Wogger Mini 25 & 26
The Wogger Mini Series has now been going for more than quarter of a century with the release of episode 25 and episode 26. That's a lot of point'n'clickery. Anyway, I would say more, but I have to somehow fit the list of people that subbed these on the page... [subbed by Renee Nester, some1, Richy, franki1368, Mantari, anon, Carla, Char, Lane, U2isdebest, czGeorge, Catraven, Mad Dog, zero, winniethepooh, Oo, griffter65, FireGuitarAngel & TbirdLily].

Entry 2489, Wednesday, February 28th 2007, Filed In Games

Sabrina On Fraser Island
I've posted some other Sabrina games in the past, and Sabrina On Fraser Island would seem to be of a similar age, but I must have missed it at the time. Anyway in the game you must use your point'n'click skills to guide the tiny (you can just see her in the top left of the screen shot above) bikini clad Sabrina to find her new cabin on Fraser Island [subbed by Ariadne].

Entry 2488, Friday, February 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Menulis is a somewhat surreal point'n'click adventure with a nice chilled out soundtrack. Obviously, as with any surreal point'n'click adventure you use the keyboard, rather than the mouse, to control the action. Simple, but fun [subbed by anon & winniethepooh].

Entry 2487, Friday, February 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

On Boat
In On Boat you must transport a group of children and their dogs safely across a river. Here the rub: if the dogs aren't happy with the people/other dogs they are left with they jump in the water; this you have to avoid (and you may remember from any number of other similar boat puzzles). I normally struggle with "the boat puzzle", but either this is a very simple version, or I'm getting much better at it, as once I started I found it very easy [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2486, Friday, February 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Dumb Ass Test
From the same people who brought you the Idiot Tests comes Dumb Ass Test, giving you another chance to show your inability to follow simple point'n'click instructions [subbed by Jenny K].

Entry 2485, Friday, February 23rd 2007, Filed In Games

Railway To Heaven
In Railway To Heaven you must point'n'click your way out of a cage. The cage is on a railway track. There is a train coming. You might want to point'n'click this one quickly... [subbed by Ariadne].

Entry 2484, Thursday, February 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Hurricane House
Hurricane House is another hyper simple point'n'click game for the kids to play. Find, and click, the objects that would cause damage during a storm. For the life of me I don't know why this includes a dog and a flamingo [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2483, Thursday, February 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

A Tsunami just hit the Securi beach and moved some objects. Put the 9 objects back where they belong... This very simple point'n'click game is ideal for children, or those of us with a child-like mind [subbed by winniethepooh].

Entry 2482, Thursday, February 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

Grow Nano V2
Grow Nano V2 is a very short, but sweet, addition to the Grow Series. It's the usual deal, point'n'click the items in the right order to win, but with only three items to choose from you'll soon have it completed even if you don't get it the first couple of times you play [subbed by Myrdlebp].

Entry 2481, Thursday, February 22nd 2007, Filed In Games

NFTCD is a weird little flash web toy that is a head-on car crash of surrealist sights and sounds, it's fun to play around with, but has a macabre touch. All very strange, but rather nice [subbed by yining]

Entry 2480, Thursday, February 22nd 2007, Filed In Stuff

Wogger Mini 24
Agent Jack Bauer stars in Wogger Mini 24.... Muwhahaha, not really, but I'm running out of things to narrate these now [subbed by Merc & f00].

Entry 2479, Wednesday, February 21st 2007, Filed In Games

Scary Sleepover
Scary Sleepover is actually not that scary, no matter what it's name says, as it's for kids, but it's still a nice little game. The idea is to scare your friend out of the room by point'n'clicking various different spooky objects. More items to click are added as the game progresses, and remember, they have most scaring effect when your friend is near to them [subbed by JhInG & Ariadne].

Entry 2478, Wednesday, February 21st 2007, Filed In Games

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