Triskabiblios : 13:13
A couple of apologies first up - 1). Sorry if you're looking for non-Triskabiblios posts, they will return soon but it's rather taken my life over this weekend. Damn full moon. 2). Sorry but I have to keep this relatively brief, I have OOG stuff to attend to as well.

Anyways - so what's happened? You may remember I was going to the Thomas Paine monument in Islington at 13:13 today (incidently did you notice my scribe page 404's at the moment - seemed to happen while I was out) for what promised to be the first main encounter in the 'game'. Not much happened. I met 'ThatDeadDude' (another player), got curious looks from the security staff (Angel Square is in the courtyard of some office buildings), and some kids try to sell us a handheld fan (I kid you not). Also got some pics of the monument which I'll post later when I get a chance. Really quite a disappointment.

Afterwards I hung around in Islington for a while having a look round (a drink in The Angel was first on my list) and got some food (nice Thai noodles) and I was just off to pass some time doing a bit of sightseeing (I thought I'd pop down to Monument and have a look around - so not a real break from the game), but I had an OOG call that forced me to leave town. As I type the alternative 18:30 meeting at the statue hasn't happened yet, but hopfully 'ThatDeadDude' will make it to see if anything happens this time.

Right so whats the news? Well it seems several things were left for me at home while I was out of the way:

  1. Some photos (by email)
  2. An answer machine message
  3. A book!
First up the photos (if I go in order of increasing disturbingness) - I've created another photolog page for these. They seem to have been done with a camera phone, or have been tampered with to decrease the quality, in, as far as I can tell, several locations in North Central London. I've added a few comments and observations of my own, and kept the original file names (If you check properties).

Secondly the message on my answer phone. I haven't got a proper microphone so I've done the best I can with my laptop - here it is (mp3). It gives details of an address in Islington - I don't have time to follow this up now - I'm sure something can be gleaned from this though.

Finally the book. I'm running out of time here so I can't give a full photo break down - I'll try soon - but suffice to say it's a regular book heavily Islingtonized. Of particular interest is the method of arrival... it was under my doormat (there's no post today) unpackaged! This wasn't a level of organisation I wasn't expecting as I'm assuming Islington was in London at the time so he must have a helper (although I'm sure he'd say he'd done it himself and spin some line about time travel). The book is a book of verse called "My Heart Blown Open Wide" by "Martin J. White", and is signed by the author with best wishes to Islington. The publisher is Hafan Books (ISBN: 0954514726). I'll sort somepictures of the booklater this week when I get a chance (hopefully I'll have time to read it too!).

Right thats enough Triskabiblios for one weekend. I have other things to do and this has officially been the freakiest weekend I've ever had.

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Triskabiblios : Goes Postal
Apologies to non-Triskabiblios followers but my weekend has been somewhat taken over by the 'game'...

I had a very weird day today. I went into London to scope out the location for Sunday's (probable) events, but I never made it to Islington - I had a call from a friend who happened to be in London for the day and I met him over at Paddington. Anyway that's not the weird part. When I got home I had some mail...

The mail was in a largish envelope with a computer printed label (nothing behind it!) and looked very much like a regular business letter (I'm not going to show it as it has all my details on it!). The contents included a map, some flyers and a matchbook. The contents very quickly suggested Islington's involvment. I've put pictures of everything on a photolog entry so you can see them.

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Triskabiblios : Getting Real
Not obsessively caught up in the world of Triskabiblios? Then skip this post and read down the page. If however your favourite number is 13 and you track moon phases, read on....(willing newbies with a lot of time on their hands can catch up here and here).

If you've been keeping track of recent developments you'll know that the 'game' is due to 'get real' on Sunday (full moon eve). Well so we believe. We've known for a while that book zero will be/is/has been located in London, but Mountain Girl's analysis of book 0 has pretty much decided me:

The symbol is representative of the word "Sunday." It would appear perhaps 1790 could actually be a time: 6:30 pm. The picture of the key is from the Paine monument in Angel Square, Islington. It is proposed this could be a meeting time and place for the retrieval of "the key." If this is the case, Graeme, are you up for a meeting?

The only thing I'm not sure about is the time. Orkid had a note from Islington today, from which I quote:

Active searchers will need solid ID on Full Moon Day
Early start (73mins past Midnoon)
Be Good Stay Safe

As far as I can tell "73mins past Midnoon" equates to 13:13 , a much more auspicious time than 18.30 I'm sure you'll agree. So that's the time that I think I/you/we should be at the Paine Monument. Although I'm thinking if 13.13 bears no fruit, 18.30 makes for a good back up plan. So bringing the 'game' into reality that is when and where I will be on Sunday. If anyone cares to join me it would be a pleasure to meet you. I aim to be in The Angel about 12.30/45 (and 18:00 if that doesn't work out) and then I'm off to find Angel Square (which curiously seems to exist, but not on any maps I can find). I'm planning on taking a camera to record the event, if there is one, for those that can't/don't want to make it - I'll post the results, if any, here for all to see.

Right that brings me to my next bit of news. Having discussed the above arrangements openly in my site comments, I received the following from Islington (it was addressed to greame - he refuses to get my name right):

Re: Vibration13 issue zero

only 13 copies of issue zero (first edition) were pressed. All were sent to representatives of the Global Interactive Network.
Ramine Fardad has two copies, one en Francais et un in English.
Request that he auctions the English copy stop
3rd of profit to go to disaster relief charity
3rd of profit to go to personal projects
3rd of profit to be donated to Triskabiblios Trust Fund (co-op, Angel Islington)
Diolch yn Fawr

For such a short note there's so much to read here:

  • 13 copies? Just me hypnotizing, but it sounds to me like if we could identify 13 locations and times we could get 13 chances to get hold of Issue Zero (Islington's notebook). I know unfiction has identified several locations but the Paine statue is the only place I know of where we can tie in a location and time (although even there we have a choice of 2 times!).
  • Global Interactive Network is a phrase used by Bill Gates going by the top google results.
  • As far as I can tell Ramine Fardad is a French artist.
  • No Brainer. If we get our hands on a copy of issue 0 it goes straight on ebay. A third of the money to go to charity. Islington has a heart?
  • Triskabiblios Trust Fund? There is a branch of the Co-Op Bank at the Angel, but does the 'game' have an account there? How can we prove this? I'm not sure the bank would be allowed to tell you if you asked.
  • "Diolch yn Fawr" is a Welsh thank you.
  • Iznibz = "His Nibs", which is irreverent UK slang for "the master" from the POV of a servant. Islington is our master!
Phew! A lot of work even on a cursory read thru. I'm sure you can analyse it more though.

Finally, it has also come to my attention that there is now a Triskabiblios web cam - although getting it to show anything is tricky. You seem to get different results depending on if you use Internet Explorer, FireFox or Opera to browse it and you have to reload the page a lot (I'm sure if you sit down and work it out you'll find it only works every 13 seconds, 13 minutes, or 13 refreshes, or 13 something) to get anything. Here is a screen shot I managed to grab from FF. Interestingly there is also a web cam at Angel, Islington, but it is unavailable for "operational reasons" currently. How convenient.

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Waking The Dead
I'm not a big fan of Waking The Dead on television, but it's watchable if I'm near a TV when it's on, and as usual the bbc web team have come up trumps with the web game associated with the series - a nice slice of point'n'click murder investigation. I'll hand you over to Tracyjay, who submitted the link, for the detailed description:

Fed up of watching this or any other cop drama and screaming at the telly "Its obvious who dunnit!"? Well have a go at this gory game.

You are a member of the Cold case team, you don't have to have watched the programme to play, though it helps speed things up if you know the characters. There is a time limit, and no, I didnt solve it...yet. It helps to make notes or maybe I am just thick. Anyway cool graphics, and gory storyline. Enjoy!

[subbed by Tracyjay]

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Bottom Of A Bottle
A strange simulation of being in the bottom of a bottle... ah, you say, I'm there all the time, this is old news for me. But this is a bottle of water. Never been there, have you?

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Eye Of The Tiger
Here's the Eye Of The Tiger for you (if you haven't had it in your inbox already - it's doing the rounds) to show you how to train for that big boxing match you've got coming up [forwarded by the gorgeous tara].

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Chase The DaisePeople have complained that I don't keep my diary up to date!!!??? And I thought you were just here for the games. Anyways I don't have much time to write reams just now, maybe sometime soon. What I did want to do though was say a warm welcome back to Daisy, who in web years is an old friend of LL. She's been offline for sometime, but now she's back with a sparkly new site. *hugs* D, it's good to have you back. Incidently talking of web years, I've just realised the LL is 3 years old at the end of this month (at least in it's current format, it's getting on for 5 in total). Watch out for celebrations on the 29th.

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Alpha Team
They're not point'n'click games but the 3 Alpha Team adventures still have me hooked as they let me relive my passion for playing with lego. Now all I need to do is think of a way that playing these can be described as helping to do the work I'm meant to be doing today.

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Escape From Rhetundo Island
Escape From Rhetundo Island is a nice, quirky, point'n'click game which you should be able to picture from Lynn's succinct description:

"From the same guy that did Hapland"

That's all you need to know I believe [subbed by lynn].

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The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
Wallace and Gromit and cute little bunny rabbits in one film? Get me to a cinema to watch "The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit" this instant (well on Friday for the UK release, anyway).

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Catch Me If you Can
One of the little bits of mental baggage I've been carrying around for a while is the opening title squence for "Catch Me If You Can". I quite liked the film, but I really loved that title sequence - I often play it to myself in my head when I'm daydreaming (everybody does this kind of thing, don't they?). The 50s/60s block-print graphics remind me of a (somewhat out of place) second hand American encyclopedia I had when I was a kid. The fact that it was a). American, and b). At least 10 years older than me, meant it had limited use as an encyclopedia for me as a teenager in 80s/90s Britain, but I loved all the block-print illustrations in it.

Anyway, I digress, what I was trying to say was that I was idlely googling around and found the full title sequence over at nexus productions, the guys who made the thing, and if you look around their site you'll see they've done a whole load of other cool stuff too.

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The Package
You're minding your own business sitting at your desk and a point'n'click adventure arrives in a package by post. Well it makes a change from waking up in locked rooms. You now have 15 minutes to solve it before you blow up. Typical. It's never good news is it? [subbed by hewitt, eb, & tafkam]

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