-A Dream
Hmmmm... the newgrounds description of -A Dream states it contains only "Mild Violence", I would add to that by saying it also contains "Excessive Weirdness". Not one for the kids, or indeed you, if you feel crazy and mixed up enough already thank you very much. I'm currently stuck in "the net" and all my point'nclicking isn't getting me out, some help on how to get passed that bit would be much appreciated [subbed by nej].

Entry 2004, Wednesday, July 5th 2006, Filed In Games

CSI New York
Use a bit of point'nclickery in the CSI New York game to investigate the clues and to ultimately try and crack the case. The game trys to get you to use actual text messages to your cell/mobile phone to give you clues which sounds cool, but I guess is costly, and for the US only. My top tip is to use the "experiencing cellular network problems" link for these bits and you can just read the messages on screen. All good fun, but for my money you still can't beat Gil Grissom and the original CSI, oh, I have to go hum the theme tune now... [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2003, Wednesday, July 5th 2006, Filed In Games

IBM Developer Code 3
For the IBM Developer Code 3 game description read what I said about IBM Developer Code 2, substituting the number #3 wherever I mention the number #2. How's that for lazy? [subbed by tracey].

Entry 2002, Monday, July 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

IBM Developer Code 2
The panning camera and inherent motion sickness, along with the rather nice graphics, of the IBM Developer Code game returns in part 2 of the series. Once again the language barrier might stop you understanding everything that is going on (has anyone got a translated description?), but that shouldn't stop you having some point'n'click fun [subbed by tracey, subid & Nicop].

Entry 2001, Monday, July 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Tomb Raider Legend
I've been distracted from my point and click gaming over the weekend by the arrival in the post of Tomb Raider Legend for my PSP (thank you Jay, you are a diamond geezer). So far I've only managed one level, (I have a lady in my life much, much more important, worthy of my time, and quite frankly hotter, than Ms. Lara Croft) but it still comes highly recommended from me. There are lots of puzzles to work out, where all your p'n'c practise comes in useful, combined with some nifty acrobatics and shooting. It made me think that a Tomb Raider point and click game might be a neat thing to see. Anyway, I don't recommend the purchase of many games, but this one gets the thumbs up from me.

While I'm posting a diary entry I should probably mention that it has not escaped my notice that this is post #2000, which I guess means that this is a kind of Lazylaces birthday! I'll pass around the cake later ;o) Thanks for all your support, including over 85,000 comments, on the last 2000 posts since way back in October 2002. I would never have been bothered to do it all if you hadn't come to read, play, comment, and send me emails when I get really lazy. I ask you to charge your glasses and/or coffee cups, and say a toast to yourselves, and to the next 2000 posts. Thank you. Right, now I better post some point and click games, before we all get withdrawal symptoms...

Entry 2000, Monday, July 3rd 2006, Filed In Diary

Scapegoat : Update
If you have been "playing" Scapegoat you will have seen by now that whatever is now sponsored by me (!), and you might find this email I received from "A.L.A.N" useful:

You have the infection. You were warned but did not leave. So now you must venture into a world of confusion - the internet. You must put the pieces of the puzzle together - to find those who are lost, to stop the virus, and to save yourselves. You must be a quick thinker and look for the answers.

The adventure starts from here. Good Luck,


Entry 1999, Friday, June 30th 2006, Filed In Games

Zoo: Extra-Terrestre
Zoo: Extra-Terrestre maintains the long running tradition of French point'n'click games, featuring space aliens, written in HTML ;o) Anyway... the game is quite good fun, even if like me you only know un petit peu of French, but fortunately all the text can be copied and pasted into something like Google Translator if you are stuck [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 1998, Friday, June 30th 2006, Filed In Games

I do love a good gadget so it's a red letter day in the Lazylaces office today as a courier should be arriving with my shiny new phone. Point and click game aficionados will be pleased to see that all those games Smasung sponsored didn't go to waste as I'm getting their new E900. If only it came with something like Samorost or Crimson Room preloaded, I would be in heaven today. As it is I shall have to irritate everyone by playing with ringtones and the camera instead. *nice*

Entry 1997, Friday, June 30th 2006, Filed In Diary

To-Sen-Bo 2
To-Sen-Bo 2 sees the cat from To-Sen-Bo 1 returning to prevent your escape from yet another room, although it's a slightly better drawn room this time, and once again you have to point'n'click your way passed him. This one is tickier than the last though, invloving more than one puzzle, and the ability to turn around! [subbed by Nicop, winniethepooh & koko].

Entry 1996, Thursday, June 29th 2006, Filed In Games

To-Sen-Bo 1
To-Sen-Bo 1 might be in Japanese but both the idea of the game, and actually completing the thing, is very easy. You must escape the room by using your point'n'click skills to distract the cute cat, who, despite outward appearances to the contrary, has a vicious streak, and is liable to throw his claws around if you try to get passed him [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 1995, Thursday, June 29th 2006, Filed In Games

Dead Man's Chest
Dead Man's Chest is half promotional website, half point'n'click game, to promote the Pirates Of The Caribbean film of the same name. For the first part of the game you have to collect all the "plunder" in order to enter the Turkish Prison (you'll probably find the "World Map" link in the top right useful). Beyond that I'm not so sure, although I do think there is a second part to the game, but some sort of glitch meant I lost all my plunder and got thrown out of the prison. Hopefully you have more luck. One thing I did like about the game though was that it got me practising for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ahoy, me hearty! Shiver my timbers! *joy* [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 1994, Thursday, June 29th 2006, Filed In Games

Another Online Riddle
Another Online Riddle is... wait for it... wait for it... is... can you guess... yes I think you might have it... yes, it's another online riddle! Good luck puzzle fans [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 1993, Thursday, June 29th 2006, Filed In Games

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