Firefox 1.5
Are you still using Internet Explorer? Shame on you. Do the decent thing and download Firefox (version 1.5 out now, if you've done the deed already and need to upgrade) and find out what web browsing should be like. It's free as well. There's no excuse not to (corporate/educational firewalls and networks excepted - although you can go and shout at your sysadmin and tell them to the decent thing). Anyway, do it. It's nice. It's worth it for tabbed browsing alone, and at the end of the day is free, so what have you lost?

Entry 1523, Thursday, December 1st 2005, Filed In Stuff

Hopping Ham Goes North
Remember Hopping Ham? Cute little fella wasn't he? Well his Syberian cousin (who's grey rather than brown) brings us more oh-so-cute point'n'click gaming adventure in "Hopping Ham Goes North". Be prepared for a sunflower click-fest, you'll understand what I mean when you get there [subbed by anonymous].

Entry 1522, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

It's another puzzle game folks and this time if you solve all the levels, there are 10 of them, you can win an XBox 360. Well actually I might be making that last bit up as I haven't completed it yet, but you never know. In case you are wondering "063xobx" is "XBox 360" backwards, but if that had you stumped then I don't think this is the kind of game for you. [subbed by mike h].

Entry 1521, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

There seem's to be a shortage of point'n'click games at the moment, judging by my inbox anyway, so to keep us occupied I'm going to rectify a long term omission from Lazylaces and post the Arcane series, and fortunately I've been sent a link that collects all 8 episodes in one place (I don't think there are any more) so that should keep us going for a while:
  1. Episode One
  2. Episode Two
  3. Episode Three
  4. Episode Four
  5. Episode Five
  6. Episode Six
  7. Episode Seven
  8. Episode Eight
Apologies if you've played them before, but that's likely to have been some time ago, and they're worth playing again, aren't they? [subbed by may].

Entry 1520, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

Parco's Watching
The old sluthing hat is firmly in place tonight (I'm thinking Holmes' Deerstalker here), with yet another "find the clues" point'n'click adventure. I'm giving Parco's Watching an 18+ rating as I haven't had time to play it through yet, but it seems a bit risquee, with a potential for rudeness (let me know if I'm wrong on this). Anyway it's another television series tie-in, but I know nothing about this one as it hasn't graced the fair shores of Blighty yet, so I'll hand over to sopdox for the rest of the description:

I doubt in the UK you get our CourtTV. This is a show about a real life typical New York private investigator and his staff & family. The game is very easy. Nice little mindless time waster. You have to collect all the evidence. You get it by flirting, bribing or beating someone up to get it. You have a choice of 2 endings. I love the shoe Parco PI as I'm also a New Yorker. I, however, do NOT have that accent.

[subbed by sopdox]

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Law & Order : Criminal Intent
Point'n'click crime solving adventure from the Law & Order television franchise, kind of the like the CSI games, but without The Who, and most definately a demo of full buy-able game. I would say more, but it crashed my computer, but I think that says more about the computer I'm on, than the game [subbed by featheredkitten].

Entry 1517, Monday, November 28th 2005, Filed In Games

First Post
It might not be for every Lazylacer (I'm looking at you meme), but I think I've found the desirable fashion item of this season for a good few of you. I almost fell off my chair laughing when I first opened the link. It made me think though - maybe I should use cafe press and get some Lazylaces t-shirts done. Anyway, I'll save that thought for another day, for now lets see who can post "First!" in the comments [subbed by ron].

Entry 1516, Monday, November 28th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Survivoo isn't a particularly difficult point'n'click adventure, even though I don't know the language, but it is very cute. It also has a sense of humour and had me giggling incessantly, which is a very unusal, but welcome, thing for a point'n'clicker [subbed by SpunkyBubbleHead].

Entry 1515, Sunday, November 27th 2005, Filed In Games

You were wondering what to get me for Christmas weren't you? Well as a public service I can tell you that the SqueezeBox is exactly what I want. Being able to wirelessly stream any music file from a computer in Lazylaces towers to my stereo system? Yes please. Stop that $299 burning a hole in your pocket and get ordering so it arrives in time. For reference the black version with the WiFi option is the one for me. That is all. I'm off to watch for the postman now. Oh, and one other thing, the fact that it's playing an obscure track in the marketing pic that I own means it's destiny, doesn't it? [via OhGizmo!].

Entry 1514, Sunday, November 27th 2005, Filed In Diary

The Dark Complex
The Dark Complex is the equally as warped sequel to The Dark Room. This is point'n'click adventure that will screw with your mind and make your eyes go all squinty. Enjoy! It still reminds me of Tron as well, which no bad thing [subbed by na, guy & tafkam].

Entry 1513, Saturday, November 26th 2005, Filed In Games

Antony And The Johnsons
This should have really been posted yesterday for (the recently missing) Lazylaces Musical Friday, but I hadn't heard of Antony And The Johnsons until I saw them on the Jonathan Ross show last night. What can I say? I just find Antony's voice bewitching, and the music is so chilled out, which is exactly my cup of tea. Anyway if you visit the site you'll find versions of several songs accompanied by animations by Adam Shecter, check "Hope There's Someone", "Mysteries Of Love", and "The Lake".

Entry 1512, Saturday, November 26th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Warning Label Generator
You remember a long time back I posted a link to the church sign generator, well the warning label generator is a nice twist on the same idea. Have fun generating your own warning label for your own web site, bedroom door, whatever.

Entry 1511, Saturday, November 26th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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