Hone those point and click skills with vanilla, which doesn't involve adventure, but does involve clicking in the right place at the right time to make your plant grow (having the right, i.e. largest, screen resolution helps too though). Remember you have to grow straight and true, otherwise you turn to stone. Pardon the sideways screenshot, but it didn't quite work the right way up [subbed by jackie k].

Entry 1555, Wednesday, December 14th 2005, Filed In Games

Attic Escape
In the never ending quest of the point'n'click adventurer to escape every possible room, building and town in existance, the lack of a game that lets you escape from an attic is finally dealt with by the aptly named Attic Escape. You can breathe easy now. My screenshot will be of no use to you in the game - I only did it because I could [subbed by Ufuk Altug (!)].

Entry 1554, Tuesday, December 13th 2005, Filed In Games

Mucha Lucha
A totally original point'n'click game in English? Pinch me I must be dreaming. That's exactly what Mucha Lucha is though, and it's a beauty, with a real sense of humour. You play both the wrestler "The Flea", and his dog "Masked Dog", swapping between the characters as necessary to accomplish different tasks, the ultimate goal being to rescue your wrestling chum "Rikochet" from the clutches of the "Evil Dentist Of Doom". Brilliant.

Update: I went back to the game and I've completed it now - how much fun was that? A great little game. Anyway all that wrestler action has now made me want to go back and re-read some Strong Bad emails. Awsome!

Entry 1553, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Games

Madonna: Hung Up
I'm not a huge Madonna fan, but I quite like Hung Up, that's not why I posting this link to the video though. What I couldn't believe when I saw it, was that part of it (pictured) is filmed in the street right outside of my office - in fact my office is just over Madge's shoulder in the picture above. That explains the day the road was all closed off with film crews wondering around (I didn't see Madge though).

Entry 1552, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Right Mix
The idea of The Right Mix is to control the barman and mix the perfect Cosmopolitan. Personally I scrapped the game and invented "The Lazylaces" which is 50-50 Vodka and Tequila, which killed the barman when he drank it ;o) [via a welsh view].

Entry 1551, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Games

Flying Spaghetti Monster Game
In one of the most preposterous game premises ever the Flying Spaghetti Monster Game see you trying to shoot your pasta tentacles at the fleeing population of earth in an effort to convert them to "Pastafarians". And if that's not weird enough for you, try reading about what a Flying Spaghetti Monster actually is [via a welsh view].

Entry 1550, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Games

Puzzleland has been submitted to me a few times and I'm not really sure why I've never gotten round to posting it before. The idea of the game is to use your point'n'click skills to help a little man called Mahogany in his adventures by creating a safe path for him to traverse. The concept is kind of like Hapland. There's even a walkthrough if you are a dirty rotten cheat [subbed by Sentinel, Mz Dimplz, Nadif, Lynn & Sweetcorn].

Entry 1549, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Games

Cageling is a large point'n'click adventure with some nice puzzles for you to ponder over, and the graphics are great. Unfortunately, once again, the language barrier adds an additional level of difficulty you probably weren't looking for [subbed by sunshine].

Entry 1548, Saturday, December 10th 2005, Filed In Games

Make people build what you type out of boxes using the flash thingumy [D][A][I][R][Y]. Pointless, but fun.

Entry 1547, Saturday, December 10th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Escape The WC
Is it conclusive proof that a point'n'click addict will try and escape anything when they're trying to escape the toilet? The jokes are too easy on this one so I'm not going to bother [subbed by dahlyn, tia, tafkam, anon, grosse & jackie k].

Entry 1546, Saturday, December 10th 2005, Filed In Games

Lazylaces Logo Competition
I've just done some work to update the blue stylesheet version of this site - you can switch between the site stylesheets at any time by using the red and blue squares at the bottom of the righthand column (or use the hyperlinks I've just written out). Anyway, that's not my point. While I was doing the work I got to thinking that it's about time I updated the lazylaces logo...

The original, and still in use, logo was created when I took an image from the results of a google image search for "laces" and then had some kind of artistic accident with it in Paint Shop which I still don't fully understand. Anyway it's meant to show some shoes tied in a lazy fashion - I have no idea if it succeeds - I stopped thinking about it about 3 years ago. What I'd like to do is replace it now, and if someone with more artistic ability than me can help, all the better, so in that vein I propose a lazylaces logo competition... here are the details (which I am not making up as I go along - honest):

The creator of the best entry will receive a token to the value of $30 for (or the nearest GBP equivalent for I'm afraid my budget won't stretch any further. In addition if I love the entry enough it will become the new logo for the site. All other reasonable, and probably all awful, entries will be featured on the site with a credit.


  • The logo should either be, or be able to fit within, a banner 630 x 80.
  • In GIF or JPG format, with as small a file size as possible.
  • It would be nice, but not essential, if the words "lazy" and "laces" were somehow represented.
  • The Closing Date is 28th Dec 2005 at 09:00GMT.
  • Artwork may be altered by me for use on this site.
  • All submitted artwork may be distributed and used by free of charge.
  • Graeme's decision is final.
Ok. That's it I think. Hopefully someone comes up with something cool, otherwise the new year will see me having a painful session with Paint Shop. I'm sure I'll do an update before the closing date so look out for that [idea from a comment by Oxyacetylene].

Entry 1545, Saturday, December 10th 2005, Filed In Diary

Just a quick update on the "should there be a lazylaces forum" poll I ran the other week. I can't work out how to close off the poll, but I'm taking the votes as of now as the final result, so, in reverse order:
  1. Don't care - 172 votes.
  2. Yes - 473 votes.
  3. No - 506 votes.
So, no forum for now. Maybe I'll rethink this at some future date, but for now I'm happy with the result. As a number of you pointed out I'm busy enough as it without patroling forum threads half the day which was something I hadn't really thought through. I would like some kind of general posting/chat area at some point which I thought I could do using a forum, but maybe I'll put my thinking hat on and see if there is another way of doing this.

PS. Thanks to Quimble for the quick and easy polling - a sinch to set up and so easy to use - recommended (and free) if you have any kind of poll to do.

Entry 1544, Saturday, December 10th 2005, Filed In Diary

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