Mr. Codcheeks And The Haunted House
Mr. Codcheeks And The Haunted House is a spooky, but not gory, point'n'click game designed for kids, so don't let me catch you hiding behind your sofa you big scaredy-cat. The idea of the game is to rescue Mr. Codcheeks who is caught in a Haunted House, which is seemingly simple, but wrong choices send you back to the start which makes things take a bit longer than you might expect. Hunt for the play link on the linked page to start, or go directly to the game [subbed by merel, Waterlily & Malia].

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BunnyGo is an "interactive tale" (i.e you decide which way the story goes with a little bit of clickery) about a cute little pink rabbit trying to help his cute little friends in their struggle against an un-cute eco-terrorist beaver. Along the way there are some simple little mini games to play, and there's the option to play again and try out the story choices you haven't already tried. A great one for the kids to play, but probably not one for the cynical old point and click players among you, unless you also have a fondness for pink bunnies. This is episode one, with another two episodes due later [subbed & created by Gregory Gunther].

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Wogger Mini 17
And another one for us to point'n'click... [subbed by zero & Mantari].

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An Escape Series #1: The Car
Apparently the first in a planned series of "escaping" point'n'click games, in An Escape Series #1: The Car you must escape from the locked car (damn child locks). It's not a room, there's no wastepaper basket, but you must find and combine items in the old familiar way [subbed by MsInterpret & Mantari].

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Tanaka could well be an easy point'n'click game, but unless you speak Japanese you're never going to know. This one really plays with your mind, and you'll quickly become convinced that you're losing it. Start the game from this linked page by clicking "Tanaka", rather than by clicking "ENTER" (which is there in great big letters). You raise an eyebrow... Then watch the intro sequence featuring space aliens in a space ship that looks uncannily like a flying pig. You double-take... The game then seems to take place in a series of indecipherable apartments that make little sense, and who knows what the goal could possibly be? You start to blink continually and drool from the corner of your mouth... You then realize that when you pick up an item you don't see a picture of it in your inventory, you actually see (what I assume is) the Japanese description of the object. Your brain promptly implodes, then leaks out of your ear... First person to give up/not play wins/stays sane [subbed by winniethepooh].

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James The Circus Zebra
There are more unlikely zebra antics from our friend James in "James The Circus Zebra". Once again the intro is the best part of the game for me, and I can't wait to see Dim's blue rabbit game... [subbed by Raeden & pirate tink].

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Ukrainian Room
Well this point'n'click game is described as "Leave a Ukrainian Room. It is very simple", but I can't help but feel that something has been lost in translation, as so far I've found it anything but simple and have only managed to collect something that looks like an onion [subbed by Catraven & winniethepooh].

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Locked Forever 6
The Locked Forever Series continues, Groundhog Day fashion, with you locked in another room, with another 10 golden keys to find to escape, in Locked Forever 6. It also comes complete with a nice evil clown reference for all you cheaters out there :)

Sorry to shoehorn that Groundhog Day reference in there by the way, but it is of course the big day this Friday, but please note, however much Jennifer might try to persuade you otherwise, it is not a national US holiday [subbed by MsInterpret, Escaper, Amos, Malia, karstenmp, thoneyc2, Nefretit, Nej, Pompazoidee & Catraven].

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Wogger Mini 16
The point'n'click series that I'm beginning to think will never end, crosses fingers, continues with Wogger Mini 16 [subbed by czGeorge, Not me, anon, Kate, Ashley, Reap, toni may, Ryan & MsInterpret].

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It's late, technically Saturday (here in the UK at least), but I'm sneaking Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life into Lazylaces musical Friday all the same. This is a perfect song for such a late hour, it's a favourite for Jennifer and I, we're seeing Bright Eyes live in March, and quite frankly your life is incomplete without this song so I have to share it. I'm dedicating this post to all those couples out there who are apart right now for whatever reason. Enjoy.

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Riddler's School
Well it's been a while since I did a Musical Friday post, and it's probably just as long since I posted a URL changing puzzle game. They're not everybody's cup of tea, but those that like them, become furiously addicted. Anyway...

Mr Riddler took some time out from inventing evil plans for the demise of Batman, and wrote to me with news of his on-line puzzle Riddler's School, which I lost for a while in an email spam trap, which obviously decided that anything from a superhero's arch-nemesis was spam, but I then managed to recover it, to post here for all you puzzle addicts to enjoy. It's the usual idea: look at the clue, use your brain, insert your answer in the address bar (...see a 404 error which means you're wrong again, and then go hunting on a forum for a clue).

The theme of the game, as the name might suggest, sees you going back to school (arrrrrrggggghhh!), with the puzzles split into courses and classes, once you get past the first page you start in Geography. Remember to pack your best brain, and an apple for teacher.

PS. As at school cheaters may get in trouble, so while hints are fine, no giveaway spoilers in the comments please, it spoils the puzzles for the true addicts.

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Well it's been a long old time since I did a Lazylaces musical Friday, but this week I can tell you I'm mostly listening to Golden Skans by The Klaxons. I'm not sure I like the video, I'm dubious about their back catalog, but I love this release, and will be checking out the new album at the end of the month. What are you all listening to at the moment? Oh, and when not listening this I've been indulging my very recent addiction to Mr Blue Sky (I'm not sure where this addiction came from, but I think this has been used in some games and flash videos I've seen recently).

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