Honda Civic
Honda has another expensive ad out on TV for the new Civic, some people think it's great and have submitted it for linkage (remember cog?), but personally I hate the ad as it hardly features the car, which I love and I think it could sell itself without all that fancy nonsense. The old Honda Civic has the image of an old mans' car, but I love the new model, could this be the new Lazylaces-mobile? Maybe. But I'm waiting for the Type-R in the new model. I feel the need, the need for speed (and if anyone could lend me some cash that would be great).

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Google Earth
I downloaded Google Earth ages ago, but somehow I just hadn't found the time to play with it, but I saw Preeti and Simon playing with it today and it got me really investigating the thing. Basically, even though Google isn't top of my Christmas card list at the moment (a long story for another time soon), Google Earth is about the best thing ever since sliced cheese. Pan, tilt, zoom & fly around the world with maps, directions, restaurant locations, you name it, it's there. Superb [also subbed by Sherry, Sniffles, Robin, & Nick P].

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Coming Soon....
There seem's to be a shortage of point'n'click games at the moment, or perhaps more accurately there are lots of point'n'click games at the moment, but we're playing through them at a furious rate (*slaps* all round), so just to whip you up into a frenzy here are a few "comming soon" items to look forward too. First up Nearly Departed, an adventure where you play a zombie with amnesia, next Nelly The Wonder Dog, "When Nelly's favourite ball is stolen by a greedy beaver, the clever springer spaniel sets off on a wild adventure to get it back!", and finally there's the point'n'click murder mystery the screen shot above is from, which I have my eager grubby paws on now, and which will be online for all soon [thanks adam & jean].

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Sia - Breathe Me
Sia, occasional singer with Zero 7, is one of my favourite artists so I'd heard Breathe Me before, but I never realised the video was so fantastic - it's built of a series of 1000's of polaroids and is a great thing to watch even if you don't like the music (*shame* on you if you don't though).

BTW: While I'm on the subject of music, and since it's ages since I've done this kind of thing, this week I am mainly listening to Arctic Monkeys, and Bedouin Soundclash. What's tickling your eardrums this week???

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We're oh so artistic today, now we've made our Picassohead, we move on to explore the world of Dali, a point and click trip around the work of the great man, not really a game, but a fun thing none the less [subbed by mountain girl].

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Mr Picassohead
Express your artistic side, or try to find one if you don't have one, with Mr Picassohead, where Mr Potatohead meets Picasso. I'm sure I saw this ages ago, but I was actually reminded of it whilst I was watching "click" on BBC News 24. Yes, my name is Graeme, and when I'm not building intranets all day, or updating lazylaces, I watch TV programmes about the internet. I really must get out more...

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La Chute De L'Ange
La Chute De L'Ange is a very cute French flash animation for you to feast your eyes on, although the ukulele on the soundtrack did have the unfortunate effect of reminding me of the gay boyfriend song. Damn my twisted brain.

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Anode & Cathode
It was nice to get a new years card from Anode & Cathode, but I'd much rather have a new game [subbed by jackie k].

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Glow In The Dark Pigs
Vegetarians look away... now! So I see in the news today that they've "invented" glow in the dark pigs. I'm trying to think of the killer application for this now, but I believe it's going to revolve around bacon sandwiches and breakfast in bed. Hmmmm... glow in the dark bacon [heads up from Preeti (a vegetarian!)].

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Virtual Replay
If you know me at all you might be surprised that I'm linking to BBC Sport, positively shocked that I'm linking to the football (that's soccer for those of you stateside), but have you seen the virtual replays? Superb. View your choice of goal from any angle, at your choice of speed in beautiful animated glory. I just want the rugby to be treated like this (although I've seen a couple of games live now!). I'm not sure if American Football, Baseball, Basketball, or whatever your choice of sport is gets treated in the same way, but if it's not, you should demand it, it's fantastic.

Shockwave Required To View - Click Here To Download Shockwave

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Computer Says...?
The lazylaces super computer is one of the most powerful computers on Earth, and is devoted solely to helping you with making any difficult decision. Enter the difficult decision you have to make in the input box, and then click 'ask' to unleash the super computer's awsome power. Fans of Little Britain, might find it's advice some what familiar, and if you like it, you may also like my 56K Modem Emulator.

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There comes a point in every point'n'click adventurers' life when being able to translate Japanese into English is essential. Fortunately Mio has found a great on-line translator...

Although it is all in Japanese, it is not difficult to use. You will see 2 big boxes, a list box at the top between them containing 2 items, a button in the middle between them, and a button just below and in the middle of them. From the list box select the 2nd item. This means Japanese to English. (If you wish to translate the other way click the top one). Then click the button at the bottom. This will clear the large boxes. Now copy and paste the phrase into the 1st large box, click the button in the middle and voila, you have your translation.

Also while we're busy translating I've always found the Google translation tools useful, they offer many languages including a Beta version of Japanese translation [subbed by mio].

Entry 1606, Saturday, January 7th 2006, Filed In Stuff

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