The Magic Numbers
It's a very long way off being part of the Lazylaces musical Friday, but I'd just like to say that this week I am mainly chilling out to The Magic Numbers. I highly recommend them to you too. If they're chilling me out this week, they've got to be good.

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Strindberg + Helium
Strindberg + Helium are one of the strangest double-acts around. While you might be pondering upon the deep philosophical mutterings of Strindberg, I'm thinking what a cute little critter Helium is. I mean, how can you not like him?

Entry 1281, Monday, June 27th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Le Building
First up a quick apology: Sorry if there have been no posts for a little while, sorry if I haven't replied to your e-mails, and sorry if I post something you've submitted over the next few days without acknowledging you. I've been a teensy-weensy bit busy these last few days, including at the weekend (don't go there), and I will be for the rest of the week. Despite the disorganisation though I'm going to try and squeeze a few posts in. And with that apology I'm going to get on with it...

Le Building is a funny little film, lifted from the merely amusing to the truely awe-inspiring by some totally bonkers music (it really kicks off when the cat hits the pizza-guy). I heartily approve of anything that makes me start doing funny Russian style jigs around my living-room on a Monday evening.

Entry 1280, Monday, June 27th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Whack Your Boss
I post whack your boss for some friends who need it just at the moment (and that's whack in the Sicilian sense, not just the idly slapping someone kind of way in case you were wondering) [thanks kyle].

Entry 1277, Wednesday, June 22nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

Flash animations of a man in a suit going mad. Doesn't ring any bells for me, no sir-ee...[subbed by thisatisfied].

Entry 1274, Tuesday, June 21st 2005, Filed In Stuff

Toast In The Post
At one point in the recent past I started collecting together as many toast related links as I could find (you'd be surprised just how many there are - it's a common obsession) with the intention of posting a special toast related page. Don't ask me why, it was something to do with boredom and a toast dominated diet at the time. Anyway... enough of my personal daemons I'm sure I'll work them out at some point with some expensive therapy, I have to link to Toast In The Post now as it made me giggle when I stumbled across it eariler this evening, and, hey, I admit it, I like toast.

Entry 1273, Tuesday, June 21st 2005, Filed In Stuff

Vibration 13 Mixtape
Some people react to me calling out for tunes on a Friday by ignoring me, some take the piss, some send me nice links, and then there's Toby, who creates a whole Flash animated mix selector. Guess which one of you I love most. Damn it, Toby even updates the songs so you periodically get a different mix. While this means that currently you get such goodness as Graham Coxon and Quantic, it means you miss out on cornelius which he had on there just yesterday and it was the best track. Toby - please send me that track and I swear I'll send you back some great herbaliser sound-bites I think you'll like. Anyway check out mixtape today, you're sure to find something you like for a Friday.

Entry 1269, Friday, June 17th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Time Of Your Life
The simplistic line drawing flash animation and the music of Green Day combine to create something beautiful that exactly captures my hopes and dreams on a Friday. This one really makes me feel good inside - I must have replayed it ten times in a row by now [much love to meesle].

Entry 1268, Friday, June 17th 2005, Filed In Stuff

In the words of Nadif, Jump'n'Rhyme is:

"A link for the Friday musical-ish update. A bizarre song, AND a game, AND, following the current trend, it's in a stange, funny language (German, in this case). And it's pretty weird."

I'll just add that to control the thing it's useful to know that the <SPACE BAR> throws microphones, and the cursor keys control movement.

Entry 1267, Friday, June 17th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Tally Hall
After my total lack of musical links last Friday you guys totally came up trumps by sending me all sorts of weird and wonderful things for this week. I love you guys. Anyway, first up Tally Hall a wonky rock band. Damn weird is what their music is. Check out Banana Man (navigate thru media > video) for a surreal experience [thanks sam].

Entry 1266, Friday, June 17th 2005, Filed In Stuff

3 Wish Alien
In the 3 Wish Alien you have to escape a prison cell & the room, and what's more there's plenty of cutesy graphic touches. What more could you want from a point'n'click game? Not as difficult as The Rat by a long way, but this is still my favourite of the 3 wishes. I think it was tickling the monkey that did it for me. It's almost as good as spanking it. *fnarr* [subbed by Hewitt, Ron & Justme].

Entry 1260, Wednesday, June 15th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Neurotically Yours Vault
A little dark at times, the rants and adventures of Foamy the Squirrel and his counterparts, the pill-popping and punk Brit squirrel. Highly recommended for hilarity. If you like Strong Bad, you'll love Foamy [submitted by Andrew].

Entry 1255, Tuesday, June 14th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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