Hopping Ham's Adventure
Hopping Ham is oh so cute, and is from the same point'n'click stable as Kapabo Chase, in fact you should find the zoo, and some of the characters familiar... And what's more if you enjoy this one there's also a 2nd episode [subbed by gillian, koko, castor & lynn].

Entry 1506, Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, Filed In Games

Cyberchase - The Quest
Cyberchase is a cute kids' point'n'click adventure around cyberspace. I like their description of the game better than anything I can come up with, so over to them:

Welcome to cyberspace! We're so glad you're here to help us Stop Hacker.

Here's how it works. Motherboard will contact you with your quest. Each one is like a job. She'll tell you what Hacker is up to, and how you can stop him. You'll have to go from cybersite to cybersite to find everything you need. Sometimes you'll have to get stuff, sometimes you'll have to do stuff...

Ahhhh... cute stuff [subbed by Buster H & Rachel].

Entry 1505, Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, Filed In Games

CSI : Mind Prison
I'm not totally sure I'm into the CSI Mind Prison game, although I am into CSI, but what I do know is that this point'n'click game, as well as some detective work, features the full opening title sequence for the show. That means I get to sing-a-long to The Who really badly, which definitely gets my vote [subbed by adam].

Entry 1504, Tuesday, November 22nd 2005, Filed In Games

Puzzled 2
If you were puzzled by puzzled 1 prepare to be puzzled by puzzled 2 too, and if you weren't puzzled by puzzled 1, you might not be puzzled by puzzled 2, but if your are that might leave you puzzled as to why 1 was not a puzzle, but puzzled 2 is a puzzle. Puzzling. What is not a puzzle is why I think my "Z" key might be broken [subbed by lolieh88 & helanren].

Entry 1503, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Games

You might have to use the keyboard (cursor keys, and <space> for actions), rather than using the ol' point'n'click in Frengers, it might be a very thinly veiled promotion for the band Mew, but look how cute the little stick bird you control is. Ahhhhhh......

Entry 1502, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Games

Winter Tales
It's damn cold here at the moment (rumour has it that it's going to snow, but the BBC weather disagrees) so I'm thoroughly in the mood for, the rather lovely, Winter Tales. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to guide the skiing snowman across the snowscape by laying out a path for him - the longer the path, the more points you accumulate. You get the idea I'm sure. It's rather like some other games where you guide balls through pipes, and the like, but about a billion times cuter [NOTE: Flash 8 required, before you tell me it doesn't work].

Entry 1501, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Games

Doo Wop Horses
In case you haven't had your daily dose of strange, here is a flash movie of some horses that sing calming doo-wop music to you when you click on them. Strangely entertaining. I personally recommend leaving the horse on the far left silent for the best effect [subbed by pigbuster].

Entry 1500, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Stuff

Lazylaces Mobile (Beta)After sending a day a while back tinkering with creating web pages for mobile devices I never really finished off what I was doing, but I did get the comments made on this site available on some mobile pages. Since then I've checked the comments virtually everyday using my phone when I'm away from my PC (on the train mostly), so I thought it was finally time to clean up the pages and advertise them to all. So, as of now, the site comments are available on your mobile phone, simply point your WAP/GPRS device to:


The pages are written in XHTML-MP, which means that the pages should be readable from most modern, internet enabled, mobile devices, although I've only tested them from my Samsung (which uses the Openwave browser). You should be able to see the pages from a normal web browser as well, but obviously they don't look too good as they are formatted for devices with tiny screens (and the cool soft key links won't work either).

Anyway if your try it out on a mobile device I'd love to hear if you have any feedback. I'm already planning to add automatic redirection for mobile devices from the main site address to the mobile address, and, if I suddenly get lots of time (unlikely), I'll also look at expanding the mobile content available.



Entry 1499, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Diary

7 Noble Sakkaras
For the sake of economy I'm condensing the news that the forth, and final, episode of Death In Sakkara is out now, and the third episode of The Seven Noble Kinsmen is due out today (not yet though) into one BBC point'n'click game update. Consider yourselves updated.

Entry 1498, Monday, November 21st 2005, Filed In Games

Escape The Tower
By now it's a familiar story, this point'n'click adventure might be called "Escape The Tower", but you start by escaping a room, there's a computer on a desk, and a clue in the wastepaper basket. You really must know the drill on these things by now. This is a nice looking example, but I think it's about time for some fresh ideas in these games [subbed by hapos & lolieh88].

Entry 1497, Friday, November 18th 2005, Filed In Games

Nothing Stays Lost Forever
Everyone who has sent Nothing Stays Lost Forever into me has said pretty much the same thing - "haven't started playing yet, but it looks interesting", and I'm in much the same boat. It does look interesting, but I haven't left my desk yet (in the game). Anyway this point'n'click is all about the Bermuda Triangle, a good mysterious subject for a game, and is a trailer game for some US television series which hasn't started yet, and which I assume will take sometime to reach UK shores [subbed by corchen, oxyacetylene, jackie & afromaggi].

Entry 1496, Friday, November 18th 2005, Filed In Games

OgOg Alive
Help caveman/cavewoman OgOg surive in the land of Ogg by finding food, shelter and fire in this little point'n'click adventure (well keyboard and click to be more accurate) [subbed by happy-girl].

Entry 1495, Thursday, November 17th 2005, Filed In Games

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