7 Deadly Sins
Heavenly, non-sinners, look away now, 7 Deadly Sins isn't quite Se7en, but the idea of the game is that you have to point'n'click your way through committing all 7 of the deadly sins within a fortnight. Naughty old you. This one is quite an involved game, that should take you a while to complete, so being the high-brow intellectual that I am, I am obviously playing the intro over and over as I like the music and voice acting, and I totally haven't started actually playing yet [subbed by a, Ariadne & Nefretit].

Entry 2413, Tuesday, January 16th 2007, Filed In Games

Dutch Esc 2
The sequel to Dutch Esc, the unofficially named Dutch Esc 2 (I'm not sure what the official game titles are in this series), is a fine looking room escaping point'n'click game, and of course we do love to escape a good room. Fortunately for my poor brain you do not have to understand Dutch to play, unfortunately for my poor brain you do have to solve puzzles to escape, but that's just the sort of thing that will appeal to all you bright bunnies out there. Me? Well, I'm going to go and find a dark room and have a rest, and I'm going to make sure I take a key in with me [subbed by Reffel & winniethepooh].

WARNING: A number of players have reported virus warnings whilst loading/playing this game. Ensure (as always) that you have your anti-virus software up to date, and preferably firewall & anti-adware too, before playing.

Entry 2412, Tuesday, January 16th 2007, Filed In Games

BrainScrubbers sees you stuck in a room with seemingly not much to point'n'click. Surely that must mean that escape is easy? If you're naive enough to think that let me know - I have some money stuck in Nigeria you might be able to help me out with... [subbed by nick s the hamster, Sophie & Catraven].

Entry 2411, Monday, January 15th 2007, Filed In Games

James The Deep Sea Zebra
My favorite thing about the James The Zebra Games is the intros, the games are ok, but the intros are priceless, and James The Deep Sea Zebra doesn't disappoint. In this game James dons a snorkel to go deep sea diving and encounters a sea monster. Complete the first game once and a couple of other games are unlocked on the main menu [subbed by nick s the hamster].

Entry 2410, Monday, January 15th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 10 & 11
A gentle return to point'n'click for me this Monday, as both Wogger Mini 10 and Wogger Mini 11 were released while I was hibernating over the weekend [subbed by Not me, Kate, Troy, sarahbear, Stranger, azure, Lara-Jane Fuller, jorjannw & anon].

Entry 2409, Monday, January 15th 2007, Filed In Games

MOTAS (Levels 18-19)
True MOTAS addicts probably know this already, but just in case you missed the news I better mention that levels 18 & 19 are out now for you to unleash your point'n'click skills on [subbed by Malia, Aspirador & anon].

Entry 2408, Monday, January 15th 2007, Filed In Stuff

Boreal Adventure
In Boreal Adventure you must complete various different point'n'click missions, most of which, from what I have seen, involve helping different animals in different ways. The game is obviously for kids, but it's fun for all to play, and I found the whole design and idea rather endearing and pleasant to adventure through. A nice game for winding down on a Friday [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2407, Friday, January 12th 2007, Filed In Games

Die Reise Durch Den Klang
Die Reise Durch Den Klang is a German point'n'click game involving bats, I can't tell you much more than that as I don't understand German, it is terribly cute though [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2406, Thursday, January 11th 2007, Filed In Games

GTI Game
As you might expect with a point'n'click game from Volkswagen, made to promote the Golf GTI, there's a lot of car action in GTI Game. The game takes place over 5 levels, with each level against the clock, with the countdown seeming to just race down, but I assume that's because the GTI is fast (er... geddit?). If you grow to love being insulted by the German host as you fail to complete a level within the time limit once again (masochist), you can even download the insults from the goodies page. Nice [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2405, Thursday, January 11th 2007, Filed In Games

Escape The Room And Do A Few Other Things Too
Everything you could want to know about the goal of Renegade's new point'n'click game is handily summarized in it's title, "Escape The Room And Do A Few Other Things Too". There's not much more to say that that, although as with all the games in this series you might want to book your clicking finger into an RSI clinic ready for when you have finished playing [subbed by winniethepooh & UnbornTurd].

Entry 2404, Thursday, January 11th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 9
I really thought that episode 8 was the last one, but I was wrong as now here's Wogger Mini 9, another short, but pleasant point'n'clicker for us to enjoy. I'm guessing there'll be at least one more episode now, but I have no idea if there will be any more after that.

Entry 2403, Wednesday, January 10th 2007, Filed In Games

Vanishing Point
From what I've read so far Vanishing Point is an odd game. Released in parts (only the first set of puzzles is out currently), it seems to be a viral campaign for Windows Vista, the game features point'n'click puzzles, but they are tied to special real world events, so I suspect there is an element of ARG to the whole thing too (especially looking at some of the sites discussing it - see below). Anyway, I'm going to hand over to Mountain Girl, who submitted this, and had a lot more to say on the subject that I can hope to come with sitting here at my work desk:

You can use your mad point'n'click skillz and have a little real world adventure playing Microsoft's Vanishing Point Game.

Curious individuals gathered in front of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas on January 9, to watch a genius named Loki deliver launch a game as part of a viral marketing ad for Windows Vista Operating system. Billing herself as a genius and "Enigma Director, the beautiful Loki enticed an internet audience to participate in the upcoming "launch." Through various pre-game puzzles she promised, "this will be a lift-off like the world has never seen" And to the winner of the game, "I will make that person famous in a way the world has not seen before. Their name will be repeated as many times as there are... grains of sand on a beach."

The game revealed itself as a beautiful point and click puzzle game that is logic based. There will be 12 puzzles each week launching from a world event. The clues given during the live event are imperative to solving that weeks group of online puzzles.

From the site: "The grand prize winner will be one of the next who can claim to have been to the ultimate vanishing point. The Rocketplane XP Vehicle is a four-seat fighter-sized vehicle fitted with a delta wing and a V-tail which provide good flight characteristics both subsonically and supersonically. The vehicle is powered by both turbojet engines and a rocket engine, enabling it to accelerate to speeds just over 3,500 feet per second (2,386 miles per hour) and reach altitudes in excess of 330,000 feet (100 kilometers) providing the sensation of weightlessness for three to four minutes!

This prize package also includes a Windows Vista based AMD powered Dell desktop pc, 24" widescreen monitor, Zune digital media player, an Xbox 360 gaming console, three Games for Windows game titles, a Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, and $50,000 cash to help defray the cost of taxes.

There are 3 more real world events and 48 total puzzles, plus maybe a few hidden ones ;)

Read more at UF:

and Neowin:

[subbed by Mountain Girl].

Entry 2402, Wednesday, January 10th 2007, Filed In Games

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