Bottom Of A Bottle
A strange simulation of being in the bottom of a bottle... ah, you say, I'm there all the time, this is old news for me. But this is a bottle of water. Never been there, have you?

Entry 1446, Thursday, October 13th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Eye Of The Tiger
Here's the Eye Of The Tiger for you (if you haven't had it in your inbox already - it's doing the rounds) to show you how to train for that big boxing match you've got coming up [forwarded by the gorgeous tara].

Entry 1445, Wednesday, October 12th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Chase The DaisePeople have complained that I don't keep my diary up to date!!!??? And I thought you were just here for the games. Anyways I don't have much time to write reams just now, maybe sometime soon. What I did want to do though was say a warm welcome back to Daisy, who in web years is an old friend of LL. She's been offline for sometime, but now she's back with a sparkly new site. *hugs* D, it's good to have you back. Incidently talking of web years, I've just realised the LL is 3 years old at the end of this month (at least in it's current format, it's getting on for 5 in total). Watch out for celebrations on the 29th.

Entry 1444, Wednesday, October 12th 2005, Filed In Diary

Alpha Team
They're not point'n'click games but the 3 Alpha Team adventures still have me hooked as they let me relive my passion for playing with lego. Now all I need to do is think of a way that playing these can be described as helping to do the work I'm meant to be doing today.

Entry 1443, Wednesday, October 12th 2005, Filed In Games

Escape From Rhetundo Island
Escape From Rhetundo Island is a nice, quirky, point'n'click game which you should be able to picture from Lynn's succinct description:

"From the same guy that did Hapland"

That's all you need to know I believe [subbed by lynn].

Entry 1442, Tuesday, October 11th 2005, Filed In Games

The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
Wallace and Gromit and cute little bunny rabbits in one film? Get me to a cinema to watch "The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit" this instant (well on Friday for the UK release, anyway).

Entry 1441, Monday, October 10th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Catch Me If you Can
One of the little bits of mental baggage I've been carrying around for a while is the opening title squence for "Catch Me If You Can". I quite liked the film, but I really loved that title sequence - I often play it to myself in my head when I'm daydreaming (everybody does this kind of thing, don't they?). The 50s/60s block-print graphics remind me of a (somewhat out of place) second hand American encyclopedia I had when I was a kid. The fact that it was a). American, and b). At least 10 years older than me, meant it had limited use as an encyclopedia for me as a teenager in 80s/90s Britain, but I loved all the block-print illustrations in it.

Anyway, I digress, what I was trying to say was that I was idlely googling around and found the full title sequence over at nexus productions, the guys who made the thing, and if you look around their site you'll see they've done a whole load of other cool stuff too.

Entry 1440, Monday, October 10th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Package
You're minding your own business sitting at your desk and a point'n'click adventure arrives in a package by post. Well it makes a change from waking up in locked rooms. You now have 15 minutes to solve it before you blow up. Typical. It's never good news is it? [subbed by hewitt, eb, & tafkam]

Entry 1439, Sunday, October 9th 2005, Filed In Games

She Blocked Me
A musical tale of the frustrations of carrying out a modern relationship over IM - "She Blocked Me". Personally I've never been blocked (I'm such a nice guy :o) ), but I have blocked others (long story) [subbed by Meg A].

Entry 1438, Sunday, October 9th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Calm Down Dear!
While my ears are still bleeding I may as well inflict Calm Down Dear! on you. If you're from outside the UK these probably make even less sense to you than they do to me, but it's really not worth going into a big explanation. Basically imagine taking the worst advert on Television and remixing it with banging techno music and you'll be just about there.

Entry 1437, Sunday, October 9th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Cillit Bang Remix
Guaranteed to clean your bathroom and make your ears bleed, it's the Cillit Bang Remix. Thanks for submitting this, it's not stuck in my head at all now [subbed by think~pink].

Entry 1436, Sunday, October 9th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Lost Survival Mission
Hey, now we get Lost on UK television, the old "I am lost" game has been removed (I didn't know what it was when I first played, and now it's one of my favourite shows). Anyway all is not... er... lost..., as there's the new Lost Survival Mission to play with. Over to Merel for the info on this new, slightly unusual, point'n'click game:

The old ''I Am Lost'' game is gone, but now you can play this "Survival Mission''. Point, click and drag. You're on a tropical island, and you have to collect items to keep your health, water and food level ok. But you can only carry 8 items, you can discard them in order to pick up new items. Choose well, or else you'll die.

I love all things to do with Lost so I'm slightly biased on this one, but it is a fun game, and just like the series the jungle looks excellent [subbed by merel & koko].

Entry 1435, Sunday, October 9th 2005, Filed In Games

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