Find The Love
Find The Love is a very easy (especially level 1 and especially if you use the map), but lovable, point'n'click game. You play a little boy dog chasing the love of his life, a little girl dog with a flower in her hair. There are no objects to collect, not even a stick, you just have to choose the right path to take. At the end of each level you are given a password, and a link to the next level. Copy the password and paste it into the box at the start of the next level. There are only 3 levels here, but the parting on the boat at the end suggests that there is at least one more level somewhere. Let me know if you find it.

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Heaven's Key
Seemingly the follow up to Heart Key, Heaven's Key gives you another chance to do a bit of room escaping to hone your point'n'click skills. And to brush up on your Japanese. And it's against the clock. Good luck [subbed by f00].

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Well I post one game for download and another arrives almost immeadiately in my inbox. Perhaps there is an untapped source of point'n'click adventures here? Anyway, the first challenge with Wonderworld is to work out how to download it - while you can chose to play in a variety of languages (including English you'll be glad to hear) the download site is in Norwegian. Look for "Nedlasting" (Norwegian for download) in the right hand column, and you shouldn't have any problems. Once you have the game loaded the idea of the thing is to save the world (that old chestnut). What could be simpler? [subbed by vivian]

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Out Of Order
I don't normally feature games for download, but Out Of Order appears to be worth it, as it's quite a big point'n'click adventure for you to really get your teeth into. Oh, and did I mention it was free. No? Well it is. The game starts with you (and, curiously, your bedroom) being kidnapped, with the rest of the bizarre plot stemming from that. I'm sure you'll work it out. One word of warning, despite the cartoony graphics and wacky music, there are a few mildly adult jokes so don't unleash it on the (young) kids. You should enjoy it though [subbed by Tenacious Stu, Mike, Sandy & Stationary].

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Puppy Curling
The winter olympics might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't get a bit of practise in for the biggest event, Puppy Curling. What do you mean you can't remember watching that one on television? It was there. Honest [via flabber].

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Sleuth is a text based adventure series (although the site has some atmospheric graphics) where you can solve mysteries, form agencies and anger political factions. You have to create a detective, but it only takes a few minutes, and while you have to register, you don't have to leave an email address if you don't want to. Be warned though, you have to subscribe (i.e. pay) for what look like the juiciest adventures, but I guess that's a decision you can make once you've played the free bits [subbed by Helena].

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Pigs In Hats
A few people have commented to me that I hardly ever write anything about what's happening to me in my diary any more. Possibly this is because I have a limited amount of free time and there are so many games to post when I do get the time, but I submit this post to persuade you that this might not be a bad thing given the warped way my brain works. So...

I work in an office. Most days I sit at my desk for 10+ hours. Looking at a drab desk for that length of time, sometimes you do stupid things to brighten the place up. So when I acquired (they were given them away at all the mainline London railway stations) a little foam rubber pig that was advertising it seems natural to garnish my desk with it's presence. Especially since you could also play catch and football with it when the boss was out... Oh how we chuckled in the office.

Anyway, with this creative feat accomplished, the little pig remained on my desk, some what forgotten. That was until December when Innocent Drinks adorned all their juice and smoothie bottles with little woolly bobble hats. "How cute" we all thought as we supped our nutritious fruit based beverages at lunchtime, but what do we do with the little hats once we have consumed 2 of our 5 fruit/veg portions for the day?

This is where Graeme's warped brain kicked into gear. I looked at the seemingly useless mini-bobble hat. I looked at my until recently forgotten pig type desk ornamentation. With stunningly fast mathematical equations zipping through my brain I reasoned that with a minimum of stetching that little hat would fit over the ears of the pig. Bingo! It worked. With one stroke of genius I had created the ultimate winter desk accessory for the bored web developer. See my pig in a hat creation in the picture above (in a very abstract way that's my desk in the background).

Well obviously I was very chuffed with myself. My desk was adorned with a one off artistic masterpiece which was a talking point among all my colleagues. I had fused together random items found in the course of a working life in London to produce something that was a physical commentary upon the modern man's working desk environment, through the medium of a pig in a hat. Brilliant. Perhaps I should take it down to the Tate Modern down the road to see if they would be interested in exhibiting my work?

Anyway, as always in the office, time moved on. Within a matter of a couple of months everyone had forgotten I was an artisitic genius and expected me once again to earn my living developing and installing intranet systems. So it was on a cold February day that I found myself in one of London's fine black cabs making my way to Fenchurch Street (home to many of the biggest names in International insurance - if you've travelled on a plane, a ship, or a space shuttle it's insured here - I kid you not).

Arriving at the client's fine offices (don't even get me started on their view), I was offered the choice of doing my work either a). In a super chilled server room with no human contact and the possibility of death by halon, or b). Sitting at a nice comfy desk, near the coffee machine, with a window view (damn that view!). Having discovered through many past experiences that while the cold is bareable, and halon infrequent, in server rooms, they almost never feature a chair. And certainly not coffee. Coffee is frowned upon when you are surrounded by thousands of pounds worth of business critical servers. I found that out the hard way. So I opted for "b"; the desk.

So I've done my job for a while now, and I know if I concentrate hard I can get all my files copied, web server configured, database set up, etc, in under half an hour (personal best: 4 systems in an hour), and head out onto Fenchurch St. where I know for a fact that there are at least three quality coffee houses within a 5 minute walk (Lloyds of London started as a coffee house fact fans), even though one of them has "bucks" on the end of it's name.

Thinking hard about coffee primarily, getting the job done quickly, and, I suppose, not looking too much of a g33k in front of actual business people, I barely noticed the desk I had been assigned, home to some poor grunt that was not in that day. So it was a good 10 minutes or so later (while I was still waiting for remote access to the server) that my eyes settled upon a curious object on the shelf in front of me. What was that? Surely it couldn't be? A pig. A pig. But wait. What was that stetched accross it's little foam rubber ears. Nooooooooooo. An Innocent Drinks bobble hat, maybe not the same jaunty yellow number that my little porker sported, but certainly from the same line.

Step one was to snap the evidence with my phone camera - see the pic below. Step two was to find out who the regular inhabitant of the desk was - perhaps they were a member of the project team I was delivering for? Perhaps they had visited my office to view the prototype system? Perhaps they had stolen my invention???!!! No. I had never had heard of them. That could only mean one thing. They had independently created the pig in the hat! Or perhaps someone had told them about my pig in a hat, and they thought it was such a great idea they made there own. No. That was ridiculous. So they had independently created the pig in the hat! You could have knocked me down with a feather. Who knows how many other people in London had seen the possiblities enshrined within these two simple objects? Perhaps it had spread further afield? Where would it end?

Pigs In Hats

And so folks, there you have why pigs in hats are this season's "must have" item for your office desk, and why it's a good idea I just stick to posting games most of the time.


PS. Of course I encourage you to send me pictures of your "pigs in hats". Bonus points if you use the same construction materials as I (and mysterious Fenchurch St Worker) used. Double bonus points if you had one before reading this.

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Ostrov Island
There's some confusion over the proper name of this little point'n'click game, I'm guessing because very few of us speak Slovakian. I've heard it called "Escape The Lonely Island", "Escape The Beach" & "Ostrov", among others, I've settled for "Ostrov Island". Anyway, whatever it's called, you're definately stuck on an island, and it's a Slovakian island, which makes understanding all the little notes and instructions a little tricky. Unless you're Slovakian, of course [subbed by tia & winniethepooh].

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Sand Fantasy
Music Friday returns to lazylaces (yet again) with Sand Fantasy. The artist, Ilana Yahav, creates scenes and forms using a backlit glass table and sand poured from her hands. And since it's set to music, it's a good fit for today, besides the simple beauty of it. A relaxing way to wind down from the working week [subbed by vacklay].

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Prince Of Pension
I'm not even sure how Prince Of Pension gets it's name as I don't know enough Russian, and by "enough", I mean "any", to work it out for myself. Anyway I assume the name has been correctly translated by some one, and it doesn't stop you enjoying this point'n'click game (although I suspect it makes it a lot harder). All I've worked out so far is that there are 3 levels of difficulty, dpending upon which character you pick at the begining (they get harder as you go down the page), and it's important to jump over obstacles as you lose a life if you bump into them. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, while you use your mouse for picking objects up, you need to use your cursor keys to move around [subbed by winniethepooh].

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Escape to Obion V
Another slice of point'n'click quality for you from the Escape to Obion team with the release of Episode V in this great series. From what I understand there's no slow down in the rate of production (they were running at one episode a week), but the delay on this has been due to hosting cost issues (no need to tell me about that one), so if you enjoy the series you might want to visit their donation page [subbed by Mike].

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The Ultimo Puzzle
If you like puzzles you're probably still stuck googling, examining picture properties, etc with many of the wealth of puzzles that have been released recently, but I'm sure your massive brain has room for some more - so here's 32 levels (currently) of The Ultimo Puzzle. Good luck [subbed by darkflame].

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