Stick Cricket
Sit down with nice cup of tea and play some Stick Cricket. As an Englishman it is my duty to post this. Apparently [subbed by Nick G].

Entry 2068, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Mobai Room
Mobai Room is a familiar tale of being trapped in a room and needing to escape with only your point'n'click skills to help you in your quest [subbed by Nicop, winniethepooh, Lost Enigma, Stacey, Big Russ, orly, pirate tink, Sophie & Snuffer].

Entry 2067, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Games

Student Survivor
Student Survivor (both episodes are on this link) could be called Sim-Student, as you control the life of the little student you create, feeding them, taking them to the pub, doing outrageous things like studying, and doing a lot of bank account checking (I don't remember doing this when I was a student, and I think it has a lot more to do with the sponsor, than reality) [subbed by Jim].

Entry 2066, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Games

BA Announcement
An announcement for anyone travelling soon. It'll all be okay [for Kaya, subbed by Duchess].

Entry 2065, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Locked Forever 4
The Locked Forever series continues with Locked Forever 4. Once again you have to point'n'click your way to finding the 10 keys to escape the room [subbed by Stacey, winniethepooh, Langy, Stacy & kamkiriad].

Site News: Normal Lazylaces service will be restored next week. I'm having a great time in case you were wondering :o)

Entry 2064, Saturday, August 12th 2006, Filed In Games

Flash Game Design Competition
I know that a number of my visitors write their own games and so you might be interested in the Flash Game Design Competition being hosted by my friend Jay. There are some nice prizes on offer including a fine Black Nintendo DS held briefly by me as I posted it out of Europe to the US for Jay. For the rest of us, who don't write games, we can wait with baited breath in the hope that some cool point'n'click entries are created for us to play with :o)

Entry 2063, Saturday, August 5th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Ciao Bella - The Zoom Zoom Episode
Not wishing to be sexist, but Ciao Bella - The Zoom Zoom Episode is most definitely a game designed for the ladies, and a damn good one at that judging by the popularity of the original game, "La Bella Romanza". Once again you have to organise Elena's life (with the help of a little bit of point'n'clickery) with the ultimate goal being to win Elio's heart. You'll find a load of car references thrown in for good measure this time round as well, as Mazda are sponsoring this episode. Enjoy [subbed by carrie].

Entry 2062, Saturday, August 5th 2006, Filed In Games

Look Up Into The Sky
I haven't had time to play much of Look Up Into The Sky, especially because I think you need to understand some of the language (Japanese?) to know what is going on, but I'm guessing some of you point'n'click addicts out there will work it out. My best guess so far is that you are trying to get out towards the sky you are looking up into [subbed by Mantari, sopdox & winniethepooh].

Entry 2061, Saturday, August 5th 2006, Filed In Games

Submachine 3
Hot off the press I've just had some great news arrive in the lazylaces inbox this morning from murtaugh, creator of the submachine series, the latest episode, submachine 3, is out now for us to play. Here is his description:

After the submachine2 adventure in the lighthouse you broke the time and space barrier using the portal at the end of the game. I hope you knew that this portal was broken and as you took your chance with with you knew that this could lead literally anywhere and anytime. Well, the journey wasn't quite succesfull. You end up in a timeless loop. If there is a way out, I hope you will find it.

Good luck,

Ok then, now it's time to get point'n'clicking [subbed & created by murtaugh].

Entry 2060, Thursday, August 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Worms 2 Funhouse
In Worms 2 Funhouse the aim of the game is to open all the doors. To do that you'll need to enter the passwords hidden in the rooms. To find them you'll need your trusty [TAB] key point'n'click skills [subbed by The Hamster].

Entry 2059, Thursday, August 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Why e-mail, when you can monk-e-mail? Apetastic [subbed by Mike].

Entry 2058, Thursday, August 3rd 2006, Filed In Stuff

Kapabo's Summer Holidays
It's taken me an age to post Kapabo's Summer Holidays as the PC I have been using just refuses to load it, but the laptop I am on now is fine, so hopefully you can get it to load too. Anyway, this point'n'clicker is from the same stable as Hopping Ham so expect some familiar looking cute animal adventures, as you help poor little Kapabo find his parents (at least that's the goal as far as I've worked out so far). My one word of advice: Mr. [TAB] really is your friend on this one [subbed by winniethepooh, Bknots, Helanren & Sweetcorn].

Entry 2057, Wednesday, August 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

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