Save The Kiddo
Save The Kiddo is one of those point'n'click games where you have to click on the right thing, in the right order, at the right time. All I have to add is that the birdsong soundtrack is soothing at first, but it'll eventually drive you nuts [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2104, Tuesday, August 29th 2006, Filed In Games

Site News - Comments Are BackA while back I had to restrict the comments on the site to 100 per post, which meant we couldn't see all the comments that had been made on longer comment threads, and new, longer, comment threads couldn't grow beyond that size.

Well I spent the long weekend furiously coding and all the comments should now be back, with paging for threads that have over 100 comments, and a comment form on each comment page, so everything should be back to normal (almost). Listening to the advice of the commentors when I mentioned this before I have left the comments in "oldest first" order. My next task when I get the time is to re-introduce the "popular posts" feature that used to live in the right hand column of the site.

Anyway let me know how you get on with the comments, if the new system is working, or if experience any problems adding or viewing comments.


Entry 2103, Tuesday, August 29th 2006, Filed In Diary

Shore Acres 2
In Shore Acres 2, the follow up to Brian's Night Out, our hero heads to Hawaii where you have to use your point'n'click skills to help him find where everyone has disappeared to [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2102, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Shore Acres - Brian's Night Out
Shore Acres - Brian's Night Out is a rather strange point'n'click story that revolves around going to the school dance. There are some great musical interludes though [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2101, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Watch The Birdie
You may remember the style of Watch The Birdie from the The Victorian Period. This point'n'click game trys to teach you about the history of photography, but I like it because the python-esque animations make me giggle [subbed by Leon101].

Entry 2100, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Half point'n'click game, half science lesson, in 2K40 you must show your scientific "muscle" to win a trip to mars in the year 2040. I assume it's fictional as I think I'm going to be a bit too old for space travel in 2040 [subbed by nick s the hamster].

Entry 2099, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Rip Van Nelly
Rip Van Nelly is the unlikely point'n'click adventure based on the premise that Nelly fell asleep for 20 years and missed a gig. I really didn't see this game coming, but it's still nice to play, even if it can be a little slow, and maybe this will just be the start of hip-hop inspired point'n'click games [subbed by winniethepooh & MsInterpret].

Entry 2098, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Shrek 2 Game
Obviously this is a little late, but I hadn't seen it before, the Shrek 2 Game is a cute point'n'click game tied in with the film of the same name. The goal of the game is to help Donkey become a noble steed by finding the hidden secret ingredients (and there are also bonus items to find). A perect game for the kids to play on a rainy day [subbed by Cynthia].

Entry 2097, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Submachine Zero
There's a little submachine diversion in Jay's Game Competition in the form of Submachine Zero (game 4 on the link). A nice little bit of point'n'clickery [subbed by Nefretit].

Entry 2096, Monday, August 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Free The Bird
The bird from Bonte Room 2 returns in Free The Bird in which you must simply... (can you guess?)... free the bird (did you guess right?). Well I say "simply", but despite there only being a bird, a picture and a cuckoo clock for you to point'n'click I'm still pretty stuck. I'm sure there must be a setting for the clock that will help, but there are just so many possible settings and I really must start work soon. Maybe I'll have just one more try... [created and subbed by bart].

Entry 2095, Friday, August 25th 2006, Filed In Games

Keys, Keys, Keys (aka Leaving Your Room 3)
Keys, Keys, Keys is the latest episode in the Leaving Your Room series, which I believe started the "escape the room using point'n'click to find multiple keys" genre that seems to have now developed. It's the first I remember playing anyway, but then again my memory is notoriously bad. Anyway this episode features only one room to investigate, but there are 20 keys to find. I have 13 so far and it's getting tricky now, although I have seen Darth, Bugs, a Dragon & an elephant, which you don't get in every game. My one top tip is for anti-cheaters; you will have to try to cheat at least once to complete this game! Oh - and for everyone else remember to try dragging, not just point'n'clicking [subbed & created by Renegade].

UPDATE: I also forgot to say that the advice on the game page is excellent and works; if the advertising on the page is interferring with the game just reload/refresh the page and it should go away.

Entry 2094, Thursday, August 24th 2006, Filed In Games

Toon Crisis
If you woke up this morning, as of course I do everyday, thinking "I really want to play an arcade game where I walk the photo-realistic streets of London, shooting cartoon type characters using electric sparkles that come out of my finger, whilst listening to manic mad music", then your luck is in with the arrival of Toon Crisis. Phew! I am definitately addicted to this [found at jay is games].

Entry 2093, Wednesday, August 23rd 2006, Filed In Games

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