Peerflix Paparazzi
I'm not sure if Paparazzi is an international term or not, it's in common usage in the UK, but basically they're the low life photographers that camp out on low-life celebrities doorsteps and take the pictures you see in your tabloid newspapers (just kidding guys - now get off my doorstep - haha!). Anyway Peerflix Paparazzi is a game that lets you join in the fun and make you realise that this photography game is harder that it looks [subbed by sunflower].

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Behold Thy Graphics!
Behold Thy Graphics! The long awaited third installment of Thy Dungeonman, now with graphics! For me it's the perfect combo of homestarrunner (actually it has more of the attitude of Strong Bad than anything else) and gaming. Even with graphics though, it's as texty and testy as ever . BTW - did i tell you I am now the proud owner of a Home Star t-shirt? Red, with a big star on the front. I wear it when I'm posting on LL. G33k alert! [subbed by Lacy & eforce].

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Easy Desert
I had an easy dessert the other day. It was a treacle sponge. But that's not relevant here as we have one less 's' in Easy Desert, a point'n'click game that is set in a desert, but doesn't seem that easy (although I have only just started playing). And all the text is in Japanese and English in this one so it's the prerfect opportunity to try and pick up some Japanese for those other trickier games [subbed by winniethepooh].

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Cow Maze
It's been a busy fews days (maybe I will tell you the story one day) so there has been no time for posting over the weekend, and I'm in a rush for work now. Busy busy busy. If anyone can tell me how I could do LL for a living I would be most grateful. Anyway, for now try Cow Maze, a game involving herding cows and a special kind of udder dance [subbed by Bellroarer].

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Mystery Of The Lost Tomb
Use your point'n'click skillz (you're so l33t, aren't you?) to solve the Mystery Of The Lost Tomb. I thought it was all a bit easy, but then a snake popped out of a hole and I came to a sticky end. So my top tip is... be careful of snakes popping out of holes. You have to start over from the beginning which is just ever so slightly frustrating. Especially if, like an idiot, you do it twice. Damn, damn, damn, and double damn with cherries on top [subbed by tracey].

Shockwave Required To View - Click Here To Download Shockwave

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The Roaring Twenties
Moving on from The Victorian Period we enter The Roaring Twenties, where the point'n'click game-play is much the same, but the animations aren't quite as amusing, imho [subbed by brian].

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The Victorian Period
Blimey it's getting late here, and I need my bed for my beauty sleep, but I still haven't posted anything since before work this morning. Dammit. I better raid my inbox quickly for some games for you... I still need to play today's part of the Da Vinci Code Quest as well. Onwards with the links though, sleep is over-rated anyway...

The Victorian Period (the game, not the period in history) is an odd sort of a point'n'click game, kind of click'n'interact more than anything else (or a multi-choice test if you are real "the glass is half empty" kind of person), but it's fun none the less. The idea of the game is to earn your place in a world where every move is governed by the rules of etiquette, a cinch for a polite gent such as myself. The graphics are great, the music amusing, and the animation is more than a little bit pythonesque [subbed by brian].

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Light Mystery
Light Mystery is a pleasant, if a little short and easy, room escaping point'n'click game. I'm not sure about some of the logic though. I open the curtains and a sword falls out? That's got to be a little dangerous. They better not let the Health & Saftety Executive visit, there might be trouble [subbed by brian & winniethepooh].

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Da Vinci Code Quest
The Da Vinci Code Quest began on April 17th (drat missed it, but *phew* - you can play catch up), and gives you a puzzle to solve every day for 24 days. If you solve all 24 puzzles correctly you have a chance of winning "untold riches" (tickets to preview screenings of the film would be my uncharitable guess). The two "puzzles" I've played so far have been simple, but quite nice, flash mini games. I'm not sure if things are going to get harder as time goes on. The best thing about the game, at least for g33ks like me, is that it integrates into your personalised google homepage, so I'll actually remember to play everyday. See the pic below [subbed by THC & sopdox].

Da Vinci Code Quest

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I Love Dragon Quest
I Love Dragon Quest isn't so much a game, as an anti-game, as you try to interrupt Nobu's game playing fun by point'n'clicking different objects in his room (watch for the sparkles). Try it a few times to get all his different reactions [subbed by person who didn't leave a name].

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Esc is not to be confused with The Esc. Right, now Ive got that out the way can someone tell me what I need to point'n'click to get something more than a piece of paper with the number 4 on it? This seemed so simple when I started... [via].

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Point&Click Adventure
There's some fairly dodgy language in Point&Click Adventure so if you have sensitive ears (er... or eyes), or if you have youngsters nearby forget it. For the rest of you this is just a short point'n'clicker; get washed, eat, and get out. Don't electrocute yourself. My advice? Pick track 2 on the music selector [via gamershood].

Entry 1876, Wednesday, April 19th 2006, Filed In Games

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