Football Kicker
Coming back to the UK I've found the whole country has gone World Cup crazy (how many TV programs?) and it doesn't even start until Friday. But having said that I will be watching the first England game on Saturday, and shall probably be glued to the TV for sometime to come. Anyway, Football Kicker is likely to be the first of many football related games that will be submitted to me over the coming weeks so get practising in this simple game of "keepy uppie". Alledgedly there are even streakers in it (I didn't see any) so keep your eyes peeled and possibly cover the kids' eyes [subbed by Oliver].

Entry 1947, Sunday, June 4th 2006, Filed In Games

The Adventures Of Mr. Tumpkins
The Adventures Of Mr. Tumpkins features that old point'n'click storyline of having your head changed into a pumpkin, and then having to cut yourself a mouth and finding a way to get your old head back. Is there no originality anymore? Seriously though, this is a rather nice little game [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 1946, Sunday, June 4th 2006, Filed In Games

Jet Lag
Well sorry for being quiet. I've really been suffering from bad jet lag. I'm not sure if it normally lasts this long, but I've been totally messed up for the last few days and I only just got my first proper night's sleep last night (well even that was fairly weird, but it was close enough). I even started wondering if it couldn't be something else. However I'm feeling relatively normal today so I'm going to try some posting.

Before I start though I was pondering on what jet lag feels like and I came up with something that accurately describes it and also let's me mis-quote one of my favourite bits from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (well the g33k genes have kicked back in then):

Ford: "Jet Lag is unpleasantly like being drunk"
Dent: "What's wrong with being drunk?"
Ford: "Ask a glass of water"

Entry 1945, Sunday, June 4th 2006, Filed In Diary

I'm not sure if "game" is the right category for Echogenesis, but there's definately some point'n'click in there, and quite frankly with it's pretty graphics, and blissed out music, it's exactly what I need today. Jet lag was playing with my mind and body last night so I only got an hour of sleep, and what with starting back at work today (I've already commuted in and I'm at my desk) I don't think I can handle anything more stressful [subbed by jackie, frustrated & Raeden].

Entry 1944, Thursday, June 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Back In Blighty
Well I'm back in Blighty now with some jet lag issues to deal with, but I'm sure I'll be posting again soon. I had a totally awesome time in the States and I'm actually very sad to be back home. I have a few pictures suitable for public consumption which I'm sure I'll get round to posting soon. For now, I have to sleep, sleep, and then sleep some more.

Entry 1943, Tuesday, May 30th 2006, Filed In Diary

Invasion Of The Space Invaders From Outer Space
Invasion Of The Space Invaders From Outer Space is the new game from the creator of Darkness and Tomb Of Doom, but this one is a complete departure from the styles of the other games. Here you drag and drop items into a flyer toaster!

You are an alien in a weird disguise on an Earthling-kidnapping spree! Collect as many earthlings as you can. Giant robots, exploding cows, superheroes and psychic toasters! This game has got 'em all! The narrative kicks in after you get familiar with the game mechanics and events will begin to occur in real-time. Survive until the end to unlock the bonus!

[subbed by bonman].

Entry 1942, Saturday, May 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Maui Wowee
Maui Wowee is a nice laid back arcade game with a summery soundtrack for those long hot summer nights. And boy is it hot here. Air con is my friend [subbed by Big Kid].

Entry 1941, Saturday, May 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Somnium Orbis
If you like your point'n'click games with a large side order of weirdness then Somnium Orbis is for you. As you scratch your head and say "what the... ?" though, there are some great graphics to look at, and sound is none too bad either [subbed by Supernova].

Entry 1940, Saturday, May 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Well most of you seem to have sent Chronon to me already, so I suspect most of you have played this point'n'clicker, but for the rest of you this is a tricky little number from the makers of the grow series. Enjoy. Right, I'm off for drinks in Arlington... [subbed by
Crauf, electra, czGeorge, enkelato, eforce, meg, Nicop, jenz & Maharet

Entry 1939, Friday, May 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Downtown DC
For those of you that have been asking - yes I am still in the US, and I having the best of times. Sorry if you've been looking for games posts, I was going to maintain the site while I was here, but good times prevailed. Sometimes sitting in front of a PC just doesn't appear to be fun even for a g33k like me. I might fill you in on all the juicy details at some point, but for now:

I've been in and around DC all week, and did a full walking tour yesterday. A beautiful city to be sure, and I've linked to my favourite eatery so far the Old Ebbitt Grill (pictured) where I hang out with the movers and shakers in DC last night. But perhaps my favourite point of the trip so far is having drinks in Fells Point, Baltimore. That's my kind of town. Very laid back. Although eating Maryland crab cakes in Annapolis was none too shabby either.

The only down points so far are driving on the wrong side of the road, this still freaks me out (and the US just doesn't know what a roundabout is), and the "American's Best Inn" I stayed in. Clearly there's no Trade Descriptions Act in Maryland, otherwise that hotel would have been shut down a long time ago.

On the up side I might only eat French toast with maple syrup for breakfast from now on, if only I can persuade cafes in London to make it for me. Anyway I have to go now, lets see if I can't post a game before I go out in Arlington tonight. Look after yourselves folks.

Entry 1938, Friday, May 26th 2006, Filed In Diary

In Transit
No games today I'm afraid, I'm in transit to DC.

Update: Well I've been in the US for close on 24 hours now and I'm having the best of times: the sun is out, breakfast was huge, the beer last night went down well and everyone I've met has been great. The only downside so far was the 2 hour journey through immigration, the officer who took my details was a nice guy, but the fact remains that the US government now has my fingerprints and photo on record!

Entry 1937, Friday, May 19th 2006, Filed In Diary

Football Agent
Football Agent will appear very familiar both graphically, and in terms of gameplay, if you played Mansion Impossible yesterday. This time you must buy and sell football (soccer if you prefer) players as fast as possible, but the goal (geddit?) is still to buy your dream mansion. I found this one a lot harder with the time limit catching me every time [subbed by Think~Pink].

Entry 1936, Thursday, May 18th 2006, Filed In Games

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