Vibration 13 Mixtape
Some people react to me calling out for tunes on a Friday by ignoring me, some take the piss, some send me nice links, and then there's Toby, who creates a whole Flash animated mix selector. Guess which one of you I love most. Damn it, Toby even updates the songs so you periodically get a different mix. While this means that currently you get such goodness as Graham Coxon and Quantic, it means you miss out on cornelius which he had on there just yesterday and it was the best track. Toby - please send me that track and I swear I'll send you back some great herbaliser sound-bites I think you'll like. Anyway check out mixtape today, you're sure to find something you like for a Friday.

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Time Of Your Life
The simplistic line drawing flash animation and the music of Green Day combine to create something beautiful that exactly captures my hopes and dreams on a Friday. This one really makes me feel good inside - I must have replayed it ten times in a row by now [much love to meesle].

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In the words of Nadif, Jump'n'Rhyme is:

"A link for the Friday musical-ish update. A bizarre song, AND a game, AND, following the current trend, it's in a stange, funny language (German, in this case). And it's pretty weird."

I'll just add that to control the thing it's useful to know that the <SPACE BAR> throws microphones, and the cursor keys control movement.

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Tally Hall
After my total lack of musical links last Friday you guys totally came up trumps by sending me all sorts of weird and wonderful things for this week. I love you guys. Anyway, first up Tally Hall a wonky rock band. Damn weird is what their music is. Check out Banana Man (navigate thru media > video) for a surreal experience [thanks sam].

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Ma Langue Au Chat
I totally loved the retro music and graphics on this one, but I'll hand over to Nadif, who submitted the link, for a much better description:

"Another sweet point'n'click from the guys who did "L'Affaire Lectron", in the same style: wonderful retro graphics, lots of talking and a notebook. And yes, this one too is in French. And a little bit less easy to complete than Affair Lectron, since the hints on the notebook are less obvious (more words, less numbers) and there is a time limit. The story itself is quite bizarre: apparently (hey, I do NOT really speak French) it's an investigation about the disappearence of all the cats from the city of Nantes. The player, as Martine Soublie, a Betty Boop-ish female investigator, must collect hints and solve the case before all the cats are gone (yes, the time countdown is provided in form of a counter saying "there are only xxxxx cats left in Nantes). I guess this will either attract to your site a lot of French players, or give all the english-speaking regulars an unforgettable headache. Or both."

*Ouch* Headache indeed. Thanks for such a great link though.

Ma Langue Au Chat

Entry 1265, Thursday, June 16th 2005, Filed In Games

Twelve Doors
Twelve Doors is a fairly "traditional" point'n'click game with some rather fine looking graphics, nothing too fancy though. The great thing is that it's not in French, not in Japanese, not Portugese, but in a little known lanuage I like to call Engrish [subbed by tuzza].

Entry 1264, Thursday, June 16th 2005, Filed In Games

The Game
It's time to give that point'n'click finger a rest and get your brain into gear with The Game. Either that or it's time to cheat like a daemon [subbed by Svenster].

Entry 1263, Thursday, June 16th 2005, Filed In Games

La Foire Aux Mysteres
It seems like every other point'n'click game is in French at the moment, well this one is French-Canadian I'll grant you, but it amounts to pretty much the same thing in terms of me understanding what is going on. At this rate I'll going to have to dig out those old high school French text books. Anyway for now all you need to know, and all I've been able to figure out, is that you can have all the fun of the fair with these 3 games [submitted by Ron].

Entry 1262, Thursday, June 16th 2005, Filed In Games

Lego Treasure Hunt
I've loving the amount of work that's gone into Lego Treasure Hunt, not only a whole heap of flash programming, but also all that 'set' building, it still retains a nice 'home-brew' feel though. Not quite point'n'click in execution as you have to use the keyboard, but it's the kind of adventure you'll probably like.

Entry 1261, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Games

3 Wish Alien
In the 3 Wish Alien you have to escape a prison cell & the room, and what's more there's plenty of cutesy graphic touches. What more could you want from a point'n'click game? Not as difficult as The Rat by a long way, but this is still my favourite of the 3 wishes. I think it was tickling the monkey that did it for me. It's almost as good as spanking it. *fnarr* [subbed by Hewitt, Ron & Justme].

Entry 1260, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Stuff

3 Wish Rat
In the saga of point'n'click games first there was the era of "escape the room", then there was the era of the film tie-in, and now there is the era of the cute comic caper. Maybe anyway. There's lots of cute games today and the 3 Wish Rat is a particularly good example. A lot harder than I was expecting when I first saw it [subbed by Hewitt, Ron, Justme & Kennymfk].

Entry 1259, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Games

The easiest, but still great looking, point'n'click game ever. If you're stuck with Mr.Zhong in any way, shape or form, be prepared to slap your forehead and exclaim "Doh!" in a loud Homer Simpson style when you get it. Shame on you if you ask for a walkthrough...[subbed by Justme & Hewitt].

Entry 1258, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Games

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