Stella Household Challenge
Stella Household Challenge is a weird little point'n'click game/toy promoting some show I can't comment on as we don't get it over here (well I haven't seen it anyway). Anyway the aim of the game is to complete houshold chores using your point'n'click skills. The more I think about it, the more I think this may be some sort of conspiracy Jennifer is involved in to get me to do more housework. Anyway, I can't believe I'm saying this, but now housework is fun [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2174, Friday, September 29th 2006, Filed In Games

Look away now if you are not drinking a cup of tea whilst playing a game of cricket. Part 2 of CDX is out now for you to point'n'click your way through, but as before it's only open to us Brits, possibly being restricted on IP address rather than by drinking and sporting habits, whatever I might say. We pay over 130 quid a year for this btw via the TV license, which is how the BBC is funded, although having said that I'm hoping that when the heat dies down on this game it's re-opened to all, as it was when it was first released [subbed by Nick S The Hamster].

Entry 2172, Friday, September 29th 2006, Filed In Games

Buried Treasure
The trickiest thing about Buried Treasure, even with the language I don't understand (Chinese?), is the load time. It takes ages. Anyway, once you start playing there are some keys to find, a door to unlock, all using your trusty point'n'click skills, a surreal frog hopping game that's seems to have no connection to anything else, and the ultimate reward, a chest full of treasure - which in this case seems to be a link to a Chinese (?) web site offering cruises, or possibly gambling, or possibly gambling on cruises. I didn't quite work that bit out [subbed by f00 via nordinho].

Entry 2169, Thursday, September 28th 2006, Filed In Games

Virtual Curry's Haunted Castle
Virtual Curry's Haunted Castle is a short point'n'click game where you have to find, and destroy, Count Vlad (some sort of vampire dude) in his castle. Very easy, and very short, but don't be fooled into thinking you have finished if you get to the stage I have in my screenshot above - you're only done when the skeletons dance, you'll see what I mean [subbed anonymously].

Entry 2168, Thursday, September 28th 2006, Filed In Games

The new online point'n'click version of Cluedo seems to be the game everybody is talking about. Well it's the one they're all emailing me about anyway. Looks good, I'll have to check it out when I get a chance, unfortunately I need to get on with some work now... [subbed by msmagrat, Melis, winniethepooh, Mantari, f00, charlie, jamez & dee].

Entry 2167, Wednesday, September 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Black Room 2
Want to escape some rooms in Spanish? Then Black Room 2 is the point'n'click game for you. Graeme's mental note: do not run this through google translator to produce a dodgy translation thus destroying any impression I may have created that I can speak Spanish [subbed anonymously].

Entry 2166, Wednesday, September 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Simple Room
NOTE: Link removed at the request of the game's author.

Entry 2165, Wednesday, September 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Homestar's Escape
I dwank too much melonade last night... wherwe am I? Oh yes, it's a Homestar escape the room point'n'click game :) Two of my favourite things in one package [subbed by Max].

Entry 2164, Wednesday, September 27th 2006, Filed In Games

Tomb of the Mummy
In Tomb of the Mummy you must solve the mysterious puzzle of the throat lozenges in order to cure the Mummy's sore throat (that voice really is very raspy). Either that or I haven't quite worked out what I'm doing in this point'n'click puzzler yet and I'm still randomly clicking scarabs. I'll let you decide... [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 2163, Tuesday, September 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Noname Room
Noname Room would be your standard escape the room point'n'click game, except that in this one you play a trapped guitar player who is forced to play the same guitar riff over & over until you escape... alright then, maybe I just made that whole storyline up, this is actually just your regular escape the room game, but it does have a guitar loop soundtrack. So no need to practise your chord progressions after all [subbed by MsInterpret & Meeker].

Entry 2162, Tuesday, September 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Yoga Challenge
I suspect that Yoga Challenge is not even distantly related to actual yoga, but trying to stay upright by wiggling your mouse around is still quite good fun. How long did you manage to stay standing for? [subbed by H].

Entry 2161, Tuesday, September 26th 2006, Filed In Games

CDX is a new point'n'click mystery from the BBC (only part 1 of 4 is currently available). The graphics, sound and production values are fantastic, and what's more you'll probably learn something about Romans while you are playing... Nice.

A sacrificial blade forged at the birth of the Roman empire holds the key to an ancient and bloody conspiracy that threatens to erupt into the present day.

Stranded in 21st century Tunis, Adam Foster is plunged into a world of greed, betrayal and murder. But who has the blade, and can the killers be stopped?

[subbed by msmagrat, Mantari & stephen].

Entry 2159, Monday, September 25th 2006, Filed In Games

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