Futurama: Titanic Game
Futurama: Titanic Game is an easy, if somewhat buggy, point'n'click game of three levels. Level two is the best of the bunch for my money, but even that isn't a great challenge, I do like Futurama though so I was always going to be a sucker for this game [subbed by JhInG].

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It's musical Friday and I don't know what to post, but I am loving C2C which I randomly found. Not my usual cup of tea, but cool as you like. Lets mix it up everybody...

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Pumpkin Carving
With Halloween fast approaching it's time to practice your Pumpkin Carving skillz, fortunately it's all virtual so you don't have to waste pumpkins and necessitate lots of pie making (what else are you meant to do with the insides?). You'll see above that I have the last word in rubblish carving skillz (I was in a rush, OK?), but I did manage to do "LL" for the eyes which I thought was a nice touch. Oh dear... [subbed by kelly].

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Coming Soon: Wogger II & One-Off R
For reasons out of my control I'm not posting today as I'm playing with someone's web servers (Oh, inter-web server security how I love you; you definitely better turn up with that promised bacon sandwich Scott, or there will be trouble) for work in my normal early morning posting slot. Fortunately the behind the scenes technology of Lazylaces lets me post yesterday things for today. So I'm actually posting last night for today. So happy tomorrow everyone today, from yesterday. This is why time travel is so hard you know - referring to time becomes (became?) far too tricky and confusing. Anyway, I'm digressing madly....

First news of tomorrow today is that I popped over to Free Game News on my regularly nightly visit and saw that the sequel to Wogger is due out in November. Great news if you enjoyed the original as I have to say I did. I stole one of the screenshots (above), click on it to see the others posted at Free Games News. It looks at lush as the first episode, which is definitely a good thing.

Secondly while I'm looking at "coming soons" I keep checking in at gotmail, but there's still no date for One-Off Type R, which I'm looking forward to after the original One-Off (Discuss: Can you have a sequel to a one-off?) was so entertaining.

Anyway, that's all yesterday's today's news, so, onwards...

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There's some point'n'click thieving to be done in $wag. It's so wrong, yet so right (though probably not for the kids to play). That blurry effect is making me a little ill though... [subbed by Billy].

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Buried Alive
Buried Alive is your classic "escape the coffin" point'n'click game...

It is dark. Very, very dark. And your head hurts. You have a hunch this isn't going to be a good day. Maybe fumbling around in the darkness will help...

[subbed by winniethepooh].

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20 Questions
I wasn't going to post 20 Questions, as I was thinking how much fun can the old "animal, vegetable, mineral" thing be? I mean it's a game I normally reserve for boring car journies. But I gave 20Q a few goes all the same, and that's when I knew I had to post it. It has guessed all the things I was thinking of so far, and a few of them I can't really work out how it's done it from the questions it asked - it's starting to freak me out a little [subbed by Lisa].

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Dr.Wick's Evil Plans (1 & 2)
In Dr.Wick's Evil Plans (1 & 2) you must thwart evil world supremacy by using mathematics. And if you succeed there's a job waiting for you spreading world peace using calculus... [subbed by Meeker].

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Professor XYZ 4
In Professor XYZ 4 you have to use your point'n'click skills to rescue a farting cow from an abandoned mine... that's right... you did hear me right... I said farting cow. Enjoy [subbed by MsInterpret & kelly].

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Cauchemars Episode 4
The cute cartoon graphics of the Cauchemars series return in Cauchemars Episode 4. Get those kids point'n'clicking; not yourself obviously, you're far too grown up to be playing this kind of thing. I don't know enough French to be certain, although that voice over guy is excellent, but I think the point of the game is to escape the prison [subbed by Mantari & winniethepooh].

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If you've got a leaky tap (or faucet as my US-UK dictionary informs me), and you know how to find them, then you should hire, the Waterbusters!. Cue Graeme singing the A-Team theme music for no good reason... Anyway, back to the game... Waterbusters is a cursor key driven point'n'click game in which you try to save water around the home. A great little game for the kids to play [subbed by winniethepooh].

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Stella Artois L'Etranger
Step into Le Cercle Bar et Brasserie, a classic bar set somewhere in La France, and try out the barman's challenge of pouring the perfect glass of beer in Stella Artois L'Etranger. The first challenge is to select the right glass (not difficult when one of them has "Stella Artois" written on it), and then get the pouring of the beer just right; selecting the inclination of the glass and so on. This second part is quite hard, as the controls seem to go a bit weird and I think it might be a bit buggy if you ask me (that's my excuse anyway). My "buggy theory" was vindicated when the game got stuck in a loop and made me watch the same beer being poured three times. Fortunately though I find the pouring of beer mesmerizing [subbed by JhInG].

Entry 2210, Tuesday, October 10th 2006, Filed In Games

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