Law & Order : Justice Is Served
My twin addictions of point'n'click games and US crime drama meet head to head in Law & Order : Justice Is Served. A playable point'n'click demo of a larger commercial game, where you are investigating the murder of a tennis player. Excuse me while I find my dirty raincoat and practice my New York accent... oh, and drink coffee and eat donuts(*), excellent [Subbed by Ariadne & helle].

(*) SIDE NOTE: Yes, I know, I used the US spelling of "doughnuts".

Entry 2341, Tuesday, December 5th 2006, Filed In Games

SignBot - make your own animated scrolling text LED sign. My bizarre addiction to on-line sign generators means that I love this for no other reason than it exists. Excellent [via Red Ferret].

Entry 2340, Monday, December 4th 2006, Filed In Stuff

SSSG7: Search For The Golden Goblet
Hot off the press and just in my in-box SSSG7: Search For The Golden Goblet is out now. I'd love to say more but I have to rush off and do some work now; I caught this just in the nick of time. Damn Mondays! Anyway I hope you all get to enjoy the point'n'clickery, I'll have to wait until tonight now [subbed by self defiant].

Entry 2339, Monday, December 4th 2006, Filed In Games

Good Night!
The ultimate goal of Good Night! is to free the little rabbit/hamster from it's cage using your point'n'click skills. I say rabbit/hamster because the submitters couldn't agree which it was. Some say hamster, some say rabbit. My personal vote is for rabbit as a). That ear is looking suspiciously long, b). The game is hosted at Anyway I digress, in the course of this cute little game you must collect coloured puzzle pieces which unlock the frames in the main picture. As you collect all the pieces of one colour "set" the frame of the same colour unlocks allowing you to arrange the picture inside and gain further rewards. All very cute [subbed by Linny, Kat, Pahsimeroi, winniethepooh & JhInG].

Entry 2338, Monday, December 4th 2006, Filed In Games

M's Room
As much as I was hoping that M's Room was a James Bond tie-in point'n'click game involving breaking into the office belonging to James' boss, it's actually a regular Japanese escape the room style point'n'click game with no sign of Bond at all. Humph. Fortunately that's just the kind of thing I normally like anyway, and if I hum the James Bond theme tune while I play I can Bond it up a bit... [subbed by JhInG, karstenmp, winniethepooh & BlackKitten].

Entry 2337, Monday, December 4th 2006, Filed In Games

Slingshot Santa
Slingshot Santa celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, which we all know is about getting elves to hurl Santa out of a giant catapult (are you sure about that? - Ed). Great fun [Subbed by nick s the hamster].

Entry 2336, Monday, December 4th 2006, Filed In Games

Sleep Adventure
Sleep Adventure is the perfect point'n'click game for a Sunday. Your objective is to get into the bedroom so you can go to sleep! There's an objective I can really relate too [Subbed by Ariadne & nick s the hamster].

Entry 2335, Sunday, December 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

There's nothing at all complex about a game of dominoes (unless you are playing in the pub after imbibing a few pints), and consequently there's nothing complex about the on-line version either, but oh my - is it addicting? It certainly is... just... can't... stop... playing.

Entry 2334, Sunday, December 3rd 2006, Filed In Games

Wogger (New Levels)
The new levels for Wogger are out now, so what are you doing here? Go and luxuriate in the beautiful graphics whilst exercising your point'n'click finger and working the puzzles through your tired old brain. You have to play through the existing 2 levels first before you get to the 2 new free ones so you better get cracking now. And beyond level four you have to pay for the game (8 extra levels), that may or may not seem like a good idea to you now, but you should be suitably addicted after playing thru 4 levels to be reaching for your wallet/purse later this morning [subbed by winniethepooh, Kat, LBWeaver & Nicop].

Entry 2333, Friday, December 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Escape From Room WA
Looking for your Friday escape the room point'n'click fix? Then try Escape From Room WA, where the idea of the game is to... er... point and er... click and er... escape the room [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2332, Friday, December 1st 2006, Filed In Games

Danish Advent Calendar
Ohhhh... suddenly the 1st Of December is upon us and it's time to open door number one on your advent calendar. If you don't have one already try this nice Danish Advent Calendar which looks like it has a different mini puzzle hidden behind each window - today you get to build a little Santa puppet type toy. While you're on the site, also take a look at the homepage for the site which is also cute and has plenty of hidden features top play with. Excellent. That's set me up with some Christmas spirit to face the day [subbed by catraven].

Entry 2331, Friday, December 1st 2006, Filed In Stuff

Alfie's North Pole Adventure
Alfie's North Pole Adventure contains some more (simple) point'n'click Christmas fun from the same people who brought you South Pole Santa [subbed by helle & karstenmp].

Entry 2330, Thursday, November 30th 2006, Filed In Games

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