Return To The Archipelago
The beautiful island location of Return To The Archipelago makes it the Far Cry of the point'n'click adventuring scene. Yes, that's right, once you've stopped looking at the eye-candy there is an adventure in there to be played as well [subbed by May].

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Myself 2
Myself 2 is the follow up to Myself 1 (did you guess from the name?) and in my opinion it is a little harder than the first part as there's a bit more text to read through in that impenetrable language (I'm thinking it's Czech), which I'm sure would make things easier if only we could understand it, as it is it just makes it harder. Anyway, it won't stop you point'n'clickers I'm sure [subbed by Lady Lark, koKo & Robert].

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Myself 1
I'm not totally sure what language Myself 1 is in, although my guess would be we're talking somewhere in Eastern Europe, but little things like this do not deter the point'n'click adventurer. Step one in this game is to escape prison, which is surprisingly easy to do. My favourite part so far are the wolf sounds in the forest [subbed by koKo & Robert].

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One Of Those Weeks
There are 7 epsodes in One Of Those Weeks, one for each day of the week, personally I'm still stuck on Day 1, which despite the fact that the [TAB] key cheat works just seems to be an impossible maze of rooms. Anyway I'm sure some point'n'click genius some where will work it out [subbed by click-oholic].

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The Temple Of Lost Souls
Help Scooby and Shaggy retrieve the hottest chili pepper in the world (hmm... hot chili) during this point'n'click adventure (well it's keyboard based really - press 'h' to get instructions) around The Temple Of Lost Souls, a spooky Guatemalan location. Just don't get too scared - you have to restart from the begining [subbed by KoKo, BlackWing & Castor].

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There comes a point in every point'n'click adventurers' life when being able to translate Japanese into English is essential. Fortunately Mio has found a great on-line translator...

Although it is all in Japanese, it is not difficult to use. You will see 2 big boxes, a list box at the top between them containing 2 items, a button in the middle between them, and a button just below and in the middle of them. From the list box select the 2nd item. This means Japanese to English. (If you wish to translate the other way click the top one). Then click the button at the bottom. This will clear the large boxes. Now copy and paste the phrase into the 1st large box, click the button in the middle and voila, you have your translation.

Also while we're busy translating I've always found the Google translation tools useful, they offer many languages including a Beta version of Japanese translation [subbed by mio].

Entry 1606, Saturday, January 7th 2006, Filed In Stuff

I haven't quite decided if Scoop is trying to advertise a film or some kind of techno jacket, but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is that it's a new slice point'n'click adventure pie. Tasty [subbed by Kelli & Aeos].

Entry 1605, Friday, January 6th 2006, Filed In Games

Personal Google
I might spend most of my time struggling with my compulsive point and click adventuring addicition, but I still manage to find a little time to indulge my g33ky streak, and this week the thing that's floating my boat is Google's personalised home page. I'm loving it. All my favourite things on a web page I visit several times a day anyway - here's a pic of mine. As well showing my gmail inbox, I have a couple of my favourite news feeds, lazylaces hot gossip, my google search history and local London weather. Cool. It reminds me of some intranet work I did years ago, but this is so much cooler. I almost had kittens when I saw what happens when you drag and drop the panels arounds the screen. *coolness*

Entry 1604, Friday, January 6th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Winter Desktop
A long time ago I hooked into the design offerings from pixel girl, great stuff, but just now this winter scene seems particulaly apt for the background on my PC. It's on my desktop right now, what's staring at you on your PC/MAC desktop this winter?

Entry 1603, Thursday, January 5th 2006, Filed In Stuff

The Castle
The Castle is a beautiful master class in point'n'click adventuring, even though it's not really a game in itself, but it is just a lovely way of teaching you that nice things can be revealed by clicking the right thing on screen. If you don't know already, the [TAB] key is your friend here, when you get stuck. If you are totally successful some lovely fireworks are your reward, best of luck viewing them [via nordinho].

Entry 1602, Thursday, January 5th 2006, Filed In Games

With Nekoryokan there's a whole language thing going on that I don't understand, but that doesn't stop you, the avid point'n'clickers, having ago. Good luck amigos [via nitro 59].

Entry 1601, Thursday, January 5th 2006, Filed In Games

Hot Shot Business
It's a new year and I have a shortage of point'n'click games (please submit something people) but "hmd" comes to the rescue with Hot Shot Business :

I think it's a Disney game, I only played for five minutes but it was addictive. You play the role of a new business entreprenuer who opens a shop. You basically choose between a slim choice (I chose a chocolate factory) and then choose which types of sweets you make to fill customer demand. Think, The Sims meets La Bella Romanza. If I had more time I'd have played longer.

Hopefully this will pull you ardent gamers from Quyzzle for 5 minutes. Go business types [subbed by hmd].

Entry 1600, Wednesday, January 4th 2006, Filed In Games

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