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I might spend most of my time struggling with my compulsive point and click adventuring addicition, but I still manage to find a little time to indulge my g33ky streak, and this week the thing that's floating my boat is Google's personalised home page. I'm loving it. All my favourite things on a web page I visit several times a day anyway - here's a pic of mine. As well showing my gmail inbox, I have a couple of my favourite news feeds, lazylaces hot gossip, my google search history and local London weather. Cool. It reminds me of some intranet work I did years ago, but this is so much cooler. I almost had kittens when I saw what happens when you drag and drop the panels arounds the screen. *coolness*

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Winter Desktop
A long time ago I hooked into the design offerings from pixel girl, great stuff, but just now this winter scene seems particulaly apt for the background on my PC. It's on my desktop right now, what's staring at you on your PC/MAC desktop this winter?

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Let Them Sing It For You
Write your own song lyrics and get a variety of singers to sing it back for you with the "Let Them Sing It For You" flash device thingumy. Diverting for a few minutes [subbed by mahogany man].

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Ninjai Christmas Card
Even though I may now be a point and click adventure addict, I still have a soft spot for the Ninjai (the little ninja) web comic, so I couldn't resist posting a link to the Ninjai Christmas Card: nice and nasty versions available!

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Dancing Beeno
Make the Dancing Beeno thing dance one of four dances. Pointless, but cute [subbed by vergoveritas].

Entry 1577, Wednesday, December 28th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Christmas Zoom
A little Christmas Zoom thing for you to play with (briefly) this Christmas Eve. Seasons greetings everyone [via op-pop].

Entry 1576, Saturday, December 24th 2005, Filed In Stuff

JCB Song
Just a quick note that the JCB Song, featured here back in June, is now the UK #1! Fear the power of the 'Laces, oh yes, fear the 'Laces! Mail me a link to your music video if you'd like to be #1 in the UK in 6 months time... (NB. #1 spot entirely Lazylaces' credit, and nothing to do with Jo Whiley at all).

Entry 1570, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Gmail MobileWe all know by now that Gmail kicks serious a**, don't we? If you don't, check out the details, 2.5Gb+ of storage plus google searching of your mail does it for me on it's own, but there are other features as well. All mail to me at lazylaces (link in bottom right of the page) goes thru one of my gmail accounts so I can pick it up anywhere and search it easily. I love it. I even install Google Talk on computers I use infrequently so I can get desktop email notifications where ever I might be working. Maybe you have to be a sad techie to appreciate it, but that's what I am, and it rocks.

Anyway, if it wasn't good enough already, which it was, the service has now been extended with a mobile device friendly interface. Point your moby/cell at:

The service reformats itself for whatever device you are using, or so it promises, and it seems to work from what I have experienced. I'm now picking up all my mail, web submissions, etc, on my phone when I'm away from my PC and I haven't had to go through all the awkward setting up of POP3 on a phone (I know it is, because I've tried, and failed, to get it set up before). A simply brilliant, and free, service.

If you have a Gmail account and a moby/cell I recommend trying it as soon as possible. If you don't have a Gmail account the service is by invite from an existing user only (or by txt messsage if you are in the US), but I have a whole heap of invites if you are interested. Just mail me a request (link in bottom right of the page).

Entry 1567, Tuesday, December 20th 2005, Filed In Stuff

The Snowdog
The Snowdog is a cute little Christmas e-card, for you to play with while I get myself organised with some games after my mini posting break - in which I managed to attend, not one, but two, awesome Christmas parties, and had, not one, but two, awesome hangovers [subbed by tara].

Entry 1564, Monday, December 19th 2005, Filed In Stuff

It's A Wonderful Internet
A curiously familiar tale (!) in this flash story book that, by showing us a world with no internet, shows just what a wonderful life internet it is. There are obvious controls to interact with on most of the pages (very much like a pop up book) and little easter egg items (how unseasonal) in the pictures [subbed by delrio].

Entry 1562, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Fresh Arrival
The aim of Fresh Arrival is a neatly cool one - to bring one awesome thing to their readers every weekday, in just about any category you can think of... including movies, music, photography, art, home life, websites, services and much, much more. But am I being greedy, but what if I want more than one cool thing a day? And what if I want cool things at weekends too? That's not too unreasonable is it? Maybe i'm just cool-deficient and far too needy. Anyway check it out [subbed/run by richard].

Entry 1559, Thursday, December 15th 2005, Filed In Stuff

Madonna: Hung Up
I'm not a huge Madonna fan, but I quite like Hung Up, that's not why I posting this link to the video though. What I couldn't believe when I saw it, was that part of it (pictured) is filmed in the street right outside of my office - in fact my office is just over Madge's shoulder in the picture above. That explains the day the road was all closed off with film crews wondering around (I didn't see Madge though).

Entry 1552, Sunday, December 11th 2005, Filed In Stuff

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