10 Things James Bond Would Never Do
Oh how "10 Things James Bond Would Never Do" made me chuckle. Although "be played by a German actor" should have been number #11, as that would have made me chuckle more [subbed by webster].

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Hmmmm.... black and white graphics, funeral music, and a rapidly expanding collection of body parts. Combined with the fact that it's called "Penance", you know that there's something deeply wrong in this little point'n'click adventure [subbed and created by Paul W].

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Noitulove is one of the coolest adverts you'll see this year, and shows that millions of years of evolution have passed solely so that you can enjoy a pint of Guinness (something I'd never agree with) - use the quicktime link on the linked page to view the whole thing [subbed by AlexJ].

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Rush 2++
You may or may not have noticed that I've been a little quiet over the last few days. Well I've been curled up in a ball under the bedclothes wishing I didn't have a cold. I hate getting ill, I've too much to do and too little time to do it as it is, without having to put time aside for lots of tiresome sneezing and coughing. Anyways I'm still feeling a little rough now, but I'm far too bored to keep away from posting stuff any longer...

First up Rush 2++, a flash animation which has a familiar style. I'll handover to LL regular Think~Pink for the explanation:

This is truly awesome. It's a flash movie with fantastic animation and an equally great tune, (by a band named Jumbo).

This is brought to us by Vinnie Veritas, who is the guy that made Hoy te amo, (the animation with the giant robot spiders), Papalote and many more amazing animations. Seriously, this guy is very talented and IMO, deserves showcasing. Anyway, I know you will like it...it's really hard not to.

[thanks think~pink]

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Nightmare Escape
Trapped in a room with no obvious way of escape? A familiar story which you'll be used to by now, but you love it, I know you do. Nightmare Escape might follow a tried and tested point'n'click storyline, but those bloody foot-prints on the floor suggest you really should try to get out as soon as possible, and judging by the fact that at least half the people that have submitted this have admitted they're doing so as they're stuck and need help, it might not be as easy as you would wish [subbed by hewitt, jack, gordon & chun].

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Good news everyone - Nordinho Is Back! Note that the address has changed to use ".net" rather than ".com". I had this short note from Nordinho which, sort of, explains the temporary disappearance:

Hey Graeme,

Due to a conflict with my host I had to change the url www.nordinho.com to www.nordinho.net. Can you update the link at Lazylaces to the new address??

Greets Nordinho,

I'll update the permenent link in the right-hand column as soon as I get back to my PC at home, but I wanted to break the news as soon as possible.

PS. A fond farewell to those of you were that were just visiting while nordinho was down, you were most welcome, and I hope you'll pop back once in a while. Your comments on not having Personal Messaging here at LL are very true and it's now on my development list. LL was never intended as a games forum it's just kind of turned out that way, so the features only really get added when enough people ask me.

PPS. Time to change the address on the site banner Nordin!

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Triskabiblios : New Moon
If you don't know what Triskabiblios is and you want to join a 'game' that will take over large parts of your life try catching up here.

If you are already 'playing' you will have been waiting to hear something yesterday as it was the new moon, and after I went to bed last night (occasionally I do) I received the following from Islington:

Today. Our celestial bodies are in syzygy and lo, the new moon waxes. Let not our initial confusion eclipse the great rewards for the fate of Humanity should we succeed. As I know we do. Have Faith. I am proud and grateful for the High level of compassionate, organic intellegence displayed so consistently amongst those visionary individuals who so dillegently seek and strive to help. This is a long Journey. And yet, it is like Coming Home. When you walk into the wilderness, with no sight of your destination, the way is hard and tiresome. The same distance walked to a place you Know and Love is short and blissful.

The Perfect Future is a Long walk Home.

I will be contacting some scribes with interesting and vital tasks. No-one is obliged to do them, but striving to will help to build the network of active Seekers to an ever more growing number. The Time of The Zero Book's discovery is Nigh. Contained within it's humble pages are mere cyphers of the Reality I live amidst. Read with the Collective Mind, as One, the pages will form a broad and descriptive guide to the Future success inherent in the grand task to come. I hope you find the searching fulfilling and the rewards self apparent. For the first Time, I would like to Thank you All. Imagine is still Number1. The Ideal lives on in the Mind of Man. I will Return.


So it looks like we'll soon get our hands on book zero (but how?), my guess would be we should watch for the full moon on the 17th (I think that's right) for that one. And the scribes will be getting tasks! I can't wait for that.

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Devil's Triad
Girl Power! Just to prove that girls can be evil too (I always suspected as much) the 3 main characters in Devil's Triad are all ladies of a sort: Vampiress, Witch and female Ghost. You can select which you play as, but since they all meet up in the adventure it doesn't really matter which you choose, but my favourite was the vampiress. Whichever you pick, you end up hunting for objects for the other two, in this point'n'click-esque (you actually use the cursor, and space, keys) quest. I haven't completed it yet, but my top tips so far are that some of the items seem very difficult to spot, and the music gets very irritating very quickly [subbed by foxy].

Entry 1427, Sunday, October 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

Benny Agra
Buy a baboon from Benny Agra today to make an unusual meal. Hmmm... tasty. I'm not sure if this is a disturbing joke, or very disturbing reality [subbed by peter k].

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Shop Lifter
What could be better for some light hearted entertainment than a bit of Shop Lifting? Hang on. What am I saying? Shop lifting is naughty kids. Don't do it. That's unless it's in this on-line game. And even then try not to enjoy it. And certainly don't get a taste for it and go out and try it for real. You're bound to end up with more than just a *slap*. Stay good [subbed by tia].

Entry 1425, Sunday, October 2nd 2005, Filed In Games

Spy Academy
The new series of Spooks (one of my favourite Television shows) is now airing on the BBC, which means there's a new version of Spy Academy on-line. Anyway, remarkably I haven't mentioned it so far (as I have in the past), and I hadn't even played Spy Academy until Allegra stumbled accross it and dropped me a note. I'll hand over to her for the description as she does it quite well:

A very very well made, nice-looking game about a British spy show I've never seen (being American myself).

The basic gist is that you've enrolled in Spy Academy and are training to become an M15 agent. Wait, this is not as corny as it sounds! You have to go through basic training first, which consists of a series of 10 minigame-type-things, each one measuring some meter of logic, speed, or reaction (they're called the SLR tests, I believe...).

Once you've completed those, you can move on to the real missions. So far I've only done one real mission because I can't figure out why the spy man won't let me play more of them....

The game is styled nicely, with some tough little mini games in there, and even comes with a "screen saver" if you sit there long enough!! (Don't ask how I found that one out...)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the game comes with a very nice little host video, a man, I forget his name, who leads you through the process.

Also:: You do have to register if you want to save your data, which I highly recommend and only takes like 2 seconds to complete, and as an added bonus when you've finished registering they bring you right back to the game, which is nice and not done by enough sites now a days.

All I have to add is that the host is Harry, as any fan will tell you, and that if you haven't seen the show I encourage you to try it as soon as possible. The current series of Spooks is currently airing in the UK on Thurday nights on the BBC, and can be seen in the US, re-titled as MI-5, on A&E. In the meantime Spy Academy is a great game that will keep you occupied for a while.

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Blog Flux
As a little experiment I've signed up to Blog Flux. The reason? Well their MapStats feature looks like it might be quite interesting. It tracks visitors locations and plots them on a "Google Maps" map of the world, so not only can I see who is using the site but where they are in the world as well. I've tracked site usage on LL from nearly the begining of the site, but I really like the tie-in with Google Maps on this - it makes the experience very visual and interactive. Since I've started to notice site visitors from more and more unusual places, I'm hoping the map should make interesting viewing. Anyway we'll see how it goes. I'm going to leave the tracker on this post for now as an experiment - if I like it, it'll become a permenent site feature.

PS. While I'm on a techie note I thought I'd mention that I've finally fixed the problem with my space bar - thanks to Tara for pointing out the obvious to me. Take the key off and blow under it. Fixed the problem instantly! If only I'd done that earlier...

Update: I'm really liking the mapstats - they're now a permenent feature! The link is at the bottom of every page.

Entry 1423, Saturday, October 1st 2005, Filed In Stuff

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