IBM Game - Developer Code
I'm not sure what the idea of IBM Game - Developer Code is because, a). I have not finished it, b). I don't understand the language (Chinese?). We might be escaping the room, or doing something with that laptop on the desk, I just don't know. Let me know if you work it out, I don't have time to play more right now. Anyway that doesn't stop the game looking good, or having some nice point'n'click features, although the panning camera starts to give you motion sickness after a while. Oh, and beware the long load time at the beginning as well (it does finish eventually) [subbed by Sweety & Nicop].

Update: There is a game description here [thanks Chow].

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Grow 3
There are so many great Grow games now that I was mistakenly under the impression that I had already posted Grow 3, but a quick check back in the archives has proved me wrong. So prepare for another bout of point'n'clicking (and dragging) as you try and work out the order to add the items to the sphere in. Or at least prepare to deny everything when someone accuses you of using a walkthrough; I know, it was just on your screen accidently and you weren't reading it really... [subbed by Shyandmighty & Bla Bla].

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A case of the humans [via op-pop].

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Opera 9
I'm an established FireFox user now, but I used to be a major Opera user, so it's nice to hear Opera 9 is out now. Maybe they've fixed all the bugbears I had with the mail client that switched me off in the first place? Anyway, if you are still stuck using Internet Explorer (or worse still the version 7 Beta which just crashes every five seconds for me) I recommend giving Opera 9 or FireFox a try. They're what Micro$oft are trying, but failing, to emulate [heads up from Balaam's Miracle].

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Tardis Tennis
With Wimbledon fast approaching, even though we're still gripped by World Cup fever, and with the fact that I have a minor Dr Who addiction, the BBC usefully, although somewhat bizarrely, have a game which combines the two: Tardis Tennis. Odd, but a fun little diversion for a Wednesday [subbed by Bibliotekisto].

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Qwizard Qwest 4
Hot on the heels of Qwizard 4 from the other day, Qwizard Qwest 4 is out now, meaning that you can really indulge that puzzle addicition of yours [subbed by Princess Sarah, Greg & Lola].

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D600 Mystery
Somewhere hidden among the advertising in the Samsung D600 Mystery (guess which phone it's for) is a point'n'click game. It is there though, if you look really hard... but despite how good it might look and sound it doesn't last that long, even when you find all of the clues, and the "write your own ending" ending is a bit of a disappointment. It'll keep you occupied for a little while though [subbed by Vitus].

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Qwizard 4
Doh! Sorry puzzle fans I totally forgot to post Qwizard 4, the latest in the line of Qwizard puzzles. If you've been missing your fix get on over there and change some URLs now [Subbed by Greg, Lola, Princess Sarah & Anon].

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8 Days - Coming Soon
If you didn't see already on the Anode & Cathode site yesterday, they have a new game coming out soon "8 Days", which sounds like an interesting concept. A "live" point and click game, it is played over 4 chapters, with 2 days to solve each one, having to solve one to move onto the next, and old chapters closing off as you go along (with the whole game being made available at a later date). A nice idea maybe, pop on over now to register to get an email notification when it is kicking off (although I'm sure I'll mention it here). Here's what they have to say about the game:

The story of 8 days takes place in a strange dark world. You woke up in a bedroom without any clue about your presence there. The only thing that you're sure about, is your terrible headache...

And now, you must discover the reason why you arrive in this room. A few step away you will find people who might "help" you ... In the streets, you should look for a strange statue. There might be something to do with it ...

There will be four chapters in the game. In each one, you must reach the end of the story to open the sequel.

It will have 4 chapters. In each of them, you must reach the end. It will open a new chapter.

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L'Expresso Empoisonne
The fine team over at Anode & Cathode have a new point'n'click game out, L'Expresso Empoisonne. In the game you need to find out who stole the artworks and poisoned the teacher, but you'll need to know some French to do it! Fortunately their mail shot has some help in English:

The aim of the game is to recover the artworks that were stolen in the museum and replace them in their original location. In addition, you must verify the accuracy of the proofs that charge Damien Bestieu. Everything seems to make him guilty of stealing the artworks and poisoning the mistress.

In this game, you will have to write down your clues when you find them, for each charge against Damien. Really pay attention to the text : when you see "Preuve N1, N2, N3, et N 4", which means "Proof n1, n2 etc.", you must write them down in your in-game notebook.

You will have to use all the objects that you found.

Good luck with that!

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Washington Love
A while back you may remember I went to DC and when I got back I said I'd post some pictures from my visit. Well here are those photos, there aren't that many I'm afraid as my mind was on more important things, as you'll probably see from the pictures. Hmmm... it would probably help if I went into the story of how I found myself to be in DC....

The full story of my trip to DC actually starts way back in April (Thursday April 20th to be exact), when out of the blue I got an e-mail from regular Lazylaces visitor and commentor Kaya (or Jennifer irl as I found out). Jennifer wished me a belated happy birthday, told me how much she liked Lazylaces, and, perhaps most surprisingly, how she thought I was "too cute". Well you have to understand that that sort of thing doesn't happen to me everyday so I had to respond, especially as she seemed too cute herself. Well one e-mail lead to another, and then instant messaging (God bless Google Chat), and soon enough we were talking on the phone. We just sort of clicked. Before we knew it the weekend had gone and on the Tuesday I booked my flights to DC!

There then followed a whole frustrating month of phone calls as we waited for the date of my flight out to arrive, but as we talked more and more, we fell more and more in love. There was nothing we couldn't talk about, and by the time I was due to fly to Washington we knew all would go well. However it was still a relief for both of us when I finally got through immigration at Dulles airport and we jumped on each other and we both just knew it was right.

Being in Washington was fun, I had never been to The Sates before, but of course the best thing for both of us was just being together. We had the best time seeing her friends and family, and travelling around to Baltimore, DC and Annapolis, but the main thing was to spend as much time together as possible. We found that we were, and even though I'm back in the UK now we still are, insanely happy. Getting on that flight home was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

We're now back to a world of phone calls since we are apart, but we're already looking forward to Jennifer visiting here in August (only the flights left to book), and we already have my trip back out to DC organised for Christmas.

So that's pretty much the story of my trip to DC. It most definitely will not be my last, and in the meantime Jennifer and I are hogging the international phone lines between the UK and the US. Apologies if you've been trying to make an international call yourself and all the lines have been busy, but I can reassure you that our call was more important.

I'll keep you updated with Jennifer and I's news in the diary section of Lazylaces, but in the meantime, back to some games...

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MSN Conspiracy Game
Apologies, but it's taken a while for me to get round to posting the MSN Conspiracy Game. Not a game about how MSN is a conspiracy, but an advertising tie-in from MSN themselves to promote their search engine. It features a series of point'n'click puzzles which you need to solve to find the solution to the overall mystery. Over to the official description:

Your old friend Professor Adam Whitehead says he needs to see you. Urgently.

There's just one problem: when you get to his house, he has vanished. All you can find is an old puzzle box and some cryptic manuscripts.

The challenge is clear. Can you reveal the sinister trail that leads to the professor?

You'll have to solve riddles and open the puzzle box to find him and crack the conspiracy. At your disposal is Windows Live Search, which will prove invaluable as you probe more deeply into the mystery.

You'll need to be smart. You'll need to be cunning.

[subbed by maymcg, anon, Kiki, Ayesha, magrat, Nefretit, clairevc, vwcamperman & Spells].

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