100,000th CommentNews of absolutely no consequence, as the Lazylaces funds cupboard is bare in terms of sorting out some sort of prize, but congratulations to "JhInG" for making Lazylaces' 100,000th Comment. Against all the odds it wasn't someone saying 1st, or selling "Rolex" watches (although the Anti-EvilSpamMonkey code seems to have nailed that particular problem for now). Of course this news is of no interest to anyone except people obsessively interested in statistics (pretends this doesn't apply to self), but I thought I would share it with you all anyway. You can move along now. Nothing to see here...

Entry 2189, Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, Filed In Stuff

Henachoko Island
I'm yet to work out the goal of Henachoko Island, or why this point'n'click game seems overly obsessed with a certain bodily function, however you've got to love the noises the little animals make when you click on them [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2188, Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Fred's Adventure
Help Fred retrieve his stolen bicycle in Fred's Adventure using only your trusty point'n'click skills... er... and the cursor keys to move around. Also try not to do your bad Barney Rubble impression all day, "sure thing Fred", and do not sing Queen's "Bicycle" to yourself constantly. I'm failing badly at these last two... [subbed by Spells].

Entry 2187, Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

The Second Door (Coming Soon)
Puzzle fans who's brains aren't cowering in a corner fearing more over-use may remember "The First Door", a tricky online puzzle released back in June. Well you'll be pleased to hear, although maybe your brain will not, that I received an email last night advising me that the Second Door will open soon (9th October - and yes, I do know, we swap the month and the day in UK format dates). So here's that, short and to the point, email in full for all you puzzlers out there:

The quest will continue. The Second Door will open. Soon it will be time to begin again. New doors await those who wish to open them. 9/10/06 - http://www.thefirstdoor.co.uk/ The Door Will Open...

[subbed by The First Door].

Entry 2186, Tuesday, October 3rd 2006, Filed In Stuff

Leaving Your Road
Use your trusty point'n'click skills to try and get back inside your house in Leaving Your Road. This is the latest game from Renegade author of the Leaving Your Room series [subbed by Nicop].

Entry 2185, Monday, October 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

The Victim Game
The Victim Game is a creepy, but simple, point'n'click game. Given the subject matter, and the amount of blood involved, I'd say it's not one to let the kids play, but there's nothing too bad here. Unfortunately I played it in daylight when I got into work, but it looks like it would be much more fun if you played alone, late at night, with the sound up, lights down, and a handy sofa nearby to hide behind :) The game is promoting a film and is, mostly, in Thai (definitely a first for me), the film web site has links for Thai and English versions, but I couldn't get the English link to work. That doesn't matter though as I managed to complete the game without an ounce of Thai knowledge, although the ending was a little unexpected when it came. The aim of the game would seem to be to retrieve the knife from the bath (you need to get in the bathroom first) - I was expecting a little bit more than that [subbed by Saken].

Entry 2184, Monday, October 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

The Goodhue Codex
The Goodhue Codex is a good looking, relatively simple, but involved enough to keep you interested, point'n'click game. Ideal play for a Sunday. The only thing I would have liked is some sound, but since it's set in a library I guess the silence is part of the ambience
[subbed by K. Engels, Gerri, MsInterpret & Anon].

Entry 2183, Sunday, October 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Nudist Trampolining
Don't worry I'm not going all x rated on you. All the naughtiness is covered up with fig leaves in Nudist Trampolining which just leaves (geddit?) a very silly game for you to play [subbed by Gabby & Sassy].

Entry 2182, Sunday, October 1st 2006, Filed In Games

ITMG 2.0
The IT Manager Game 2.0 (ITMG2.0) could be called Sim IT Manager. It's a very odd game to play on Sunday as it's very much like being at work, at least for me, as you sort out computer issues, train, keep you staff happy, etc. I found it quite addiciting though as I had to play for just a little longer just to reach my next goal a few times when I was thinking I really should quit out and get on with something else. There are also some rather odd mini games in there to mix it up a little, fighting hackers, bulding servers, etc. Quite a slow burner this one, but worth a look, as long as you donm't mind registering [subbed by george].

Entry 2181, Sunday, October 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Pursue Dreams
Escape the spooky room in Pursue Dreams, before the spooky music sends you nuts. I'm fairly certain though that the big "game over" I got when I opened the door was not a good thing and there's a little bit more to this point'n'click game [from yx007, subbed by Nicop].

Entry 2180, Saturday, September 30th 2006, Filed In Games

Site News : Alternative AddressSince I did the last big batch of work to Lazylaces virtually all of the problems loading the site, the error messages that occaisionally appeared, and the problems with my web host's servers, have disappeared, and what's more the site has been working at rocket pace compared to the old days (imho). Anyway over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a problem sometimes cropping up with accessing the site, which I think other people have seen too (I've had at least two people email about this). Anyway I figure the problem may be DNS related (which means there's not much I can do about it), as each time it happens to me I've found I can quite easily get round the issue by using the site's alternative address. So I thought I should share the alternative address in the public domain (I don't normally use it) for you to bookmark for those days when there is a problem. The alternative adress is:


Don't worry though, I'm still staying at the lazylaces.com address, the alternative is just there was those days when the original one is not working (OK, I guess technically it is always there, but you know what I mean).

Entry 2178, Saturday, September 30th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Seen On Screen
Seen On Screen is the lastest game from Bart (remember Free The Bird and the Bonte Rooms?) and is something a little bit different. For a start I haven't seen a vending machine or bird yet, but maybe they are to come as I'm currently still stuck on level 7 (I've got to get back to this in a minute). The game is a whole series of puzzles, presented on a screen (check behind the screen too!), which you'll need your brain and those point'n'click skills of yours to progress through. Really quite addiciting, and I must get back to it now... [subbed and created by Bart].

UPDATE: I've completed it now, and loved it all. I'm really hoping Bart produces another one of these, or some additional levels. Please Bart?

Entry 2177, Saturday, September 30th 2006, Filed In Games

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