Wheat Straw Girl
Wheat Straw Girl is a nice relaxing point'n'click game for a Sunday, lots of beautiful little puzzles to work out [subbed by nitro59].

Entry 1305, Sunday, July 10th 2005, Filed In Games

London Blasts
Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to make sure I'm ok. Despite being due in the city this morning I was south of the river when the blasts hit, and I'm now out of the city at home (we closed up the office to make sure people had time to get home without public transport). I'm fine, and as difficult as it was to call around to find out (the mobile networks were jammed), all my friends in the city are safe too. Transport permitting I shall be back working in the city tomorrow.

I'm sure all our thoughts are with those who weren't so lucky and their family and friends.

Update: It's Friday morning now and I'm back at my desk in central London. Judging by the packed train I travelled in on it's business as usual today, although the streets seem quieter. A police helicopter is constantly circling the skys above the city. Hopefully all will be well today.

Entry 1304, Thursday, July 7th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Chasseau Au Tresor
I really need to chill out this week so a trip around the little point'n'click island world of Chasseau Au Tresor is just what I need. Scrumptious graphics and laid back guitar strummings are calming me down nicely, alledgedly the ending is a little disappointing, but I'm still enjoying a random click around so I wouldn't know for certain, and as the saying goes "ingorance is bliss" [subbed by someone shy who didn't want to tell me their name].

Entry 1303, Wednesday, July 6th 2005, Filed In Games

After spending all weekend working I'll feeling pretty tired and grumpy this week and I haven't found any games that have amused me, Papalote++ is a rather nice little animation that made me smile though [thanks anonymous!].

Entry 1302, Tuesday, July 5th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt is another game from Toby that'll will force you to dust down your brain and get you thinking [subbed by Think~Pink and, of course, Toby].

Entry 1301, Saturday, July 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

I'd never heard of Elan before, but I love their site, it's just like navigating around the real tube - the sights, and in particular, the sounds, are spot on.

Entry 1300, Saturday, July 2nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Attack Of the Giant Red Octopus
Totally bonkers French anime with English subtitles.

Entry 1299, Saturday, July 2nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

Baarmy Sheep
Up until now you would have been quite correct in thinking that the most annoying noise in the known universe was that, pardon my French, f**king crazy frog. Now though the baarmy sheep have been unleashed upon us. Turn that volume down before clicking on the link.

Entry 1298, Saturday, July 2nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

Film School
Sure Film School is a point'n'click game, there's even the possibility it might be good, but I wouldn't know, because I'm too busy grooving around the lazylaces flat to to the groovy music. Also I'm depressed because Cal is better at video games than I am [subbed by hewitt].

Entry 1297, Friday, July 1st 2005, Filed In Games

Elvis Lives In Flash
Mad flash animation, a guest appearance by Homestar, and Elvis all in one link. I'll have some of that thank you [subbed by meme].

Entry 1296, Friday, July 1st 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Virus
I love Toby's mixtapes, they chill me out alot, so I'm very happy to embark upon The Virus, his latest foray into the online gaming world. Unfortunately for my tried brain it's more point'n'think than point'n'click, but I've an idea y'all might like it.

Entry 1295, Friday, July 1st 2005, Filed In Games

Billy Bob Abductions
OK, if we're going to be pedantic about things (and I know you are) Billy Bob Abductions is really a point'n'click game and not actually a musical Friday link at all, but it's got some crazy banjo playing in the background which'll do for me, and I know you get the jitters if you don't point'n'click something, so we're all happy, alright? [subbed by Nail & Buster H]

Entry 1294, Friday, July 1st 2005, Filed In Games

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