Just to let you know I've made a couple of minor site updates. Firstly I've now added a "Permalink" feature to the site comments (just click on the faint number in the top right of the comment). This lets you either link to a specific comment from another web-site, helps you move around the page (bit of an unforseen feature this one), and also allows you to hold your place on a comment thread if you are constantly refreshing comments, on a game for example, and want to see what's happened since you last viewed the page. Hopefully this feature will be useful - it came from a question Eva-Marie had, and I certainly think she'll find it useful.

Secondly I've updated the mobile web pages, the style has changed slightly, and look more like how you would see the pages on a mobile phone when viewed from a regular web browser. Also I've added an icon link from the regular pages to the mobile site.

That's it for now. I do however have a 'to do' list for the site, which may you be interested in, want to comment on, or have suggestions of your own. In no particular order the 'to do' list reads:

  • Create a custom 404 page.
  • Create a custom Database Error Page for when things go horribly wrong. Damn you MSAccess.
  • Consider moving database to MS SQL Server or MYSQL (both have size, and potential cost issues - MSAccess is at least free, at any size, with my web host).
  • Create a "blast from the past" feature, that puts an older post on the homepage periodically.
  • Add Articles, and article specific comment threads, to the mobile site.
  • Add a "Vote On This Post" feature, which will let me do a dynamically generated "Top Ten Games Hit Parade".
  • Most ambitious "to do" is to create a Lazylaces adventure game. I have a couple of storyline ideas, built up from all that gameplay I've linked to, but I don't know flash so the game will be a JavaScript/Image/HTML construction (thanks to DreamIsle for the chat which persuaded me I could do this).

Entry 1707, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Diary

Cannibalon Carnage
Cannibalon Carnage is a stunningly easy point'n'click adventure (I accidently completed it whilst I trying to decide upon a screenshot), but I love Futurama so it's nice to play. The only game easier is part 2 which pretty much gives up on the pretence of being a point'n'click adventure at all [via flash gamez].

Entry 1706, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Hellgate Escape
Point the flash light where you want to go in Hellgate Escape, a point'n'click adventure filled with blood and gore. Look away now if you are a child, at work (although being there on a weekend is probably a greater horror), or if you are a big scaredy cat [subbed by brian].

Entry 1705, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Escape The Spooky Room
I've filed Escape The Spooky Room under "games", but I'm thinking it's a point'n'click joke. Either that, or I'm very bad at it. Start the game, and wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... there it is [subbed by lc].

Entry 1704, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Games

The idea of Huntsville is a little different from your average point'n'click game. Here you are given the list of objects you have to collect and you cross them off your list as your find them amongst the bewildering array of items on the screen. It looks great, and is quite good fun, but the two free levels are over all too quickly, and I don't think I'd pay to play the rest. Most definately worth a look though [subbed by Goofymuffin].

Entry 1703, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Games

7th Door
I'm not sure what 7th Door is like if you speak Japanese, but if you don't it's about the most difficult, and with all those pop-up messages, most annoying, point'n'click game ever [subbed by winniethepooh & Helanren].

Entry 1702, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Games

Combining childish simplicity with something that totally creeps you out Braindead will leave you reflecting upon your disturbed childhood. Even if you didn't have one.

Entry 1701, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Stuff

I Like Your Pants
"I Like Your Pants" is a sweet little animated song just in time for Valentines. It's another corker from rathergood. My American friends should note that here in the UK pants are underwear, and not what you call pants, which we would call trousers.

Entry 1700, Saturday, February 11th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Escape To Obion IV
It's week four and Episode Four of the Escape To Obion point'n'click adventure saga. How long can they keep up this fantastic rate of producing great point'n'click games? I mean obviously I'm already looking forward to Epoisdoe 5 next week, but surely they need to take a break by now? [subbed by Helanren].

Entry 1699, Friday, February 10th 2006, Filed In Games

The Thief
The Thief offers point'n'click thievery in a choice of English or Russian. Remember folks thieving is bad, this is just a game [subbed by cynthia and winniethepooh].

Entry 1698, Thursday, February 9th 2006, Filed In Games

Eternal Darkness
After the eternal darkness of the load page there is also a game of the same name in this point'n'click adventure. There is also lots of talking. Do you know possibly this is a really good game, it certainly looks great, but I'm a bit tired for this at the moment, it's been a long week. Is it really not Friday yet? [subbed by Nej].

Entry 1697, Thursday, February 9th 2006, Filed In Games

Lazylaces comment regular Greg McKean, and creative collaborator Lola Lush, have sent me their new on-line quiz "Qwizard" (quite different to, but influenced by, Qwyzzle). How do they make these quizzes so addicting? All I was doing was playing to get a nice screenshot for you guys, and then I became addicted in the process. Extra kudos points if you can tell me which level my screenshot is from (and if your name isn't Greg or Lola).

Entry 1696, Wednesday, February 8th 2006, Filed In Games

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