The ShadowRose Riddle
There are 12 levels (so far) of puzzles in The ShadowRose Riddle. I'm liking this one as I have actually managed to get to level 5 already with no help and I'm normally terrible at them. I'm a source code daemon. My one word of advice though, is that the answers end ".html", rather than ".htm", which tripped me up at the beginning [subbed and created by Shadow].

Entry 1823, Tuesday, April 4th 2006, Filed In Games

Qwizard Qwest 2
Ok puzzle fans the second Qwizard Qwest is here, so it's time to dust off the old grey cells, and prepare to alter some URLs. This one has a tube theme, so you might find a tube map useful. Mind the gap! [subbed and created by Greg McKean & Lola Lush]

Aside: Graeme's mini-quiz (as I'm outstandingly bored today): Despite working in London I rarely catch the tube, I can walk to my office from the railway station, but all this week I'm working elsewhere in London and I'm taking the Jubilee Line (pdf). I get off at a station, which will remain un-named, cross one of the bridges over the Thames, and arrive almost immediately at the office where I am working. From the office window I, directly, overlook a national (UK) monument. What can I see from my window? Hint: there's a clue in the question. Answers, with photographic proof, later in the week (yes - I'm taking photos out of my office window - that's how bored I am).

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Book Of Numbers
The Book Of Numbers is a very bizarre flash thing. Not every "page" of the book is a winner but I liked "can't touch this" (pictured) and the two kids in a car. Surreal. I'm very bored today btw, if you can't tell, will the weekend never arrive?

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Leaving Your Room 2
Leaving Your Room 2 is the logically named sequel to Leaving Your Room, although I would name this one "The 5 Billion Golden Keys". Soooo many keys. And not all easy to find this time. I almost broke my mouse point'n'clicking on the elephant level (and don't even get me started on the damn camel puzzle), and now I have finger cramps. *ouch*. Also be careful on the transporter. The wrong selection takes you back to the first game. Dammit [subbed & created by Renegade].

UPDATE: I've swapped the link for a new one, site bandwidth was exceeded on the last one!

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Bird's Way
In Bird's Way you play a bird who is carrying a bone to a dog (which is totally regular, and not odd at all) through 3 levels of untaxing, but cute, point'n'clicking (with some dragging'n'dropping too). If it's not easy enough for you, you even get hints if you get it wrong. It is very cute though. The only vaguely hard bit is tackling the incomprehensible menu screen. Make sure you pick the right hand of the three buttons as this gives you access to the 3 level version of the game. The other buttons lead to the unhelpful help screen, and single level version (level 1 of the 3 level version) of the game
[found at nitro 59, hosted at].

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The Concretes In Colour
I missed The Concretes In Colour when it came out the other week. It's a point'n'click "thing", calling it a game might be pushing it a bit far, to promote Swedish band The Concretes. Find all the clickable things to win rewards like screensavers and the like, and all the while listen to tracks from their new album. Or press the mute option if you aren't into it. It's all a bit weird, but very nice to play with, and it looks great [subbed by f00].

Entry 1818, Monday, April 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Google Romance
I missed Google Romance when it was released on Saturday (that's Saturday the 1st of April), I think the funniest thing about the joke though is I could really see them doing this. Maybe they would have to change the site tour if they did it for real though.

Entry 1817, Monday, April 3rd 2006, Filed In Stuff

Why can I only find games in Japanese on a day when I really just want to rest my brain? Anyway, Norakurabako is my favourite of the bunch as a). I've actually managed to find some things in this one, b). The really weird way you move from scene to scene (click and drag in the direction you want to move) is a totally new thing to me in a point'n'click game [subbed by f00].

Entry 1816, Sunday, April 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

RoomEscapeRaunge is a point'n'click game with very simple graphics. However the difficult language makes the rest of the game not so simple. It's all too much for my lazy brain on a lazy Sunday [subbed by winniethepooh & Mystery].

Entry 1815, Sunday, April 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

Chained Chamber
Chained Chamber gets moderately easier when you work out you have to click to use the flashlight. However I think much of this point'n'click game will remain a mystery unless you happen to be fluent in Japanese. No? Well I'm not either. All very confusing [subbed by winniethepooh & ana].

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Hernando's Hideaway
I know a dark se - clu - ded place,
A place where no one knows your face;
A glass of wine, a fast embrace --
It's called Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)

All you see are sil - hou - ettes,
And all you hear are castanets,
And no one cares how late it gets,
Not at Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)

At the golden finger bowl or anyplace you go, You will meet your uncle Max and ev'ryone you know;
But if you go to that spot that I am thinking of,
You will be free to gaze at me and talk of love.

Just knock three times and whisper low
That you and I were sent by Joe,
Then strike a match and you will know
You're in Hernando's Hideaway (o - le!)

Entry 1813, Sunday, April 2nd 2006, Filed In Stuff

New York New York
It's been a hectic few days, don't ask, so I didn't manage to post New York New York on Lazylaces musical Friday, so this will have to be sing-a-long a Sunday instead. Be wary of the long load times on this one though [via nicosite].

Entry 1812, Sunday, April 2nd 2006, Filed In Stuff

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