I pine for the litter bins and Apple Macs of some other games I could mention. Still I'm guessing you'll all make something good of it [submitted by Ace].

Entry 1250, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Games

A Little Bit of Politics For You
In the UK we parody our politics by animating cute little creatures so that they dance to Gilbert And Sullivan. We're hardcore, and our politicians run scared. I enjoyed it whilst drinking a cup of tea :o)

Entry 1249, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Stuff

L'Affaire Lectron
You know what I'm like with languages other then English, but while L'Affaire Lectron might be in Portuguese, I'm fairly confident in saying, this time, that it's actually in French. I think it's something to do with an election, you can definately earn euros (randomly as far as I can tell - 4000 for answering the phone?) and spend them travelling the Metro. I'm afraid I haven't got much futher than that with this point'n'click yet, but I'm sure you'll put me to shame by completing it by the time I'm up tomorrow [submitted by Susi K].

Entry 1248, Monday, June 13th 2005, Filed In Games

Are You Addicted To The Internet?
The fact that I was very enthusiastic about an internet meme quiz entitled "Are You Addicted To The Internet?" probably should have prepared me for my "Hardcore Junkie" rating. Do I really spend that amount of time on-line everyday? So then...what's your score? [via op-pop]

Entry 1247, Monday, June 13th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Ooops - the new submit a link feature is proving to be more popular than I thought it would be! It's going to take me the rest of the week to get through just today's submissions, and I still have a load of bookmarks of my own. What have I done? Good-bye free time. Thanks for all your hard work, apologies if I'm very slow at replying and posting.

Entry 1246, Monday, June 13th 2005, Filed In Diary

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