Cubicle PartyInteractive office flash animation fun - much more animated than me today at work. Spent the morning wrestling with a Kodak i260 scanner which refused to behave. Got me in such a bad mood that I was very glad to get home today - but now I have the technical report I was meant to be writing to do over the weekend. Oh well I had nothing else planned.

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If I got relgion I couldn't think of a better faith than the Universal Church of the Interactive Network. Let us pray...

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E.U.N.U.C.HFirst of all apologies for all the techie links - but I am what I am - they're mostly not seriously techie anyway. Project E.U.N.U.C.H takes the art of overclocking - speeding up processors by cooling them - to the max with the aid of a freezer and plenty of drink.

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News from Holland - Verdomde Klootzak, the Dutch html developer credited with scripting the earliest pop-up window codes, was found violently murdered in his home weeks ago...

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Site traffic is so intense lazy laces now has a mirror site ;o) This toy is provided by Mirror Sytes - found at Milk and Cookies.

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Dance Dance DanceFlash dancing madness with this interactive toy from Steven Kim. I can't remember for the life of me where I bookmarked this link from so apologies if you're looking at this thinking I found that first and Graeme hasn't credited me. I've been checking out loads of blogs recently to try and generate some ideas on what do with this site next - haven't come up with much yet - it's a scarey thought but i might have come up with - *dramatic pause* - an original idea.

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There's something very soothing about clock watching the human clock.

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PreSchool ProtoCops
Neat pilot episode of a Flash animation series - covers combating evil in space and flower arrangment.

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Nights InAfter the epic Southbank pub crawl last weekend there'll be no more going out for me this month as I am in an overdraft situation and pay day is a long day off yet. It wasn't the pub crawl that pushed me over the edge but paying off my credit card bill. It might not seem like real cash when you spend it but it certainly catches up with you in the end. Really got to reign in any excess spending as I'm a hair's breadth away from getting my mortgage for the flat.

Getting a mortgage is quite frankly very worrying. Despite using the services of an Independent Financial Advisor - who btw I highly recommend - I now know a distressing amount about mortgages and financial products in general - more infact than when I worked building systems in the Financial Services sector. Anyway things with this are going well despite me having to dig up just about every peice of paper I've been given with an amount of money printed on it for the satisfaction of the Bank. I also have surveyors arriving on Tuesday morning which'll be nice.

Anyway financial stuff aside with all the time I've had at home with no money to go out I've quickly knocked-up a list of my current home entertainments - I always see this kind of thing on other blogs and I quite like it but never get round to doing something similar myself:

My Zeitgeist
Reading: The Falls by Ian Rankin.
Listening: What Sound by Lamb.
Watching: Trust on BBC1.
Drinking: Old Brown Java by Whittard.

On an entirely separate note I still haven't got round to adding a photoblog section to this site yet as I am still waiting for my camera case to arrive so the camera hasn't actually left the flat yet. I've got loads of ideas now though - thanks to Amazon for giving me so much thinking time - and I'm really excited about starting this up now. Just found an article about recreating a Lomo effect which I really want to try out. In the meantime I'm still taking dumb pictures of this fine looking fellow ;o)

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Minifig MeWith hours - well minutes - of patience and lashings of artistic ability I've constructed a Lego minfig version of myself using the mini-mizer tool - it's hyper-accurate. Takes me back to the days where all it took to keep me happy for a whole weekend was a big bucket of Lego...

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Jawa ShootShoot the Jawas - don't shoot the droids. More Star Wars derived Flash game action.

Purloined from Wastrel Division.

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Gareth And The StammersAnimated Gareth Gates sings with his backing band The Stammers. For those not in the know - ie anyone outside the UK or without a TV - Gareth Gates is a pop star with a stammer made famous through the Pop Idol TV series - he actually came second in the show but that hasn't stopped him becoming possibly a greater sucess than the winner. Good to see Max Headroom and Arkwright making a comeback as part of the backing group.

Found at Wastrel Division.

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