Mini RoomMini Room is not a room filled with Minis like you might be hoping, well maybe that's just me, but it is an "escape the room" style point'n'click adventure in a miniature size. Which is nice. The size makes it a little tricky (What do you know? All that spam I get was telling the truth, size is important), but as long as you realize that if you click on the the little figure you can make them move again once they've stopped you should be ok (took me a little while to work this out - I thought I'd broken it). Also the text is in Japanese, but you can copy and paste it into your translation tool of choice which is very handy, although you can pretty much work most of it out without that [subbed by anon].

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Escape The Classroom
Escape The Classroom has quite a different look and feel to your average point'n'click adventure as it's all rendered in (very slow to load - be patient) 3D. It's not going to be an easy one though, as although there is an English version of the game, you need some knowledge about the Slovak Republic to complete it. Tricky [subbed by brian].

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George's Answering Machine Message
Pappasmurf (I'm doubting whether it was the real one - call me a cynic) submitted George's Answering Machine Message stating "I can't get this damn song out of my head, So I thought I'd inflict it on y'all". Now I'm stuck with it too, I pass on the pain to you all with this link [subbed by pappasmurf].

Warning: Some of the advertising on the hosting site may not be suitable for work or children.

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If you are looking for a huge source of "un-information" look no further than The Uncyclopedia. Check out the entry on the iPod for a typical example of the help offered by this essential on-line guide [subbed by Clairey].

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The Enigma Puzzle
The Enigma Puzzle shows all the signs of the classic on-line puzzle; changing URLs, viewing source code, viewing image files in different ways etc, which means it'll be an enjoyable challenge. Good luck solving all the puzzles and finding excuses to play while you should be working [subbed by Stephanie].

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Bear Room Escape
Sorry for the lack of posts just recently, but it's a really really busy time for me at work. Anyway you don't care about my troubles I'm sure... Bear Room Escape is an "escape the room" style point'n'click game that features a teddy bear in a room and lots of Japanese (?) that I don't understand. Hopefully you'll work out what on earth is going on... [subbed by winniethepooh].

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Poil De Carotte
Poil De Carotte (Google Translation: "Carrot Hair") is a graphical story - not a game before you start trying to play the thing - although you do have to do a bit of clicking to progress the story. Unfortunately for me it's all in French and my spoken French isn't all it could be (nobody orders two beers, or asks the way to the railway station in the whole story!), but the graphics are simply superb and are worth seeing aside of being able to understand the story, although if one of my French visitors would care to explain what's happening I'd love to hear it. All we need now is a game from the same artist(s) - it's truely lovely to look at [via nordinho].

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Nej has sent me a link to on-line Kakuro (think Sudoku, but different, or better still, don't listen to me, read a proper description) and now I'm addicted, swimming in a sea of numbers. Especially because I then went on to find on-line Hitori. I think I need to lie down now.

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I think Cityscape might be quite an old game, but it's new to me. It's a point'n'click game that's, sort of, along the lines of grow in that you have to do all the tasks in exactly the right order to get the optimum score, but with it's city building theme it also reminds me of Civilization and other world/city building games, albeit with much less groovy graphics [subbed by adam].

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Warbears is a real point'n'click challenge. You have to complete tasks in the right order, and if you do the wrong thing at the wrong time, you have to start over, and if that isn't enough there's a bit of combat, and if you fight badly and loose, yup you guessed it, you have to start over. The edge is taken off the fighting though as you are controlling cute litle bears... sorry... I mean destructive little warbears [subbed by joru, nicop & blazel].

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Leaving Your Room
How can I resist a point'n'click game that name checks me? The answer is I can't. Renegade calls this game "Leaving Your Room", I call it "The 5 Million Golden Keys" for reasons that quickly become apparent (scroll to the bottom of the linked page to find the game).

Entry 1721, Friday, February 17th 2006, Filed In Games

Monk's Mind Game
Obsessive compulsive gaming fun with Monk the obsessive compulsive detective. I would be playing, but I have to clean my cutlery right now... [subbed by debra].

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