The House
Ok - I'm filing The House under games, I might even go so far as to file it under point'n'click, but really it's very easy to progress with the thing, and as a game it's super easy. I'm still a big fan though, and the reason is atmosphere. This thing has it by the bucket-load. My top tips are:
  1. Play late at night
  2. Alone
  3. Lights off
  4. Sound up.
  5. Spare underwear to hand
The only bad thing is the absolutely phenomenal load time for each 'level'. What exactly it's loading is a mystery, it's good, but certainly doesn't match up in size to what you think you're going to get considering how long you have waited. That said - it is worth it. Enjoy.

Entry 1342, Thursday, August 11th 2005, Filed In Games

Clever Waste Of Time
A Clever Waste Of Time is another one of those puzzle game things that attempts to get your lazy brain ticking over with puzzles that require more brain power than a standard point'n'click (allegedly). This one is very much like Star Wars, except you have to "view the source", rather than "feel the force". (oh, how long did I take thinking up that little pun?) [subbed by Anna].

WARNING: Please please please don't post spoilers for CWOT - hints are fine - but giving away solutions is against the spirit (and rules) of the game. I've been asked by the folks over at CWOT to reitterate this point, and it's also worth noting they are reading the comment thread for this post and have the power to ban you from the site! I don't normally ask much of you guys so please just humour me on this one.

Entry 1341, Wednesday, August 10th 2005, Filed In Games

Graeme Needs Coffee
As the continuing saga of the broken coffee machine at work enters it's 2nd week, I'm starting to feel the effects even with frequent mercy runs to the coffee shop across the road. Meanwhile my colleagues think it's funny to taunt me with Dilbert cartoons like this (click on the pic for the full thing).

Entry 1340, Wednesday, August 10th 2005, Filed In Stuff

La Luna Hotel
In La Luna Hotel you wake-up in a hotel room somewhere, not remembering how you got there. So-far, sooo point'n'click, but this is new: you wake up wearing zebra stripped, faux fur, boxer shorts. Just a regular day then... hmmmm, itchy [subbed by Anna].

Entry 1339, Monday, August 8th 2005, Filed In Games

God Tower
64 levels of hardness make up God Tower - not your regular point'n'click, but one of those ultra-hard puzzle thingumies that'll have you typing before you have time to say "I'm stuck" [subbed by Issa].

Entry 1338, Monday, August 8th 2005, Filed In Games

Nesquik Quest
Definately suitable for children the Nesquik Quest is a cute little game that mixes up a bit of acade action with some point'n'click goodness [subbed by TeJay].

Entry 1337, Sunday, August 7th 2005, Filed In Games

Marmalade Mayhem
A great game for kids, like me, Paddington's Marmalade Mayhem is a game of catch, straight out of deepest darkest Peru, that quickly turns manic as it speeds up as you progress. My top score is 154, although I was trumped by Preeti with a score of 156. Can you, or your kids, do any better?

Entry 1336, Friday, August 5th 2005, Filed In Games

Mr. Fastfinger
The fabulous world of Mr. Fastfinger is just what you need on a Friday. Play along in "The Moutain Of The Tapping Dwarfs" and then continually practise your air guitar afterwards. Kind of point'n'clicky, but more a bit of fun for a Friday than anything else.

Entry 1335, Friday, August 5th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Take On Me
After that family guy video mash-up the other day the perfect thing for a lazylaces musical Friday link is the original A-Ha Take On Me video. 80's retro cool.

Entry 1334, Friday, August 5th 2005, Filed In Stuff

I Predict A Riot
This week I am mainly listening to "I Predict A Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs - out on single in the UK now, and, more importantly, as featured on the GT4 soundtrack.

Entry 1333, Friday, August 5th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Golden Republic
Similar in style to Bring It On, in that the greatest distance for hurling objects is the aim of the game, The Golden Republic has a slightly wider appeal, focusing as it does on the rock'n'roll occupation of hurling objects from hotel room windows, rather than cricket.

Entry 1332, Thursday, August 4th 2005, Filed In Games

Bring It On
Despite quite liking Australians and not particularly liking cricket I've become addicted to Bring It On this past week - a game which involves bashing prisoners back to Oz with a cricket bat in a festival of non-political correctness. For fans of Penguin v Yeti the game will be a little familiar, although you'll have to understand about The Ashes to get where the game is coming from.

Entry 1331, Thursday, August 4th 2005, Filed In Games

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