One more reason for me to buy a USB hub - this week's must have item the USB toothbrush. I can't work out the practicalities - PC in the bathroom? - but I want one anyway.

Entry 182, Wednesday, February 26th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Play 20 questions with this AI. Quite spooky the way this works. Guessed "telephone" really quickly but I had it up to 19 questions for "bus" - then it claimed I answered 3 of the questions wrong. Cheeky monkey! [Found at zFilter]

Entry 181, Tuesday, February 25th 2003, Filed In Games

Mystery Runners"This is a website dedicated to two extraordinary men. Powerful, powerfully moustached men who quite literally refuse to stop". Mystery Runners - the UK's best olympic hopes investigated in video and photo journalism [Found at FunJunkie].

Entry 180, Monday, February 24th 2003, Filed In Stuff

Lightyear AlphaFairly standard spaceship shoot-up-em but good fun non the less and the sound effects are top notch. Use cursor keys to control direction [B] to blast and [Space] to select from the collected power-ups. I'd probably rate this slightly higher if i was any good at it ;o)

Entry 179, Monday, February 24th 2003, Filed In Games

Lady In RedI can't resist insane flash animation especially if it invloves kittens. Also features puppies from the Japanese fisheye puppy site which is worth a look in it's own right. Animation by Phil Price.

Entry 178, Sunday, February 23rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Your fridge is half empty but you want to cook something tasty? Try cooking by numbers - select the items you do have and it'll tell you what you can cook. Genius idea but it couldn't cope with my fridge contents - one pack out of date bacon and a bottle of champagne (courtesy of Jules). The best it could manage was bacon surprise - I guess I could drink the champagne to the numb the pain from whatever I come down with from eating the aging bacon.

Entry 177, Sunday, February 23rd 2003, Filed In Stuff

OffenderSave the world from alien invasion in Offender - horizontal shoot-em-up from Destroy all the aliens and prevent the abduction of the survivors. Great audio especially the intro music and vocal clips. [Found at Wastrel Division].

Entry 176, Sunday, February 23rd 2003, Filed In Games

The MisfitzThere's some new kids in school who aren't quite like the rest of the class. The animated adventures of The Misfitz by Todd Gallina. Episodes one and two available so far.

Entry 175, Saturday, February 22nd 2003, Filed In Stuff

Domo DarkoTruely sw33t Domo Kun video soon to be linked on every blog in the known universe - and this one is no exception. For more Domo Kun goodies including some natty wallpaper try I Love Domo Kun. If you don't know who Domo Kun is - firstly where have you been? - secondly try here for a background description - where I cribbed all my knowledge from having seen the little chap in loads of animations. Update: The music from the clip is on the Donnie Darko soundtrack which can be heard and bought at CDBaby. [Video homepage at fnord - Found via b3ta].

Entry 174, Friday, February 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

The online comic where gaming meets manga - relax MegaTokyo understand j00.

Entry 173, Friday, February 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

An experiment in collective recognition - Random Access Memory is somewhere to put all those random memories you want to hang on to and to read those of others. You can browse by date, name, or subject - my favourite thing though is to just refresh the homepage once in a while - the featured memory changes every 30 secs or so and this adds more random-ness to the whole experience : sad follows happy follows angry follows surreal. It's difficult to stop hanging on to read the next memory.

Entry 172, Friday, February 21st 2003, Filed In Stuff

Tony And George
It's touching when world leaders hell-bent on war take time out to sing a beautiful duet [4.5Mb]. Who knew Tony had such a beautiful singing voice? Clip hosted at Dagbladat which as far as I can make out is a Norweigian news site.

Entry 171, Thursday, February 20th 2003, Filed In Stuff

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