Landed On A Jet Plane
After completing my latest US tour I'm now back in the UK with a big dose of jet lag to keep me company. But unfortunately no other company. It's good to have my feet back on terra-firma, but it's very bad to be away from the love of my life once again. However this visit Jennifer and I progressed our wedding plans by several notches, we now have both a caterer and officiant selected, I become proficient at driving on the wrong... er... right (geddit?) side of the road, and the ongoing slog of documenting our entire existences continued for the benefit of the US Immigration services. And, of course, most importantly, it was just lovely for us to be able to see each other again. I want you all to cross your fingers for a speedy and successful immigration procedure to get me into the US with Jennifer. It's currently standing in the way of true love, which should be reason enough for you to cross your fingers, but for all you die hard pointers and clickers out there who don't really care about hearing about my personal life, the longer I'm not in the US, the more 2 week breaks I have to take away from LL to go visiting, and you don't want that now do you? I try my best for you but it's hard to do everything you know. Getting Graeme into the US is the best solution for everyone :)

Anyway to summarise: love rocks, and I will be in the US soon. In the meantime for all you impatient gamers, I'm sure some of you must have left something for me in my inbox for me to post for y'all...

Entry 2509, Monday, March 19th 2007, Filed In Diary

The White Day
The White Day is the latest point'n'click game from the popular Gotmail Series of games. Unfortunately, at least for now, this one is only available in Japanese [subbed by Mantari, winniethepooh, ducky632, Helanren, czGeorge, carrie, Oo, SuzieQ, nick s the hamster, franki1368, Lisa, anon, carm, Laserleaser & Michael Merry].

Entry 2508, Wednesday, March 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 31
The increasingly un-mini Wogger Mini Series continues with Wogger Mini 31 [subbed by Not me, Oo, eNola, joebaca, anon, ania, Spanky McPipebomb, AaronzDad, Teakay, FireGuitarAngel, Mantari, Ratbag, Laserleaser, MTrouble, Ems, Reap & pinkkimono].

Entry 2507, Wednesday, March 14th 2007, Filed In Games

Onamis 3
The Onamis Series always has fine graphics, nice music, and some tough puzzles. Onamis 3, the latest of these point'n'click adventures, does not disappoint, and continues in the same way [subbed and created by Onamis].

Entry 2506, Monday, March 12th 2007, Filed In Games

The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz isn't actually impossible, but the sheer insanity of the thing certainly makes it pretty tricky, and with only three lives to play with it's a question of starting over and over (and over), and remembering the right answers the next time around, for you to stand any chance of "winning" [subbed by franki1368, Eliza, winniethepooh, Videocrazy, karstenmp, Cruzinn & Angelblade].

Entry 2505, Monday, March 12th 2007, Filed In Games

Fancy Pants 2 (Demo)
The first episode of Fancy Pants is probably the best on-line platform game I've ever played, with innovative game play and movement, so I was very pleased to see Fancy Pants 2 (albeit in demo form). The great game play is continued, and extended, in this version, but even though there are some nice sound effects, the great music has disappeared - I'm hoping that will be reintroduced when the full version arrives though. In the meantime enjoy... silently [subbed by nick s the hamster & vmklover].

Entry 2504, Monday, March 12th 2007, Filed In Games

Sphere is just a regular "escape the room" point'n'click game, but with graphics this beautiful you almost want to stay trapped in the room. Almost... [subbed by karstenmp, Mantari, winniethepooh, nick s the hamster, Sean, mrsdng & Oo].

Entry 2503, Saturday, March 10th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 29 & 30
Wogger Mini 29 and Wogger Mini 30 (the sequel to the prequel and the prequel to the sequel) are now available for your point'n'click pleasure [subbed by danny, Andie102, zero, Helen, Ratbag, Vivienne, Hewitt, Teakay, vmklover, Reap, Oo, Mantari, eNola, pinkkimono, troy, Laserleaser, Teejay, joebaca & Absintheur].

Entry 2502, Friday, March 9th 2007, Filed In Games

Mystic Hunter
Mystic Hunter is a 3D point'n'click adventure game. In the game there are 3 great treasures hidden in a mysterious castle; you have to find them by finding objects and solving puzzles. Navigation, is unusual, but nice, using direction arrows around the edge of the screen that you hover the mouse pointer over [subbed by winniethepooh, purdey, Bee, Neneh, Mimi, carm, Stef S, Malia, Oo & coucou].

Entry 2501, Wednesday, March 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Find Your Way Out
Find Your Way Out is a lot like Hapland in style, which any point'n'click addicit will tell you is no bad thing [subbed by Nicop, Catraven, ducky632, Malia, Oo & Dickie].

Entry 2500, Wednesday, March 7th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 28
Thanks to everyone who not only submitted Wogger Mini 28, but also wrote a little bit of blurb so I didn't have to use my overstretched imagination to think of something to write for this one. In the end I picked Helanren's, who managed to capture exactly the sort of nonsense I might have written myself:

Wogger mini # 28 is the long awaited prequel to Wogger mini #29! As always, Wogger and Tipiti take you with them on their never ending quest to reach the final episode. This time, they are stranded on a desert(ed) island where they will have to survive in order to move on at the next release. To be continued!

[subbed by AaronzDad, nick s the hamster, Absintheur, vtgypsy, czGeorge, Reap, RockQueen, Helanren, suki, Pahsimeroi, winniethepooh, sopdox & Richy].

Entry 2499, Monday, March 5th 2007, Filed In Games

Wogger Mini 27
Please supply some witty repartee with any submissions for No.28, I've run out of things to say for Wogger Mini 27 [subbed by Mantari, Merc & zero].

Entry 2498, Friday, March 2nd 2007, Filed In Games

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