A Weasel's Christmas Tail
Your ear drums are going to hate me for posting A Weasel's Christmas Tail, but it's firmly wedged in my head now and I don't see why you should escape [subbed by tara].

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Mr. Leaky's House
Well it's not everyday you come across a point'n'click game created by the Sacramento Area Water Works Association, but that's exactly what Mr. Leaky's House is. It's intended to teach kids about conserving water, so be ashamed of yourself if you find it difficult. There are 5 water saving puzzles in the game to solve, it all looks very nice, but it is, unsurprisingly, very easy. Right I'm off to run a bath... [subbed by skittle].

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MorFits Quest
MorFits Quest is a cute and addicting little game. Provide your MorFits with all their needs to make them develop, develop enough Morefits to the right level and you progress to the next stage. They're very cute when they start reading [subbed by jackie k].

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Flash Trek : Broken Mirror
First a disclaimer: I don't "get" this game at all. Flash Trek : Broken Mirror sees you cruising around space trading and fighting with other space craft, in a universe seemingly based losely around the Star Trek series. It's a huge game, and quite impressive, but it's just not my bag baby. However Adam is going to mail me until the end of time if I don't post it, so here it is. If this is your cup of tea, enjoy, personally I'm still checking that Samorost 2 web site every 5mins in case the game has been released [subbed constantly by adam].

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Samorost 2
It's NOT OUT YET, so don't get too excited, but the sequel to the brilliant Samorost is out soon (in fact it's overdue according to the dates given) - at the moment you can just sign up to get an e-mail when it's released. I can't wait... [subbed by carol].

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Superballs - Sony Bravia Ad
Somebody, anybody, send me some point and click games, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms... Anyway as we all shiver with the cold sweats staring blankly into space pining for our fix, we can watch the cool bouncy coloured balls in the Sony Bravia Ad, which has some nice music too. Anyway over to Think~Pink who sent the link in:

You must have seen the ad for the Sony Bravia TV...the one with the bouncy balls in San Francisco. Well, if you haven't, (or if you just can't get enough of it like me), here is a link so you can watch it over and over. I first saw this ad at the movies, and since, have seen it as a scaled down version, on TV. It is quite special. 250,000 superballs let loose down one of San Franciscos famous streets, it really is a mass of bright colour. Set to Jose Gonzalez' enchanting "Heartbeats" song, you can't help but be transfixed by the whole thing... I like it that much.

Anyway, this link will take you to the complete extended version, (the way it should be viewed), but you can go to the home page for other versions. Enjoy :o)

You can't click it though can you? And where's the wastepaper basket? [subbed by Think~Pink]

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I've been thinking about creating a lazylaces forum, something that would have a general forum to let people chat in, and maybe threads for some of the more popular games (where I believe the site comments get a bit unwieldy). What do you think? The site comments would still exist (in their current format), I'm hoping a forum would complement these and rather than replace them. The forum would require registration (I have enough trouble with spam on the comments), but I don't think anyone would have a problem with this, would you?

Anyway if you want to check out the sort of thing I'm thinking of look at snitz which is the free forum code I'm thinking of using (I really don't have time to do all that coding myself), and if you'd like to express you opinion add a comment on this post, or better still try the first lazylaces poll:

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Well you use your mouse in this game, but it's definately not any kind of point and click adventure, Sweety is an arcade game. I know. What has come over me? Anyway the idea of the game is to save Tweety from the boiling oil by batting him with your tennis racquet. However since Tweety, to my eye, seems to be related that bloody frog (if you follow UK television advertising) I recommend letting him die horribly in the oil. Or better still make the effort to bat him up to the spikes and impale him [subbed by paul].

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Firefox 1.5
Are you still using Internet Explorer? Shame on you. Do the decent thing and download Firefox (version 1.5 out now, if you've done the deed already and need to upgrade) and find out what web browsing should be like. It's free as well. There's no excuse not to (corporate/educational firewalls and networks excepted - although you can go and shout at your sysadmin and tell them to the decent thing). Anyway, do it. It's nice. It's worth it for tabbed browsing alone, and at the end of the day is free, so what have you lost?

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Hopping Ham Goes North
Remember Hopping Ham? Cute little fella wasn't he? Well his Syberian cousin (who's grey rather than brown) brings us more oh-so-cute point'n'click gaming adventure in "Hopping Ham Goes North". Be prepared for a sunflower click-fest, you'll understand what I mean when you get there [subbed by anonymous].

Entry 1522, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

It's another puzzle game folks and this time if you solve all the levels, there are 10 of them, you can win an XBox 360. Well actually I might be making that last bit up as I haven't completed it yet, but you never know. In case you are wondering "063xobx" is "XBox 360" backwards, but if that had you stumped then I don't think this is the kind of game for you. [subbed by mike h].

Entry 1521, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

There seem's to be a shortage of point'n'click games at the moment, judging by my inbox anyway, so to keep us occupied I'm going to rectify a long term omission from Lazylaces and post the Arcane series, and fortunately I've been sent a link that collects all 8 episodes in one place (I don't think there are any more) so that should keep us going for a while:
  1. Episode One
  2. Episode Two
  3. Episode Three
  4. Episode Four
  5. Episode Five
  6. Episode Six
  7. Episode Seven
  8. Episode Eight
Apologies if you've played them before, but that's likely to have been some time ago, and they're worth playing again, aren't they? [subbed by may].

Entry 1520, Wednesday, November 30th 2005, Filed In Games

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