Red Card
Leading to some frantic point'n'clicking, that will threaten to break your mouse, the idea of Red Card is to find all 5 red cards hidden within a room within 20 seconds. It's in the nature of the game that it's all over really quickly, but the cards are hidden in a different place every time you play, so you can give it a few goes if you wish [subbed by JhInG].

Entry 2257, Monday, November 6th 2006, Filed In Games

EitYR : Room 8
Fans of Enigma In The Yellow Rooms should start scratching their heads, room number 8 in this point'n'click series is out now [subbed by Glen].

Entry 2256, Monday, November 6th 2006, Filed In Stuff

Firework Frenzy
Firework Frenzy sees you creating your own firework display over London. Just the thing for Guy Fawkes Night [subbed by Ali].

Entry 2255, Sunday, November 5th 2006, Filed In Games

Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos
In Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos you play a blue rabbit who tinkers with an island's climate. Obviously. Use the keyboard to control movement, and point'n'click to interact. Very cute [subbed by Mike, Thyrfing, Merri & Martha].

Entry 2254, Sunday, November 5th 2006, Filed In Games

Sound Factory
Sound Factory is a musical game where you make tunes for your co-workers using the objects around you in the factory where you work. Sounds like an ideal link for a lazylaces musical Friday :o) Entertain your colleagues enough and you be rewarded with even more objects to "play", but remember to keep doing your job, and avoid the boss finding out, at the same time. Also check out A Break In The Road by the same game author [subbed by neabob & JhInG].

Entry 2253, Friday, November 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

One-Off R
In One-Off R, the latest game from those fine folks at gotmail, you are trapped in a shipping container with your fine motorcycle. It's time to get point'n'clicking, so that you can escape, and...

"Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way.

Good luck and rock on everybody [subbed by JhInG, presbhs & Nicop].

Entry 2252, Thursday, November 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

Kotori is a weird & short, but very cute, point'n'click game. You play, what I think is, a Panda trying to return a chick to it's nest, but a number of obstacles stand in your way. You may take four of six objects available to you to help you in your quest, using them in the right order, so that you can return the chick to it's home. Not too hard at all, as it's just a case of trial and error, but it's still a nice little diversion [subbed by MsInterpret].

Entry 2251, Thursday, November 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

You get a phone call from a friend. There's an Intruder in their house... immediately you pop around to investigate. You fool. Your insatiable appetite for point'n'clickery is going to be the end of you one of these days. Especially if you're not quiet. What's more it's raining so hard outside you have no choice but to enter the house, even if you are having second thoughts. Be careful folks, and whatever you do, don't let the kids play this one [subbed by MsInterpret, JhInG, Helanren & winniethepooh].

Entry 2250, Thursday, November 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

Whatever your web browser of choice it's time to get updating and tabbing everybody! Yes even Internet Explorer users get tabs now (without installing bizarre toolbars and addins); welcome to the 21st Century Microserfs!

My own personal preference (although I use all of these 3 regularly) is Firefox 2. Everything you loved about "Firefox 1.5.whatever" with added Session Saver (no need for addins on this one any more) so all your open tabs are remembered when you close down and reopen the browser, a very nifty in-browser spell checker which I hope will remove my reliance on when I'm posting, and a raft of other stuff I haven't even looked at yet. W00t! Check out these Firefox 2 tweaks to get it all just how you want it.

Microsoft play catch up with IE7 which is finally out of Beta. It's got lots of nice features, none of which will seem to be original if you've used any other web browser, but that doesn't stop them being good and useful. And most importantly IE finally gets tabs (one of the best things in a browser imho, I just find them so useful). Download it today (or tomorrow if you want the first security patch).

Finally Opera 9.02, which is winning the war of numbers (9 must be better than 7!), has been out for a while, but I have to mention it, as way-back-when Opera was the browser that first revolutionised my own web browsing with tabs. There are so many features in this one it's just ridiculous, and it's several steps ahead of the rest still (although I maintain that the inbuilt mail client is rubbish of the highest degree - the browser's only bad point, but the idea of incorporating mail into the browser is a fine one). Try it if you want to see where FF and MSIE are heading next.

Happy tabbing browsing everyone!

Entry 2249, Thursday, November 2nd 2006, Filed In Stuff

Play Your Gifts Right
Well I can tell you that Christmas officially started yesterday (now that Halloween is safely out of the way) as $tarbucks handed me my morning coffee in a Christmas themed cup. Today I plan on experimenting with the (Christmas Special) Gingerbread Latte so I can really get into the spirit of things. Ho ho ho everybody.

Anyway if the marketing stylings of the great coffee empire were not enough to persuade you that Christmas is just around the corner, then I have also received my first Christmas game submission for this year. Excellent.

Play our Gifts Right is a nice Hi/Lo game, with Christmas gifts, to promote a charity (hence some of less tradtional gifts included). The absolute best thing about the game for me though, was the music. Ridiculously Christmassy and just, well, just lovely. I've had the game open in the background for the last 15 minutes now just so I can listen to the music. I feel like I should be loading a sled with presents or something... [subbed by pixelhugger].

Entry 2248, Thursday, November 2nd 2006, Filed In Games

Marcy Vladdigan's Cottage of Terror
In Marcy Vladdigan's Cottage of Terror (great name by the way) your Southpark-esque group starts off trick or treating and unwisely decides to enter Marcy Vladdigan's Cottage of Terror (the name should have suggested it was a bad idea). At that point the Southpark-esque element of the game disappears, blood abounds, and you are off on another spooky point'n'click adventure [subbed and created by Joby].

Entry 2247, Wednesday, November 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Purgatorium is a seasonal, and downright spooky, point'n'click game from Ben Leffler, author of Exmortis. You might want to shuffle the kids out of the room before playing, better still wait until the dead of night to play once they have gone to bed, turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and get a spare set of underwear handy [subbed by MsInterpret, Rod & JhInG].

Entry 2246, Wednesday, November 1st 2006, Filed In Games

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