Calm Down Dear!
While my ears are still bleeding I may as well inflict Calm Down Dear! on you. If you're from outside the UK these probably make even less sense to you than they do to me, but it's really not worth going into a big explanation. Basically imagine taking the worst advert on Television and remixing it with banging techno music and you'll be just about there.

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Cillit Bang Remix
Guaranteed to clean your bathroom and make your ears bleed, it's the Cillit Bang Remix. Thanks for submitting this, it's not stuck in my head at all now [subbed by think~pink].

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10 Things James Bond Would Never Do
Oh how "10 Things James Bond Would Never Do" made me chuckle. Although "be played by a German actor" should have been number #11, as that would have made me chuckle more [subbed by webster].

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Noitulove is one of the coolest adverts you'll see this year, and shows that millions of years of evolution have passed solely so that you can enjoy a pint of Guinness (something I'd never agree with) - use the quicktime link on the linked page to view the whole thing [subbed by AlexJ].

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Rush 2++
You may or may not have noticed that I've been a little quiet over the last few days. Well I've been curled up in a ball under the bedclothes wishing I didn't have a cold. I hate getting ill, I've too much to do and too little time to do it as it is, without having to put time aside for lots of tiresome sneezing and coughing. Anyways I'm still feeling a little rough now, but I'm far too bored to keep away from posting stuff any longer...

First up Rush 2++, a flash animation which has a familiar style. I'll handover to LL regular Think~Pink for the explanation:

This is truly awesome. It's a flash movie with fantastic animation and an equally great tune, (by a band named Jumbo).

This is brought to us by Vinnie Veritas, who is the guy that made Hoy te amo, (the animation with the giant robot spiders), Papalote and many more amazing animations. Seriously, this guy is very talented and IMO, deserves showcasing. Anyway, I know you will like's really hard not to.

[thanks think~pink]

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Good news everyone - Nordinho Is Back! Note that the address has changed to use ".net" rather than ".com". I had this short note from Nordinho which, sort of, explains the temporary disappearance:

Hey Graeme,

Due to a conflict with my host I had to change the url to Can you update the link at Lazylaces to the new address??

Greets Nordinho,

I'll update the permenent link in the right-hand column as soon as I get back to my PC at home, but I wanted to break the news as soon as possible.

PS. A fond farewell to those of you were that were just visiting while nordinho was down, you were most welcome, and I hope you'll pop back once in a while. Your comments on not having Personal Messaging here at LL are very true and it's now on my development list. LL was never intended as a games forum it's just kind of turned out that way, so the features only really get added when enough people ask me.

PPS. Time to change the address on the site banner Nordin!

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Benny Agra
Buy a baboon from Benny Agra today to make an unusual meal. Hmmm... tasty. I'm not sure if this is a disturbing joke, or very disturbing reality [subbed by peter k].

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Blog Flux
As a little experiment I've signed up to Blog Flux. The reason? Well their MapStats feature looks like it might be quite interesting. It tracks visitors locations and plots them on a "Google Maps" map of the world, so not only can I see who is using the site but where they are in the world as well. I've tracked site usage on LL from nearly the begining of the site, but I really like the tie-in with Google Maps on this - it makes the experience very visual and interactive. Since I've started to notice site visitors from more and more unusual places, I'm hoping the map should make interesting viewing. Anyway we'll see how it goes. I'm going to leave the tracker on this post for now as an experiment - if I like it, it'll become a permenent site feature.

PS. While I'm on a techie note I thought I'd mention that I've finally fixed the problem with my space bar - thanks to Tara for pointing out the obvious to me. Take the key off and blow under it. Fixed the problem instantly! If only I'd done that earlier...

Update: I'm really liking the mapstats - they're now a permenent feature! The link is at the bottom of every page.

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Napolean Gates
Bill Gates meets Napolean Dynamite. WTF? [via geisha]

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OK, OK, Okay... I know I'm being a bit slack in posting anything this week, but I have a life you know (you wouldn't believe it would you?) and I've barely been home for more than five minutes at a time which makes things tricky. Even as I type I'm not at my PC so I only have access to my webmail, which means I don't have access to all your great game link suggestions, I only have my last 100 mails or so, which are pretty much all requests for copies of submachine (nice work murtaugh!).

However I do have a link to Candy, an excellent, if a little pre-emptive, flash movie for Halloween, from the same people that brought you Forgotten. Cute but a little skary [subbed by Flooor].

PS. If you're looking for games in the meantime try raiding the lazylaces archives (links at the bottom of the page).

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Lazy FM
Brilliant. I love it when I find something thru working on lazylaces that I end using all the time. Filezilla, Dropbox and Fraps all spring to mind. Latest on the list is Last FM - a nice little plugin to most media players that compiles an on-line chart of what music you're listening to. No more guess work for me when I do "I have mostly been listening to..." on lazylaces musical Fridays. And what's more you can check out what I'm listening to too. The down side is that you can see that I have one Britney Spears track (which I obviously downloaded accidently, and which then plays unintentionally when I have 'random play' set. Honest.). Anyway thanks to Yann for putting me on to this.

Entry 1414, Monday, September 26th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Gem Sweater
In need of some light relief? I know I most definately (that was for you Hazel) am, close to 12 hours at work today, followed by some hard arg-ing have left me exhausted. Fortunately Gem Sweater makes me laugh more every time I watch it - mainly because I remember more and more women I have known/met who have worn the garment in question. Sing-a-long now....*Gemmmmmmmm Sweateeeeeeer*. [subbed by leah]

Entry 1408, Tuesday, September 20th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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