See You In The Morning
Yup. It's the unprecedented return of lazylaces musical Friday, on, of all days, a Friday. This week I have mainly been listening to Mint Royale's new album "See You In The Morning" (favourite track is "The Effect On Me", track #2 on the on-site player). As usual let me know in the comments what you are listening to this week. Lazylaces frequent-flyer points to those of you that include a link to some audio of whatever it is that is tickling your ear-drums this week.

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After the Citron advert where the car transforms into the robot (a la Transformers - they're roots in disguise, don't you know?), there have been many immitators, but the Full English Transformer and the 2CV Transformer are a couple of my favourites. Incidently whilst googling around this subject I also found the Nissan Transfomer and the VW Beetle Transformer, but I'm not even going there [thanks Yvonne].


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Hoy Te Amo ++
Your regular tale of boy meets girl, Hoy Te Amo ++ tells young love's tale with some nice flash animation and a sweet soundtrack. Oh, and it has gigantic robotic spiders with guns. Did I not mention that before? No? Well it does.

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On A Horse
The epitome of the pointless web thing, "on a horse" is a flash animation of a man on a horse. That's it. I livened it up a bit by humming the theme tune from Bonanza while I watched. That made it kind of funny.

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Psyride is a flash music video found on the web site of the designers of Samorost . Fairly trippy stuff, and the begining sounds familiar [subbed by tafkam].

Entry 1361, Friday, August 26th 2005, Filed In Stuff

So I'm sitting back in my swivel chair, checking the site stats doing the geeky site owner thing, when what do you know? I find out PC Today are linking to me as their fun site of the day. Kind of gives me a warm feeling inside, even though I wasn't 100% certain who they were, since it turns out they're in Nebraska (I think thats's what 'NE' means on US addresses, anyway), and I'm just outside of London. Anyway, thanks guys, you made my day.

Entry 1359, Monday, August 22nd 2005, Filed In Stuff

The sad tale of a forgotten little girl called Emmeline and her only friend in the world, Mr. Creazil.

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Country Life
A sweet little advert that's currently playing on UK television - which is all about exploiting cheap animal labour to help you with your household chores....hang on, did I 'sweet little advert'. I meant 'cruel and evil advert', that should have the animal rights protestors pulling it off screen as soon as possible.

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Loco Loco Mosquito
It's Friday - time to go loco.

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Lost On The Edge
This week I have mainly been listening to the beautiful "Edge Hill" by Groove Armada - I'm only sorry I can't find a decent copy to link to for you to listen to (ask me sweetly by e-mail and I might send you a copy). If you are in the UK though, and this is the reason I've been listening to this quality track again, it's the music on the Channel 4 trailer for Lost - which has finally made it to UK shores so I now know, and love, what all the fuss is about. I must replay I Am Lost sometime - I didn't fully understand the whole thing at the time, but it all becomes clear now.

PS. If you are American and are a whole season ahead of me on this one I really don't want to know (I'm assuming you know by now) what the monster in the jungle is.

PPS. As always please let me know, and link to, what you are listening to this week, and for this week only your opinions on Lost would be interesting to hear too.

Entry 1345, Friday, August 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Daydreamer 933
You know the receptionist at work? Here's what is going on in her mind all day.

Entry 1344, Friday, August 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Daisy Duke Dances
Make Jessica Simpson, as Daisy Duke, dance to the movement of your mouse in this link that is possibly slightly out of character for lazylaces. Yes I know I normally post musical links on a Friday and this is, of all things, a music video with no sound, I know I don't normally post stuff that is NSFW, and this has a soapy girl in a bikini writhing around, but I just know that this will make my work colleague Marc's Friday - and possibly distract him from the fact that I haven't assigned anybody to do any development on his projects.

Entry 1343, Friday, August 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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