The Legacy Of Pliskin 2
The Legacy Of Pliskin returns, with some nicer graphics, in the logically titled point'n'click sequel The Legacy Of Pliskin 2. My only top tip is totally unrelated to completing the game - leave the game for a while to make him play with his PSP. Weird [subbed by winniethepooh, sopdox, Nefretit, Lost Enigma & Kara].

Entry 2076, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

A while back Swiss Thomas got me addicted to his version of Mahjongg Solitaire, and I'm already addicted to sudoku (wiki description), so I can see a whole heap of time disappearing into his version of sudoku [created & subbed by Swiss Thomas].

Entry 2075, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Stuff

OK Go - Here It Goes Again is silly, silly, silly and I love it for it, whether it's technically not musical Friday or not. *Checks double negatives*. That is what I meant [subbed by Hazel & Pirate Tink].

Entry 2074, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Grow Nano V1
Grow Nano V1 replaces the speed clicking action of Grow Nano V0 with a hunt'n'click style to test out your point'n'click skills. Play all the way to the end to get an animated reward [subbed by Videocrazy, Tracey & crazy_nuts_2006].

Entry 2073, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Grow Nano V0
The Grow Series continues with a fun little diversion Grow Nano V0. It's more of a speed clicking contest than a point'n'click game, but I'm sure my shiny new laser mouse is more than up to the job [subbed by Lost Enigma].

Entry 2072, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Dracula's Riddle
In Dracula's Riddle you have to "defeat" the evil count Dracula. To do this you have to venture through Transylvania by solving numerous riddles (more than 80). Some of the riddles are puzzles, some are brainteasers, for some riddles you have to use google to get knowledge etc. To solve it all intelligence, creativity and persistance is required [subbed by Daniel].

Entry 2071, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

The Game (Parts 2 & Delta)
The puzzlers among you may remember "The Game", well Kevin writes to tell me that Part 2 and Delta are now available. Prepare to be very confused. He also included some links that might be useful: That should have your brains leaking out of your ears pretty quickly [subbed by Kevin].

Entry 2070, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Easy Escape
Easy Escape is the easiest escape the room style point'n'click game ever. In fact it's not even really a game. Prepare to be disappointed [subbed by Priesty].

Entry 2069, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Stick Cricket
Sit down with nice cup of tea and play some Stick Cricket. As an Englishman it is my duty to post this. Apparently [subbed by Nick G].

Entry 2068, Saturday, August 19th 2006, Filed In Games

Mobai Room
Mobai Room is a familiar tale of being trapped in a room and needing to escape with only your point'n'click skills to help you in your quest [subbed by Nicop, winniethepooh, Lost Enigma, Stacey, Big Russ, orly, pirate tink, Sophie & Snuffer].

Entry 2067, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Games

Student Survivor
Student Survivor (both episodes are on this link) could be called Sim-Student, as you control the life of the little student you create, feeding them, taking them to the pub, doing outrageous things like studying, and doing a lot of bank account checking (I don't remember doing this when I was a student, and I think it has a lot more to do with the sponsor, than reality) [subbed by Jim].

Entry 2066, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Games

BA Announcement
An announcement for anyone travelling soon. It'll all be okay [for Kaya, subbed by Duchess].

Entry 2065, Tuesday, August 15th 2006, Filed In Stuff

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