Jinx 2
Jinx the ghost is back in a 2nd adventure, Halloween costume intact, but this time the point'n'clickery is entirely Christmas orientated. Just as cute, and just as easy, but kick back with a glass of mulled wine and it's very enjoyable. And while you're at it I'd like one or those presses that converts coal into diamonds for Christmas... [subbed by sunshine, laura & hooper].

Entry 1571, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Games

JCB Song
Just a quick note that the JCB Song, featured here back in June, is now the UK #1! Fear the power of the 'Laces, oh yes, fear the 'Laces! Mail me a link to your music video if you'd like to be #1 in the UK in 6 months time... (NB. #1 spot entirely Lazylaces' credit, and nothing to do with Jo Whiley at all).

Entry 1570, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Small Forest Story
Your reward for completing Small Forest Story is a twinkly version of Silent Night, which is kind of cute, but some music through the rest of the game would have been nice. I'd feel bad about giving away the ending of a point'n'click game, but this one is so easy you'll be there in a couple of minutes anyway. It's all Christmassy though, and it is the season to be jolly, etc [subbed by delrio & sunshine].

Entry 1569, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Games

Reindeer Roundup
In Reindeer Roundup you play Santa, and you try and hit reindeer with darts fired from a blow-pipe. Fun? For sure. The spirit of Christmas? I'm not so sure... [subbed by Tomdei].

Entry 1568, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Games

Gmail MobileWe all know by now that Gmail kicks serious a**, don't we? If you don't, check out the details, 2.5Gb+ of storage plus google searching of your mail does it for me on it's own, but there are other features as well. All mail to me at lazylaces (link in bottom right of the page) goes thru one of my gmail accounts so I can pick it up anywhere and search it easily. I love it. I even install Google Talk on computers I use infrequently so I can get desktop email notifications where ever I might be working. Maybe you have to be a sad techie to appreciate it, but that's what I am, and it rocks.

Anyway, if it wasn't good enough already, which it was, the service has now been extended with a mobile device friendly interface. Point your moby/cell at:


The service reformats itself for whatever device you are using, or so it promises, and it seems to work from what I have experienced. I'm now picking up all my mail, web submissions, etc, on my phone when I'm away from my PC and I haven't had to go through all the awkward setting up of POP3 on a phone (I know it is, because I've tried, and failed, to get it set up before). A simply brilliant, and free, service.

If you have a Gmail account and a moby/cell I recommend trying it as soon as possible. If you don't have a Gmail account the service is by invite from an existing user only (or by txt messsage if you are in the US), but I have a whole heap of invites if you are interested. Just mail me a request (link in bottom right of the page).

Entry 1567, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Escape The Hotel
A general note to hotel owners: please make it easier to leave your establishments. We've already has to escape the hotel once, and now we find a hotel escape on the cards once again. If the health and safety inspector catches you there will be trouble, addressing this issue is in your own best interests. What should be a simple, well sign-posted task, should not be so complex that it becomes a point'n'click adventure. Thank you for listening [subbed by grosse, hooper, flooor & cana].

Entry 1566, Monday, December 19th 2005, Filed In Games

Grow Ornament
The Grow Ornament is a seasonal point'n'click game from the ever popular grow series. As usual it's a case of having to click the right items in the right order, although getting it wrong is often worth seeing too, this time it's very festive though [subbed by Flooor, Extremity, Sy Mirrar, Addie, Sunflower, Castor, Kurajea & Sonjita].

Entry 1565, Monday, December 19th 2005, Filed In Games

The Snowdog
The Snowdog is a cute little Christmas e-card, for you to play with while I get myself organised with some games after my mini posting break - in which I managed to attend, not one, but two, awesome Christmas parties, and had, not one, but two, awesome hangovers [subbed by tara].

Entry 1564, Monday, December 19th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Logo Competition : Entries So Far
The Lazylaces Logo Competition is still underway, with entries open until 28th Dec 2005 at 09:00GMT. Read my original post for all the rules, competition details and, most importantly, what the prize is. I have now also put together a page of the entries so far so you can see what you are up against - I've included all the entries regardless of what I think of them - do you think you can do better?

Entry 1563, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Diary

It's A Wonderful Internet
A curiously familiar tale (!) in this flash story book that, by showing us a world with no internet, shows just what a wonderful life internet it is. There are obvious controls to interact with on most of the pages (very much like a pop up book) and little easter egg items (how unseasonal) in the pictures [subbed by delrio].

Entry 1562, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Discovery Of Penicillin
From a point'n'click adventure about Girls Aloud to one about The Discovery Of Penicillin in one day? I'm beginning to think lazylaces is the only thing in existance without a point'n'click game about it [subbed by jackie k].

Entry 1561, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Games

Girls Aloud Games
If you are from the UK you'll be amazed to hear that there is a Girls Aloud point'n'click game - possibly stunned that there is also a second part, but that's just what The Girls Aloud Salon and Girls Aloud In The Eskimo Club are. If you are from a Girls Alound free country just count yourself lucky, and either way, you'll be glad of the "music off" option in both games. I can't believe I just posted these [subbed by jackie k].

Entry 1560, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Games

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