I don't understand whatever language Lenovo is in, if indeed that's it's name - it's the only word I understand on the page - and the tab key cheat doesn't work, but I understand enough point'n'click to have gotten into the house (yeah for me! 1st! 1337!), and to have worked out that while there isn't a computer immeadiately obvious in a point'n'click style-ee, I do have to construct my own. I even have most of the bits. Good luck folks. Now I must find those missing pieces... [subbed by tia].

Entry 1374, Thursday, September 1st 2005, Filed In Games

Cry Wolf
If you you already use AIM as one of your chat clients you'll already be aware of the Cry Wolf game, if you read your e-mail that is anyway. I haven't played yet, but I'm interested to hear if any of you have, and if it's any good. The official description of the game is that it "pits two groups of unequally informed players against one another in a discussion-centered contest of survival". My basic understanding of the game is that it's a team based game of deception that utilises AIM chat and some standard flash game stuff. If anyone has played, please correct me if necessary, and let us all know if it's worth signing up to play.

BTW: As well as using flash and AIM chat, the game is promoting a film, and has trailers pre-formatted for your PSP. Short of adding in some podcasts this thing is on every band-wagon going.

Entry 1373, Thursday, September 1st 2005, Filed In Games

Take To The Streets
A photo-realistic game of street fighting where you can beat passing chavs (of course in real life you'd be too scared to throw a punch for fear of cutting your hand on their bling) to a pulp? There's the teeniest-tinyest chance that Take To The Streets is NSFW (or children).

Entry 1372, Thursday, September 1st 2005, Filed In Games

Evil Genius
Evil Genius T-Shirt, you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.

Entry 1371, Thursday, September 1st 2005, Filed In Diary

It's not often I'd ask this, but if Mr. Harvey Kendrick is reading, if that is your real name, please re-send your attempt to spam me with the e-mail entitled:


You formatted it badly and the whole body of the mail was missing, meaning I was left tantalized by the message's title, but with no further explanation. You tease you. You also missed out the word 'the' from the e-mail's title, but this tantalized me less.

Entry 1370, Thursday, September 1st 2005, Filed In Diary

The Goat In The Grey Fedora
Out of beta now, The Goat In The Grey Fedora has returned with a live release. Time to get those point'n'click muscles (i.e. your brain and your clicky finger) working everyone [thanks for the heads-up tasha].

Entry 1369, Wednesday, August 31st 2005, Filed In Games

Jail Escape
I've been in here too long, it's time to escape.... OK, Jail Escape has a familiar opening story, but the biggest mystery is how you've been trapped here so long when it's so easy to escape, rather than how to escape. I'm expecting sub-one-minute times here people, no requests for walk-throughs, and lots of "this is sooo easy, I'm sooo l33t" comments [subbed by sk8rgrlzzz].

Entry 1368, Tuesday, August 30th 2005, Filed In Games

Ambridge Mansion
Some traditional (?) spooky point'n'click for you in the Ambridge Mansion. Bring a change of underwear with you [thanks Dark Sky].

Entry 1367, Saturday, August 27th 2005, Filed In Games

Defend Your Computer
Hmmm... don't get me wrong, I love point'n'click, really I do, but occasionally I just like to mindlessly shoot stuff and that's what Defend Your Computer gives you in bucket loads. The fact that it has banging techno tunes is no bad thing either. There's also a story line of sorts about defending your computer from spam, and virus attacks and things. But don't worry. It doesn't intrude upon the whole shooting things thing.

Entry 1366, Saturday, August 27th 2005, Filed In Games

After the Citron advert where the car transforms into the robot (a la Transformers - they're roots in disguise, don't you know?), there have been many immitators, but the Full English Transformer and the 2CV Transformer are a couple of my favourites. Incidently whilst googling around this subject I also found the Nissan Transfomer and the VW Beetle Transformer, but I'm not even going there [thanks Yvonne].


Entry 1365, Saturday, August 27th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Hoy Te Amo ++
Your regular tale of boy meets girl, Hoy Te Amo ++ tells young love's tale with some nice flash animation and a sweet soundtrack. Oh, and it has gigantic robotic spiders with guns. Did I not mention that before? No? Well it does.

Entry 1364, Saturday, August 27th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Dance Dance Gabba Goat
OK - so I may have short changed you slightly on lazylaces musical Friday yesterday. In an effort to make it up to you I bring you Dance Dance Gabba Goat in which you try to make a goat dance to crazy techno beats. You will hate me. Oh yes. You will hate me.

Entry 1363, Saturday, August 27th 2005, Filed In Games

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