Death Trap 2
In Death Trap 2 you are trapped in a house and your mission is to use your point'n'click skills to escape. Inconveniently though the house is full of "death traps" which makes things a bit more tricky (and not really suitable for children). On the whole the game looks great, but it's let down slightly by the huge green arrows everywhere. It's a bit of grown-up Halloween fun though [subbed by Meeker & MsInterpret].

Entry 2237, Thursday, October 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Shadow Of A Man
Escape the 7 flaming rooms in Shadow Of A Man, a 3D point'n'click adventure [from LiveAndLoad, subbed by winniethepooh & JhInG].

Entry 2236, Thursday, October 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Hopping Ham's Halloween
The awesomely cute Hopping Ham returns for some Halloween based point'n'click adventures in Hopping Ham's Halloween [subbed by camecha].

Entry 2235, Thursday, October 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Master Of Hobby
In Master Of Hobby you are trapped in a very messy bedroom, where the objects you find include a handheld computer game console and a box of tissues. Which is why I'd call this point'n'click game, "escape the teenage boy's bedroom" (you know what I'm saying), rather than "Master Of Hobby", which is a translation of the original Japanese title [subbed by Helanren, Nefretit, Meeker, MsInterpret & winniethepooh].

Entry 2234, Thursday, October 26th 2006, Filed In Games

Enigma In The Yellow Rooms
It's taken me some time to post Enigma In The Yellow Rooms, despite it being a rather good point'n'click game, influenced by MOTAS, as there have been a few issues with availability. First the bandwidth on the original site was exceeded, and over the last few days I just couldn't get the flash file to load, but now the 7th room has been added it all seems to be working fine again. The game is like a chain of room escaping games, the idea being you escape one room to get into the next, yellow-themed, room. Currently there are seven to complete, but rooms are still being added. You can keep up with the additions, and other game news, at the official EitYR homepage [subbed by CurryFrank, Kelly, Nefretit, Ree, winniethepooh, Meeker, MsInterpret, BlackKitten, Stella John, JhInG & manon].

Entry 2233, Wednesday, October 25th 2006, Filed In Games

The Roomz
There are a series of puzzling rooms to find your way through in The Roomz. There is a little bit of point'n'click, but you'll mainly need your puzzle brain to find the passwords to get from room to room [subbed by MsInterpret, winniethepooh, manon, Meeker, kelly, JhInG, Gerri, Big Russ & czGeorge].

Entry 2232, Monday, October 23rd 2006, Filed In Games

The (GH) Museum
You may remember getting carelessly stuck in a museum once or twice before if you play a lot of point'n'click games (will you never learn?), hence it's necessary to insert "GH" into the title of The (GH) Museum, so that you know exactly which museum you're escaping this time (it's Games Handbook's, hence the "GH"). In this one you have to fix a variety things in the museum that a group of pesky kids has messed up (ooo - scooby doo moment) before you can escape [subbed by Matt, winniethepooh, MsInterpret, Meeker, neabob, Nefretit, JhInG & Gerri].

Entry 2231, Sunday, October 22nd 2006, Filed In Games

8 Days
Sorry I've been out of action for the last few days, I've been stuck in bed with a really bad cold (I'm not sure how widespread this is, but if you work in London it's the "one that's going around" at the moment - nasty) .

Anyway, I see that 8 Days the new "live action" point'n'click game from Anode Et Cathode has been released (the first part at least). If you haven't already, I suggest you sign-up asap and get involved [subbed by Nemrac, Mercy, sassymom08, Helanren, Rachel, Boo, MsInterpret, Debs, sopdox, Richard C, drunkinhamster, freako1120, Faith T, Sean T, crimsonqueen3750, Anster & fatrnu].

Entry 2230, Saturday, October 21st 2006, Filed In Games

Paint (Behind The Scenes)
So the news on the grapevine is that the new Sony Bravia Ad (remember the bouncing balls?) is out tomorrow (at 20:45GMT my sources tell me, which makes me guess the UK is getting it first, they didn't mention a channel, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say ITV1 is the spot to watch). The behind the scenes video link I got sent gives you a flavour of what might be involved, but if you check youtube you can find clips that are a bit more revealing. The only question remaining is, after it airs tomorrow, where will you be able to see it first? The offical site, or youtube?

Entry 2229, Monday, October 16th 2006, Filed In Stuff

I've been a bit slow on this one, but episode 3 of CDX is out now. It's still only for UK players though, so apologies to everyone else - I know this is a big pain in the posterior [subbed by Lee].

Entry 2228, Monday, October 16th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Cluedo (Final Episode Available)
I know that you Cleudo Addicts know this already, but just a quick reminder in case you have been living under a stone for these last few weeks - the final episode of this great point'n'click game is available now. The investigation ends on 22nd October, with the killer being unmasked on the 25th. Good luck everyone.

Entry 2227, Monday, October 16th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Mechenosets is a short and simple point'n'click room escaper. Once you escape the room you can watch a clip from the Russian film that the game is promoting - although I don't recommend this last bit for the kids [subbed by JhInG & Meeker].

Entry 2226, Monday, October 16th 2006, Filed In Games

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