Isle Figa
Graphically Isle Figa isn't much to write home about, and the engrish language can be a little confusing, but I still really got into it. It's quite a satisfying little point'n'clicker.

Entry 1390, Monday, September 12th 2005, Filed In Games

Alien In The Room Reloaded
In an effort to get you all to stop sending me this one and send me something different (the effort is much appreciated though!) - here's Alien In The Room Reloaded - an update of the previously featured game Alien In The Room. Point'n'clickity people [subbed by jane, bob, tafkam, eb & tim].

Entry 1389, Monday, September 12th 2005, Filed In Games

Platform Zero
Posters in the underpass come to life in platform zero - just about the coolest short film I've found.

Entry 1388, Monday, September 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Locomotive
Remember that Nesquik game a while back? The Locomotive is the same sort of 'just in time' style point'n'click game, but this one's Russian. BTW - I recommend playing with the music off [subbed by lynn].

Entry 1387, Monday, September 12th 2005, Filed In Games

Maze is a simple, yet fun, arcade game, the idea of the game being to, guess what, escape the maze. Things are complicated slightly by only being able to see a keyhole view of the maze, needing a key before the exit will open, and that all important time limit. Pick up the time and wall bashing bonus items along the way to make life easier.

Entry 1386, Monday, September 12th 2005, Filed In Games

The Tunnel
Moving straight up several gears we get to The Tunnel. You have very little chance of knowing what is going on in this point'n'click, but the music and visuals are great. Good luck.

Entry 1385, Sunday, September 11th 2005, Filed In Games

It's been a bit quiet on site this last week as I've been away on holiday - more on that soon, including my holiday snaps, but for now it's back on with the links....

First up, by way of a gentle re-introduction, is fear. Damn spooky, yes, but difficult, no. Don't expect the best, or indeed lengthiest, point'n'click gameplay, but do keep those spare undies handy.

Entry 1384, Sunday, September 11th 2005, Filed In Games

NFH Propaganda
Not so much a point'n'click game, although there is a little bit of clickery to do, as a creepy labyrinthe of a website for you to investigate. If you remember 99 Rooms then NFH Propaganda will be familiar territory for you. As with all creepy sites the usual recommendations apply: wait to play until dark, then it's lights off and sound up. Spare underwear within easy reach.

Entry 1383, Saturday, September 3rd 2005, Filed In Games

Ask The Dead
Got a pressing question that needs answering? If you have time to wait for them to spell out the answer on their ouija board maybe you should ask the dead...

Entry 1382, Saturday, September 3rd 2005, Filed In Stuff

Iconize Me
Iconize Me? Me? Yes please...

Entry 1381, Saturday, September 3rd 2005, Filed In Stuff

La Pate A Son
Move colourful beans through pipes to create tunes. Er... that's it. More a play-thing than a game, I'm not 100% certain what to call it, but La Pate A Son definately fits in on a Friday, whatever it is [subbed by phunky].

Shockwave Required To View - Click Here To Download Shockwave

Entry 1380, Friday, September 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

Don't Stay Dead
With a combination of games and tunes, Don't Stay Dead is perfect Friday fodder, even if it is strictly old skool. We're talking 8-bit baby! Cursor keys to move, space bar to shoot (trickyifyouhaveasticky spacekey), kill the girls in red, avoid the girls in white, and visit all the pallbearers. I got to the driving level which seemed to be impossible to get passed [subbed by justme].

Entry 1379, Friday, September 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

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