Atrocitys 2: The Revenge
Atrocitys 2: The Revenge, as the name would suggest, is the follow up to Atrocitys, and is another slice of point'n'click horror, partly a game, but more of an interactive story. Once again this is not one to let the kids play, and if you are of a nervous disposition you might want to keep a couch handy to hide behind. Not the one in the picture above though... [subbed by Jayne].

Entry 2401, Wednesday, January 10th 2007, Filed In Games

Emmerdale Murder Mystery
Emmerdale Murder Mystery is a point'n'click murder mystery, with a cash prize (I didn't find the detail, but I suspect the prize is UK only, you can still play though), tied into long running British soap opera "Emmerdale". Your task, as you might expect, is to find whodunnit. I'm proud to say I know very little about the show (it's utter trash) despite living in the right country to see it, other than it's basic premise - it concerns the non-so-typical lives of farming folk. And I also know it's (very familiar if you watch UK TV) theme tune - which is entertainingly (and I have to admit rather nicely) recreated in a choir style in the game. However having said all that the game seems to be pretty good, even though the show sucks, so happy sleuthing [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2400, Wednesday, January 10th 2007, Filed In Games

Revenge For Sonia
In Revenge For Sonia someone has killed your sister Sonia (and I thought I was an only child), and you have to point'n'click your way around their home looking for evidence to link them to the crime. I do love a good crime drama :) Nice graphical style, and the game-play will remind you of SSSG, which is no bad thing [subbed by Nicop & hyperkinetic].

Entry 2399, Tuesday, January 9th 2007, Filed In Games

Adobe Creative Mind
Adobe Creative Mind definitely fits into the category "Flash Thing", rather than "Flash Game", in fact "Tripped Out Flash Mind Bender" might be more appropriate. Nice. Move your mouse around, point, click, wonder what on earth is going on... [subbed by Yvonne].

Entry 2398, Tuesday, January 9th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Puzzle Box
Puzzle Box (by merj) on the face of it is a seemingly complex point'n'click puzzle, resembling some sort of complex 3D lock. However once you start to play you'll quickly find it's a lot easier than you anticipated, and your ear drums will soon be assaulted with the reward at the end of the game [subbed by Sophie & winniethepooh].

Entry 2397, Tuesday, January 9th 2007, Filed In Games

Strange Room
Escape the Strange Room (in Japanese). Once again you are stuck in a room (careless) and need to escape, with only your point'n'click skills to help you. Note: To look at an item in your inventory, click "ITEM" and select it. To use it on screen, or with another item, click the "D" button for "drag" then select it [subbed by JhInG & Sophie].

Entry 2396, Tuesday, January 9th 2007, Filed In Games

Handmadegame's unusual game "Rooms" is an odd mix of sliding tiles puzzle meets point'n'click adventure, the kind of thing you don't see very often/at all, but it really does work, and it all becomes very addicting, especially with some nice music thrown in for good measure. Be warned though, the load time is lengthy and it would be useful to remember that patience is a virtue, and it would also probably be a good time to go make a cup of tea or coffee, or grab a cold beer from the fridge [subbed by Merel].

UPDATE: Well it looks like Handmadegame's bandwidth is already exceeded :( If you've got it cached already you're lucky, otherwise I guess just try back later... (I did get the zipped version but at over 29Mb a pop, I'm not itching to mail it out).

ANOTHER UPDATE: The site is back up and running now, but you can no longer play on line, you can download the game to play though. If you don't have a Flash player, just open the downloaded SWF file in your web-browser to play.

Entry 2395, Monday, January 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 8
Just when you thought, well I did anyway, the Wogger Mini Series was over, Wogger Mini 8 pops along to prove you wrong and for you to point'n'click your way through [subbed by f00 & Not me].

Entry 2394, Monday, January 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Give Junior A Bath
Point'n'click'n'drag items in the bathroom to persuade "Junior" to get clean in "Give Junior A Bath". Odd game concept, but nice to play [subbed by Ariadne & Sophie].

Entry 2393, Monday, January 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Erik's Escape The Room 3
Well it's lacking a wastepaper basket but other than that Erik's Escape The Room 3 has all the elements of a classic point'n'click room escaping game. Er... no door though. And, er, space aliens flying around outside the window. It's looks like we've gotten ourselves into another fine old mess [subbed by Catraven].

Entry 2392, Monday, January 8th 2007, Filed In Games

Fields Of Logic
Seen On Screen has to be one of my favourite games from 2006 so I was very pleased to hear from Bart that there is a new release, Fields Of Logic, for us to point'n'click and puzzle our way through. The game starts off simply, but gets trickier as you go through the levels, I'm currently stuck on level 9 (pictured) and any help with progressing would be much appreciated [subbed and created by Bart].

Entry 2391, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Fubuki & Sokoban
Fubuki & Sokoban are a couple of tricky multi-level fash puzzles that should have your brain leaking out of your ears, brought to by the creator of Onamis 1 & 2 [subbed & created by Onamis].

Entry 2390, Sunday, January 7th 2007, Filed In Games

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