Daily Show: Bill Clinton vs Fox News
Combative (which I did not even believe was a word, but my friend dictionary.com says it is)! Bill Clinton imparts some interesting views/news and gets mad all at the same time. Which does the US media concentrate on? I think you can guess correctly. The Daily Show does the business once again, doing an excellent job of pointing out the foibles of the media circus. This is my favourite TV show at the moment (we only get it with a day's delay here), even if there is a new series of Spooks on now.

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My second link for musical Friday (woohoo Friday!), this is my absolute favourite track du jour, America by Razorlight. I've loved this for a while (off the album), but I understand this is the latest single release (at least in the UK). Enjoy.

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Woohoo! (Musical) Friday is finally here again... First up today is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, which is very nearly my favourite song du jour, and is Jennifer's current absolute fav (at least it was when we last talked about it, my baby may have changed her mind by now though, especially after I introduced her to the genius of Pink Martini). Anyway, absolute, second, tenth, whatever fav, it's definitely worth a listen this Friday. As always Jennifer and I would also love to hear what you are loving at the moment so feel free to mention what music you're listening to at the moment in the comments, preferably with a link to some audio, so we can all share in the experience.

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EvilSpamMonkeysApologies to everyone if you've seen more spam than usual in the comments, the EvilSpamMonkeys have changed their tactics and are really going for it, "Great Site. Nice Work" indeed. The only response is for me to also update my tactics for responding to spam, so expect to see some changes to the comments system soon (especially if you post URLs). I started work on this last night and hope to have it finished soon. I know that the ultimate solution is for me to require registration to enable commenting, but that's not really a route I want to go down as it's intrusive, annoying, and lots of extra work for me to administrate (lazy as ever you see!). Anyway in the meantime I'll be deleting it as I see it, and you guys be careful what links you're clicking in the comments.

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Lazy StyleI spent a large part of the weekend updating the stylesheets for Lazylaces because, well... just because really (hence the lack of posts yesterday). Sometimes you just fancy a change don't you? Oh, and I remember what started it now - I hadn't tested the site on my Mac for a while and some of the site was looking a bit weird so I ended up working on a complete revamp of both the lazy blue and lazy red themes. As with everytime I start tinkering things got a bit out of hand and it took a lot longer than expected so it's not ready quite yet, I still have some testing and tweaking to do, but watch out for an update on the site sometime this week. In the meantime I added a special background for the upcoming Talk Like A Pirate Day which I'm very happy with :)

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Prepare To Be Boarded!
Arrr, i might have neglected t' celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day in pre'ious years, but I'm not goin' t' make the same mistake this year, I'm mightily lookin' forward t' it. So this is just a quick reminder for you all t' brush up on your pirate 'ocab prior t' this Tuesday (19th September). It would be great t' see some pirate speak in the site comments :o) Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?


I might have neglected to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day in previous years, but I'm not going to make the same mistake this year, I'm really looking forward to it. So this is just a quick reminder for you all to brush up on your pirate vocab prior to this Tuesday (19th September). It would be great to see some pirate speak in the site comments :o)

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Zero 7 : Crosses
I've been a fan of Zero 7 for sometime now, and for the last few weeks their latest album has been my iPod soundtrack of choice for walking across London to work early every morning (not walking across the whole of London you understand, just the bit between the railway station and my office). Anyway I've just found the video for the track "Crosses" online. Cool. Not my favourite track, that would be "Today" (you can find it on the media player on their site), but a cool video none-the-less.

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After spending the whole day either drinking coffee or the wonderful thing that is blueberry juice (that I discovered for the first time in the supermarket this morning), I now have unfeasibly large amounts of energy, and I'm feeling restless. My attention span has dwindled so much I just can't sit and watch another crime drama on television, even if I am normally addicted, or play another point and click game (again - addicted normally), so trawling youtube for short clips of nonsense seemed like a good idea and I came up with this gem: The Holy Grail vrs. Star Wars mash up. Excellent. Anyway I hope I come down from this fruit-sugar induced rush soon. I'm off to find cocktail recipes involving blueberry juice now....

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It's musical Friday and the last day of the working week for most of us, so what could be better than a little ballad about the joys of the work place? [subbed by Hamish].

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You Are Mighty
If you are feeling a bit down and/or have low self esteem try picking yourself up with a bit of You Are Mighty. Simply swap the "lazylaces" in the URL for your own name for some positive mental attitude [subbed by nick b the hamster].

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TV Guide (UK)
The TV Guide (UK) web site is not a guide to the transvestites of Great Britain, but is a very useful (if you are in the UK like I am), and neatly implemented, on-line televsion guide. All the major channels are shown, including the popular satellite/cable channels, with the option to add other channels of your choice, in an easy to read and understand time grid, showing 3 hours at a time. Now I can finally optimize what little televsion viewing time I get so I can view the maximum number of crime dramas (they are so addicting). A very useful site to bookmark.

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Speed Test
Speed Test is a nice little graphical flash tool that will measure the speed of your internet connection for you, for both downloads and uploads, if you are interested in that sort of thing (I am sadly), or if you want to check whether the figures your ISP gave you are anywhere near accurate [via op-pop].

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