Kongregate is a new games community site (started last year, but finding it's feet now) where you can upload your own games you've authored (and it's not only useful for beating the curse of expensive bandwidth, you also take a cut of ad revenue too), or just play, and it's definitely one to watch in 2007. Registration is required, which I know some people hate, but from what I've seen so far it's worth it. Here's what they have to say:

Founded in 2006 and currently in a state of heavy development, Kongregate seeks to create the leading online hub for players and game developers to meet up, play games, and operate together as a community.

By wrapping user-submitted Flash games with various community features, Kongregate's site serves as a unique way for users to play great web-based games alongside friends. Anyone can add their own games to Kongregate's library in a process that's fast and simple.

Kongregate operates with an understanding of how difficult it can be for talented game developers - from the aspiring gamesmith to the independent studio - to get the recognition and compensation that they deserve. That's why Kongregate shares microtransaction and advertising revenue with contributing developers, who retain the full rights to their games.

[subbed by JhInG & OpPop].

UPDATE: According to Emily from Kongregate the requirement to sign up to play will be dropped within the next few weeks, so if you have a hang-up over signing-up check back on the site later this month.

Entry 2389, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Tube Crisis
Tube Crisis is a point'n'click game advertising a Sony MP3 player that is a little different in concept from regular games. The idea behind it is that you take The Tube wearing your MP3 player, obviously, when suddenly every Tom, Dick and Harry come aboard. Click on them using various combinations to find their weaknesses that will make them go away and leave you in peace. This is a fun, easy game, with some unexpected reactions from the other passengers [subbed by JhInG, Ariadne, winniethepooh & Sophie].

Entry 2388, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Stuck Inside
Stuck in a room with a safe, computer and trash can for company? Stuck Inside presents room escaping point'n'click-ites with our utopian ideal [subbed by Catraven, Ariadne, seldumonde & Tia].

Entry 2387, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

RBK Whodunit?
RBK Whodunit? is an on-going point'n'click detective game, with a slant (or total bias actually) towards sports (it's sponsored by Reebok):

Over the next few weeks, clues will be revealed on the latest Reebok Whodunit? Examine the crime scenes, interrogate the athletes, analyse clues and crack the case.

It seems like very nicely done game, with some good graphics, and some immersive touches, especially for a crime drama addict such as myself. Happy clue hunting people [subbed by JhInG & Ariadne].

Entry 2386, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Hmmm... Doll was sent to me as a room escaping game, but given that I can't see a door, there's no window, just a wall, behind the curtain, and I don't understand Japanese, I think this point'n'click game is going to be a bit tricky [subbed by Electra & Ariadne].

Entry 2385, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Magneto Syndrome 2
Magneto Syndrome 2 is another odd, short (but not necessarily easy), point'n'click, episode of Magneto Syndrome. It's one of those frustrating games that's very easy once you've got the secret of doing it, but very difficult until you reach that "eureka" moment, but then again I guess that describes a lot of games. There's a clue (just about visible) in my picture above if you are stuck getting started. And just a couple of additional words of warning - the load time is slow (even on a good connection), and if you're a bit squeamish, or going to let the kids play, you may want to get someone a bit older and braver to try it out first, there's at least one scene in the game (involving scissors) that you may want to avoid [subbed by MarcusAurelius, Nicop, Phantom of the Arse, Ariadne, kathie & Kin El Bravido].

Entry 2384, Saturday, January 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Get Out v2.0 - Poker Night...?
Get Out v2.0 - Poker Night...? is the point'n'click follow up to One Simple Room and it sees you inexplicably stuck in an apartment. Your task? Why, to escape, of course. Start the game by using the link at the top of the page I have linked to. Also the first game is right next to it if you never tried that last time round/you want to try it again [subbed by ddd, Electra, Gerri, Langy & Stacey].

Entry 2383, Saturday, January 6th 2007, Filed In Games

Flash Game Design Competition 2
I almost missed the note about Jay's Flash Game Design Competition 2 in my current jet-lagged haze which would have been a major omission. The last competition resulted in same great games (and not just the winners) and I'm confident round 2 will see us all being delivered some more quality gaming fun. Game creators get on over there now, read the details and get creating, there's glory and cash prizes to be had. The rest of us will wait with bated breath.

Entry 2382, Saturday, January 6th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Warbears 2
I've got no graphics software to do a screen shot, and very little time to write much, but Warbears 2 is looking good. Pop on over and have a point'n'click at it now, and I'll smarten up this post a little when I'm back to my regular PC [subbed by Nicop].

UPDATE: Screen-shot finally done! Don't expect rocket science from me right now though (although when did I ever do that anyway?), I have a heavy case of the ol' jet lag and I don't know what's going on right now. I'm dog tired and I'm only trying to stay awake until a vaguely "proper" bet time so I can get back on my time zone.

Entry 2381, Thursday, January 4th 2007, Filed In Games

SSSG8 : New York
Time for a change of scenery, via a trip to New York, for the Super Sneaky Spy Guy series in the latest point'n'click game from those fine SSSG fellows, in SSSG8: New York. You start on a plane into the city and then it's up to you work out what's going on from there onwards [subbed by self defiant, anon, Bryan, sopdox, JhInG, RCarey & Aythri].

Entry 2380, Monday, January 1st 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 7
Surely the Wogger Winter holidays are almost over now with the release of Wogger Mini 7? Fortunately, as we all know, a point'n'click game is for life, not just for Christmas [subbed by anon (x3), TheLemon, czGeorge & JhInG].

Entry 2379, Monday, January 1st 2007, Filed In Games

Christmas Decorations
You would have thought that just after Christmas the decorating madness would have ended, but there's a little more to point'n'click your way through in Christmas Decorations, a game containing more than a little madness of it's own from the great Renegade. Careful of the advertising pop-ups though , if you just get advertising and no obvious game just try clicking through again [subbed by Shiny, JhInG, winniethepooh & chocletadict].

Entry 2378, Thursday, December 28th 2006, Filed In Games

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